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Back in Charleston -- Day Before Martin's 2nd Surgery
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The children saying goodbye to Martin before we leave for Charleston for Martin's second open-heart.
We got through all procedures pretty well but as usual they had a bit of a hard time finding the vein to draw blood so it was tough on the poor guy. But he got through it. Mommy and daddy held him down while we tried to keep him as still as possible with Kermit's help.
What a funny Baby Martin
We are in Charleston again. Tomorrow Martin is scheduled to have his second open-heart surgery for HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome) babies. This second surgery is called the "Glenn" procedure. The first surgery was called the "Norwood" procedure. And the last scheduled surgery (at 2-3 years) is called the "Fontan" procedure. The different staged surgeries are necessary as their bodies grow and the blood circulation needs change.

So, today was Martin's pre-op day with lots of tests and surgery prep. We were concerned this would be a "hard" day for him but he actually had a pretty good day! He cooperated very well and no sedation was necessary! We had the help of Kermit from time to time to keep him still -- but at least no drugs were needed! He had a very sweet nurse who really made the day go very smoothly. So thankful. Today was Martin's last day as an interstage hypoplast! Risk is at its highest during this "interstage" period between the first and second surgeries. This is why it was so important for us to keep him away from crowded settings to avoid getting sick. After this surgery his heart will not have to work so hard and he will be much more stable.

We talked with Dr. Kavarana today and it was very encouraging. Things are expected to go a lot quicker this time around. Most likely he'll come out of surgery with his chest closed whereas last time he was left open for three days. Also, he could be extubated as soon as tomorrow evening! All being well, we should be discharged by the middle of next week. It was nice to see the familiar faces of the PCICU cardiologists and nurses. They were shocked at how big Martin is. Today he weighed in at 17 pounds 11 ounces!

This evening we took Martin for a walk on the beach, and we got a lot of play time in and pictures. :) He has an early start tomorrow. We need to be at the hospital by 5:30am. Surgery is expected to begin by 7:30. We appreciate your prayers for a successful surgery and smooth recovery. Thank you all!!!

Martin's Second Surgery Photos
Martin's second open-heart surgery (Glenn Procedure) in Charleston, SC.

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