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So far so good -- and another quick visit with the kids
MONDAY, MARCH 12, 2012
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The kids getting a good look at little Martin
You can only imagine the expression Martin has on his face -- but he's probably giving them a great big smile!
What's with the funny face?
Well, the children came and went. That was fast. It was great to see them again! We are so looking forward to getting back home to our children. Martin has really been doing quite well. He has been on the new Elecare formula for 3 full days now and no bloody stools. He is still on full feeds but instead of continuous feeding, they have started to "compress" them. They will continue this "compressed" feeding and if he does well, they'll move on to a swallow study. Once he passes the swallow study, he will finally be able to take a bottle. All of his meds have been switched to oral. No more IV meds!! He did need to get some more blood this morning but overall, he's doing really well and they are estimating just a few more days here in the PCICU and we should hit "the floor" (a.k.a. "step-down unit") sometime mid to late this week.

Seeing that Martin's been doing so well on this Elecare formula, we've been thinking that he may have a milk-protein intolerance. So, Jamie has started the process of trying to eliminate dairy and soy from her diet so that we can give breast milk one more try. Pretty overwhelming challenge but some friends have given a lot of great help on what to eat and what not to eat.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Update 12:30pm: They will be removing the pacing wires from his chest some time later this afternoon! This is a great step as it will allow him to finally lie on his tummy!

Martin's Surgery Photos

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Blog Item3/12/12 9:19 PM
Allie Pust | Greenville, SC  Contact via emailFind all comments by Allie Pust
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So wonderful to see mama and sisters faces looking at Martin. What a sweet picture! Thankful that they seem to be figuring out how he tolerates milk best, and to get to finally be on his tummy, I know this will be a relief to him and you all! Pray for Martin and your family often. Excited to hear you'll be in a regular room with him soon. May God continue to give you strength and endurance as you walk this journey with your little guy!

Blog Item3/12/12 12:52 PM
Ed and Pam Dunbar  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ed and Pam Dunbar
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"... I shall come forth as gold." Continuing to pray for you all.

Blog Item3/12/12 12:00 PM
Christine Puetz | Missouri  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Christine Puetz
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We are still praying for sweet baby Martin. Can't wait to hear you are able to take him home!

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