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Martin's 3-Month Update -- His 'phenomenal' growth is slowing down, but still doing great!
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These fantastic photos were taken by a family friend in her photo studio (Kachoo) here in Greenville, SC.
Our Martin is one special baby with lots of heart!
Dr. and Mrs. Alan Cairns finally get to meet Martin Alan Lee -- whose (middle) name he bears.
Martin is now over 3 months old and is continuing to do very well. His voracious eating pattern has slowed down ever-so-slightly and according to a recent doctor's visit his growth is also plateauing a bit. But no one is concerned at all because the prior month Martin had experienced what they called "phenomenal" growth. Apparently it is rare for heart babies to grow that aggressively. He not only gained good weight, but he grew tall as well. Wonderful! Upon reflection, I really do think the Korean side of his genes may be helping with the food situation. Koreans seem to enjoy their food -- it can be entertaining to watch sometimes. And if he's anything like his dad.. well, we may have to reign that in later in life. But, for now -- eat to your heart's content, son!

Martin continues to alternate between cardiologist/pediatrician visits weekly and he is still on his medicines twice daily. Jamie is a real pro at giving his medicines now and fixing his formula bottles. The doctor has supplied us with a pulse oximeter (sat level monitor) that we keep at the house and hook up Martin from time to time to make sure everything looks OK with his oxygen levels. Martin is the type of baby that feels the need to be held almost constantly or he'll put up a bit of a fuss. This makes gettings things done a bit more challenging. Other than that, there's just a lot of regular "mommy stuff" going on with Martin and the rest of our children these days that keeps us very busy.

We have been told by the doctor that no one who is sick should be welcome in our home at least for a few more months. Sounds harsh but we're keeping to it. We do bring Martin outside from time to time however -- just not in crowded, closed environments. He does seem to enjoy the car rides and the fresh air.

On a personal note, my mother suffered a stroke while in Korea with my dad a few weeks ago and was hospitalized. To make a long story short, it was not looking good initially but she is recovering very well and they hope to return home by the end of the month. For the family and friends who knew about this, we appreciate your concern and prayers. We are grateful it didn't take a turn for the worse as the timing would have proven very difficult to say the least.

Thank you for remembering our family. We are taking it one day at a time and are doing our best to enjoy the short time we have with our growing children. It seems just yesterday when Katie was born, but she will be ten in another month! In another blink of an eye, they will be gone! We are acutely sensitive to each of their needs at the present -- probably more now than ever before since so much of our attention has been given to Martin. We work hard to ensure nobody feels neglected or unloved. It's of course what every growing family has to deal with. But we are very thankful that the children appear to genuinely enjoy, love, and accept their little brother. We love watching our children grow and play together -- and pray that Martin will continue to enjoy good health for a long, long time to come.

Psalm 39:4 "Lord, make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is; that I may know how frail I am."

Martin's 3 month pictures

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