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God Healed - Of Crohn's Disease?
FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2006
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A test case for "divine healing" is a condition known as Crohn's disease (after Dr. Burrill B. Crohn), a chronic inflammation of the end of the small intestine (ilium). (This is one of several related Irritable Bowel Diseases. The most similar condition related to it is Colitis. This condition should not be confused with the more popularly known Irritable Bowel Syndrome because they are not related.)

I am interested in this condition because I have it, and I have never experienced "divine healing". One thing that attracted me to the Charismatic and Word of Faith movements was the possibility of being healed. Their bogus promises (about which I've written elsewhere) are cruel.

Jordan Rubin is the latest in a string of people who claim to have been divinely healed from Crohn's disease. I've found several people with this condition over the years who claim to be "healed". Solid evidence that these people actually had the disease, and that they were "healed", simply doesn't exist. I have tried to find it. One time I contacted the author of an article which told of such a "healing". He passed on the e-mail address of the person who had been "healed", and my attempts to get more information were ignored. If I had been healed of my Crohn's disease, I certainly wouldn't have ignored people who asked me about it. How many people did Jesus heal in the Bible who then ignored those who asked about it?

Crohn's disease is episodic. It's not something you have all the time, but something that comes and goes. Flare-ups of the disease are unpredictable. It is possible to feel fine in the morning and be bedridden by afternoon, or vice-versa. It is very possible that someone could feel bad, and go to a healing crusade, and be "healed" (i.e. feel better) by nightfall. This is not divine healing, just the course of the disease. Also, it's extremely hard to isolate cause and effect based on what you do or what you eat or what medicines you take, because it's hard to know what affects the disease, or what is the episodic nature of the disease. The bottom line: Any "healing" of Crohn's disease must be followed longitudinally to be proven true. Someone would have to be free of all symptoms for two years or more to be certain the disease has been "healed". I have never even seen a single followup on someone making this claim, let alone a two-year longitudinal followup! I would categorically dismiss any claim of being healed from Crohn's disease until two symptom-free years have passed.

Crohn's disease is not cured by surgery. In advanced cases, where there is no other option, diseased sections of the small intestine can be surgically removed. This provides temporary relief of symptoms, often for years. But this is not a cure. The disease comes back. This is not "divine healing".

Crohn's disease is genetic. This is known to be true, but exactly what is going on isn't fully understood yet. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Asacol can treat the symptoms, but will not cure the disease. Herbal drugs will not have any effect on it. The best way to control the disease is through diet, because a large body of experimental and anecdotal evidence has been amassed to show that certain foods aggrevate the intestinal inflammation.

If you're a person who has been healed of Crohn's disease by God, I'd like to hear from you. I'll retract all this if you have medical proof from an independent source.

I don't think I'll ever find anyone. Crohn's disease is the test case for me that proves divine healing is bogus.

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