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Martin's Post Operation Update -- Patience Needed
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The dreaded EKG. Even sedated, it seemed Martin didn't like it. :(
He suddenly opened his eyes -- just minutes after being rolled in! Too soon -- they quickly gave him more sedation.
Some of the surgery team! Dr. Kavarana on the left.
We finally got to see Martin and he does look a lot better than we expected. His color seems to be pretty good and he doesn't seem overly swollen (although he is a little obviously). I believe all those months of good-eating are probably serving him well at the moment. His body is putting those extra reserves to good use! It's still very difficult to see him in this state. It's odd because just minutes after we came in to see him, he opened his eyes and was pulling at his arms and pushing his legs. Definitely too soon. They gave him more sedation to help him relax. They did an EKG which was hard for me to watch knowing just how much Martin is bothered by those dreadful stickers all over his sensitive chest area. Our biggest concern is that we know how much of a "fighter" Martin is and he does not like chest tubes, IV lines, catheters, breathing tubes, and the like. And already he seems to be pulling and struggling even though he's in a heavily sedated state. His arms are tied down to the bed and so he pulls himself from side to side. It makes me cringe to see that because I feel that all that tugging is making it tougher for his chest area to heal properly. As he gets more and more awake out of his state of sedation, he will only fight harder -- which will potentially make his recovery (and our exit from the hospital) longer. Well, we've pulled out all the stops and have Kermit in a permanent loop singing the Happy Song he likes so much on an iPod nearby. Whatever it takes. I'd love for him to get extubated right now -- but I'm trying to be patient.

One item of praise is that Martin has a really good nurse for the night shift. She had him after his first surgery and she's very good with him. She knows how to keep him comfortable and she seems on top of her game. She said Martin's her only patient tonight so she will give him her complete attention. We will rest a bit easier knowing he's in good hands. Please pray that he will KEEP CALM and stay relaxed enough through this rough period to at least get his breathing tube out. That would be a great first step. That is their goal for this night shift. Perhaps you could remember to pray for him before heading to bed tonight.

Thank you -- friends and family.

Martin's Second Surgery Photos
Martin's second open-heart surgery (Glenn Procedure) in Charleston, SC.

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