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Martin's 4-Month Update -- Thankful he's "breaking the mold"
TUESDAY, JUNE 12, 2012
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First time going to church for infant baptism service.
AFTER -- clearly lost some weight
At a recent cardiologist's visit, the doctor said that Martin was "breaking the mold" for HLHS babies. We are extremely encouraged by Martin's progress but we are not being presumptuous at all. We "rejoice with trembling." We know all too well that the condition of heart babies can change drastically. Just tonight, Jamie learned that another HLHS baby (a beautiful baby girl) whose progress she had been following, tragically passed away through complications after the second surgery. We are constantly made aware of the seriousness of Martin's condition and it makes us appreciate him all the more. Even though we struggle from time to time, we try to remind ourselves to enjoy every moment we have with him. Good times and hard times.

But despite the hard times, we really have so much to be thankful for. Martin went through a rough patch this past month where he wasn't eating well at all. He would be very fussy during his feeding times and eating was simply a struggle. It seemed he was in pain or something. We asked both the cardiologist and the pediatrician about it, and they didn't find anything wrong with him physically. We did have some pretty sick kids in the house around that time -- and Jamie and I were not immune to it as well. As you can imagine, it was a real chore to keep Martin away from it all -- but we did our best. Perhaps Martin got a slight stomach bug from it? Whatever it was, he got over it and as of today he is eating as much as he ever did! Definitely making up for some lost time there.

There are plenty of good times too. He is a very sweet baby. He is extremely responsive to a smiling face and he has started to play with his fingers and his toes. He is so funny to watch sometimes. It's hilarious to see how big his smiles can get. We finally brought him to church for the first time for his infant baptism service. It was a real joy to have him sitting there with us.

I think one word to describe this month's update is simply "thankful." We are thankful that we have Martin. We are thankful that he is so healthy and strong. We are thankful that he didn't get (too) sick. We are thankful that he is eating so well. We are thankful that he is sleeping very well at night. We are thankful for praying friends and family. We are thankful for our family.

Psalm 2:11 "Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling."

Martin's 4 month pictures

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