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Update: There and back again -- heart cath done
TUESDAY, JULY 17, 2012
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Happy baby before his procedure. Martin is a morning baby!
Right before the heart catheterization procedure. Poor buddy does not smile again until later that evening.
Finally get to see him again after 3 hours. IV was placed in both his neck and foot. He was very swollen and had a lot of gas and air in his system. Looks like he had a rough time. Poor guy. :(
Well, we made it back home this afternoon. That was rough -- for Martin. We checked into the hospital early Monday morning at around 6am. They started on him around 7:30 or so and we didn't see him again until almost noon. It looked like he had a really rough time. And was very fussy for the remainder of the time in the hospital (we were discharged at 3:45pm). Who can blame him? The heart cath itself went very well. Martin is ready for his stage 2 open heart surgery. We should be getting a call from MUSC in the next week or so with an exact date.

Thank you for praying for him. He is recovering much better now that he's back home. Being away even for two nights was hard on Martin. We are not looking forward to that second surgery.

7/20/12 Update [Jamie]: MUSC called this morning with a surgery date of August 16. After this surgery, Martin's heart will be in much better shape, and we won't have to think about surgery again until he's 2 or 3. I know many of you are praying for him, and I am so grateful!

Martin's 5 month pictures

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Thankful that the procedure went smoothly this past week. Check in on your blog regularly to see how Martin is doing! Will be PRAYING for the upcoming 2nd surgery, every hospital visit must be harder with him becoming more and more aware of what's going on around him. But so thankful for modern medicine and God's guidance in each procedure that Martin undergoes. So many good gifts!! He's a beautiful baby. God must have some great things for this little dude to accomplish in his life!!

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