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The Road To Calvinism
MONDAY, MAY 15, 2006
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I don't know how many people become Calvinists later in life, but I did. This blog will talk a little bit about how I came to that point. It wasn't direct.

I did go to church early in life, and was raised in a Godly environment, but I don't think it sunk in much. I never understood the basics of the Christian faith very well. I think the church was sound. (It's apostate now, because they post their sermons online. One was on the topic of death and did not mention the atonement of Jesus Christ for salvation.) I was so young I probably just couldn't understand more than the basic idea of "Jesus loves you".

Fast forwarding along, I got really sick in the 9th grade and barely made it through the rest of my education. Eventually I got out of college, and had a lot of head knowledge. I had gone to college to study computer science, but I was exposed to a full humanities curriculum as part of the general course of study, and learned about the history of the world and different beliefs. That sort of started the ball rolling. I had not been that interested in religion and philosophy before that point. Fast forwarding right along, I learned about religious beliefs and philosophy on my own, picking up a little here and there. I started asking: what do I believe, and why do I believe it? I had a sort of "default" belief system poured into my brain by the world, and wondered where it had come from and why I had never questioned it before.

After looking at myself, and all the alternatives, I decided that Christianity was the only belief that made any sense. It's the only one that's consistent with itself all the time, and consistent with history and the way people are. All other belief systems required me to believe things that contradict my direct experience and what I learned from history.

I wasn't a Calvinist yet. I was a "Christian" but wasn't able yet to discern among different Christian beliefs. I thought they were all basically the same. I was wrong, as you'll see...

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