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Divine Healing Is Bogus
FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2006
Posted by: Scott McMahan | more..
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Divine healing (as it is taught today by the Pentecostal, Word of Faith, and Charismatic movements) is said to be evidence of God's power, so that people will believe and be saved, but it is utterly bogus. I've looked into this for years, and sympathetically because I wanted to believe, but have found not even one independently verified case of divine healing.

If it's true that Jesus purchased healing for everyone in his atonement, as the statement of faith for almost every Pentecostal and Word of Faith group avers, then there should be thousands of independently, medically verified healings. But all we see are unverified "healings" which happen to people with nothing visibly wrong with them, and are never followed up by a doctor. One reason why I repudiated divine healing is that I tried for years to find people who could be verified to be healed, and all I found was one story after another of people who were said to be healed and were not.

A later post will have to go into a chronic medical condition I have that people have claimed to be "healed" from over the years. I have not been healed. I have seen 2-3 people with the same condition claim to be healed over the years, and the harder I tried to track them down for more information, they just seemed to disappear.

Sample statements of belief:

Says we believe " ... in divine healing - the restoration of health to those who believe and act on the truths written in God's Word. We further believe that Jesus is our Healer and that by His stripes we
are already healed."

Says "Divine healing is an integral part of the gospel. Deliverance from sickness is provided for in the atonement, and is the privilege of all believers."

See also:

Note at the bottom of this last link there is a hedge: "We do not understand why some are healed and others are not" - did Jesus ever hedge like that?

If divine healing is a lie, and it is, then what about the rest of the gospel? If people believe in healing, and don't get healed, then how can they believe for salvation? For this reason alone, I don't see how anyone could be a Pentecostal.

I will be happy to retract everything I say about divine healing being bogus, if someone can present one single case of an independently verified divine healing. I have found plenty of cases where people claimed to be healed, but later died or found out they weren't healed. The whole Pentecostal/Charismatic world is filled with those.

As it stands now, though, healing is bogus, and a cruel promise that gets people's hopes up only to bitterly disappoint them.

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It is a cherry picking of scripture. The Word says that by Jesus’ stripes we are healed from our sins, but many people misuse that verse to claim physical healing.

The livelihood of the false teachers depended on sick, repeat patients just like our worldly dr.s and hospitals.

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