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Update: Breathing Tube Out -- Extubated in 12 Hours; Pulls Out His Own Feeding Tube!
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Martin was extubated in record time!
Starting to smile?
Early this morning the doctors pulled out Martin's breathing tube! He was breathing very well on his own within 12 hours of his surgery -- which is very fast actually. Also, the cardiologist said that the echocardiogram they did on his heart looked really great. He said he has "strong heart function" and there was no indication of trouble with the heart. This is sometimes a concern after the Glenn operation because the blood is circulating differently. His other numbers all look great including his oxygen saturation level in his blood (it's in the middle-80's consistently).

As we predicted, he is getting more and more aggravated as he goes in and out of consciousness. He is very strong and will pull very hard at his arms and kick with his legs. His arms are restrained and they have been giving him full-dose medication to help with pain and to keep him calm. But that is now our next stage concern. He is trying to claw at his chest bandages and tubes and we are doing our best to make sure he doesn't go 5 steps back.

Really, we have plenty to be thankful for. Martin is doing very well and the doctors are very pleased. We are just keeping him calm and comfortable now. We are looking forward to our children visiting us over the weekend. Thank you for praying for him.

Update 8:55pm: Well, he did it. Martin pulled out his NG tube (feeding tube) tonight. He was struggling all day long so it was bound to happen. We had to leave for a moment to be with our other children and we warned the nurse that he's been trying to get that feeding tube out. They told us he couldn't do that because both his hands were tied down to the bed, he had socks on his hands, and the tube was securely taped to his face. But somehow he did it. He's a very determined little guy! Anyway, it worked out for the best because the nurse decided just to keep it out since he started taking a bottle again (seems he just needed to get it out before he wanted to drink). What a crazy little Martin boy.

Martin's Second Surgery Photos
Martin's second open-heart surgery (Glenn Procedure) in Charleston, SC.

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