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Tubes + Lines Disappearing -- Smiles Appearing!
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Guess who's starting to smile again? Faint, but we'll take it.
Finally got rid of the nasal cannula! Tubes and lines are disappearing. Comfort level is increasing!
Martin sitting up and getting stronger.
Martin continues to make a rapid recovery! Since our last post on Saturday, our children visited us over the weekend, Martin was moved from PCICU to "the floor" in the Children's Hospital, he had his RA lines removed (from his heart), he had his chest tube removed, he had his arterial lines (groin) removed and his foley, pacing wires, and he even had his nasal cannula (oxygen) removed so he's on 100% room air now. And his oxygen saturation levels ("sats") are still doing super around the middle-80s (normal person is near 100, and Martin was in the middle-70s before this surgery). He still has an IV in his hand but he is now only on pain medicines, aspirin, and lasix medicine to help with swelling.

He is starting to pick up his eating again too. It may take some time before he's back to his "normal" eating volume pre-surgery. But he's definitely on the right track.

The Lord has been so good to us, undeserving as we are. The hospital room we are staying in right now is actually right next door to the room we stayed in after Martin had his FIRST surgery. It brought back a flood of memories of just how hard and agonizing that experience was. A nurse asked us if we were that family that tried putting those "scents" on our baby's bottle (read the post). That was us. When we look back over the past few days and months, we are amazed at just how much Martin has been through (two open-heart surgeries and difficult recoveries). God has led our family through a very difficult way but we find ourselves still here and still moving forward. My prayer is that we will not be so foolish as to quickly forget all that we've learned along the way.

But we've still some more miles to go before we sleep. Hopefully just a few more days before we are safely back home..

Martin's Second Surgery Photos
Martin's second open-heart surgery (Glenn Procedure) in Charleston, SC.

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