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Martin's 5-Month Update -- Getting ready for Charleston
FRIDAY, JULY 13, 2012
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Martin has a smile that lights up his face -- and our's.
Getting ready for the heart catheterization and then the second open-heart. Our brave little warrior, Martin.
Martin, the night before his heart catheterization.
We can hardly believe how fast time flies. Martin is over 5 months old now and we are getting ready to head back down to Charleston for Martin's heart catheterization to see if he's ready for his second open-heart surgery for HLHS babies (called the Glenn procedure). The first surgery was called the Norwood procedure. After the second surgery, there is a final third surgery (called the Fontan procedure) sometime when he's 2-4 years of age. But, one step at a time. Here's an excerpt of the letter we received from MUSC about his upcoming heart catheterization scheduled for Monday morning:

In general, the purpose of the catheterization is to determine important information regarding your child's heart condition and perform interventional procedures if necessary. The heart catheterization is done by inserting a long, narrow, hollow tube called a catheter into an artery and a vein, usually in the thigh near the groin or the neck. The catheter is then passed up the blood vessel into the heart. Movement of the catheter up the blood vessels and inside the heart is observed on x-ray. Once the catheter has reached the heart chambers or main blood vessels, pressures are measured and samples of blood are withdrawn through it for oxygen measurement. ...

When heart catheterizations are done, there is a chance that complications can develop. The chance of complications occurring is related to the severity of the heart defect and complexity of the procedure. This test has been recommended because the benefit of making an accurate diagnosis or treating your child's condition outweighs the risk. We will go through each of the risks in detail prior to the procedure. ...

Please arrive at the Admitting Office by 6:15 am unless otherwise instructed. Your child must not have anything to eat or drink after 12:00 midnight the night before admission.

Well, Martin won't be happy about that last bit for sure. He's been kind of a big eater. He was at the doctor today again for a routine check and he weighed in at 15 pounds 14 ounces. He continues to grow and do really well. In fact, the past month, he actually got sick (twice). Our children got a really bad bug from somewhere and they all got very sick. We did all we could to keep Martin away but he eventually got it too. He had terrible congestion that made it difficult for him to breathe, especially at nights. But the miracle is that he never got a fever! If Martin were to get even the slightest fever, he would most likely have been hospitalized. We took him to the doctor once because we were concerned -- but they checked him out and they said as long as he doesn't get a fever, he can stay home. All the kids ran high fevers, but for "some reason" Martin didn't even go up one degree! We checked and re-checked him for days. No fever. We were dreading going back to the hospital so that was an amazing mercy.

Thank you for your interest. We will let you know how the heart catheterization goes after Monday of this next week. We will be travelling down to Charleston just ourselves with Martin for two nights. At least that's the plan unless things change. The children will be back at home in Greenville with family. We are looking forward to having the second surgery behind us. As Martin gets older, he will become more aware of things and will naturally feel an increasing sense of fear and anxiety with each visit to the hospital.

Pray for him if you remember.

Martin's 5 month pictures

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