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MONDAY, MAY 15, 2006
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Before I talk about Calvinism, which will conclude the testimony part of my blog, I want to talk a little bit about Scotland. When I was growing up, I knew only that I was "Scotch-Irish" which could be said of almost everyone in the entire region I lived in, especially back then. I knew little else.

But as I entered adolescence, I started being captivated by the books (Tolkien, Lewis, and others) and music (The Police, Genesis, Steve Winwood, and others) from the UK. One of my favorite stories as I grew up had a girl from the Scottish highlands who went to school in America, and in one episode they went back to Ullapool. Everything seemed to go back to that area of the world for some reason.

I am a McMahan on one side and a McKay on the other. I did not know much about the family until recently.

On the McKay side, my uncle recently did some research into the family's past. He traced our McKay ancestors back to the Isle of Skye. It's hard to go back beyond the middle 19th century, because many places were simply deserted and all traces were lost of the people who once lived there. He went back to a John McKay in the late 18th century. In the early 19th century, a descendant of John's, Lock McKay, came to America. The first McKay born in America was Lauchlin McKay b. 1812. Lock McKay came to the port town of Wilmington, NC and eventually the family migrated to Mt. Gilead. (Roughly in the middle of North Carolina.) My grandfather had aunts who still lived there, and he spent time there with them as a boy, but his father (my great-grandfather) went to Charlotte, NC for work, which was then still quite rural. (Charlotte is now known as a banking center.)

I know much less about the other side of the family, but what I do know is interesting. I knew nothing about the origins of the family until I found research done by someone who traced their ancestry back to the McMahans from which I came, and farther. These McMahans trace their origins back to Redmond McMahan who fought for the wrong side (by which I mean the redcoats) in America's Revolutionary War. He came from the McMahans who migrated to Ulster from Scotland. (Gaelic "MacMahuna" - descendants of the "mighty bear".)

Then when I found, I found many of the preachers of Scotland and Northern Ireland. I felt instantly "at home" as if this is the preaching I should always have been listening to.

And they preached Calvinism...

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