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Kenneth Copeland: 2012 Prophecy
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On November 10, 2011, in Washington DC, Kenneth Copeland said: "Just before I walked out here, the word of the Lord came to me" and then delivered this prophecy for 2012. Since he said this was a word directly given to him by the Lord, I've transcribed it here. I certainly intend to revist this prophecy at the end of 2012 and see if it was correct.

PROPHECY: What about 2012? What does it hold? What's in store? What's in store for the nations? What's in store for Israel? And what's in store for the church? I have a great storehouse. Much more has been stored up in the storehouse - of riches beyond your wildest dreams - that I laid up for you before the foundation of the world. Much more is stored up there than what the church has ever called for. I never have held back on the church (saith the Lord and the God of plenty); I made it available to you; I put it in my word; I gave you promise and stood behind it with the blood - precious blood - of your savior. But there has been a backwardness in my people about laying hold of the things that I have provided for you. But I will say this: There is a people in the land; there is a people around the world; there is a people strong and mighty and growing much stronger and much mightier and more bold to lay hold and put their claim of faith on the things that I have laid up for you. And it thrills me (saith the Lord) because it's been yours all the time. Ah, but what about 2012? 2012 is a year full of surprises. Some surprises are going to shake people up. Some surprises are going to shake people down. But for those that are listening to my voice; those that have made themselves available to my spirit and to my word: You'll have surprises - oh, not like the world and not like a lot of carnal-minded Christians - your surprises will come as suddenlys [sic - plural of "suddenly" if there was such a thing]. Like in my word, when it said "and suddenly there came upon them" and you'll stand up with a big smile on your face and say "I just got a suddenly, didn't I? Oh, yes!" But it'll not take you by surprise, because I said in my word I'll show you things to come. I said in my word [that] what I speak, the Holy Ghost will hear, and he will speak it to you. There are those of you that are seeking my voice and seeking my word and seeking my name and looking at me in my face, while I'm looking at you in your face, and together we'll walk in this and together we'll walk through this. And there'll come a time when you'll just smile at me and I'll just smile at you and you'll say "ha, ha, ha, I knew that all the time - praise God, my father showed me that was coming and I was all prepared and it didn't come on me as a 'suddenly' - but this other surprise that came on me, O what joy, O what thrill, O what goodness - [I] wonder what else my father has in store for me?" (Hallelujah! Praise God!) 2012? I'll tell you about 2012! It's going to be a year of great joy, for those who know Joy [meaning God]. It'll be a time of marvelous breakthrough. This is a time of victory. It's a time when people begin to realize that my word is a living word, that my spirit is the living spirit, and that you are my voice in the earth. And your voice is the voice of victory. So rejoice and shout and understand that the breakthroughs that you've sought and watched over, prayed over, stood in faith for - ah, don't turn loose now, don't turn loose now! Because they're at hand! They're right at hand. They're right on top of you. Right now. (Praise God! Hey!) Have no worry. Do not be in fear about the United States of America. Don't be in fear over the failure of this republic. This is not the time for this nation to fail. I'm not done with it yet. And it may come as a surprise to many: This nation's not done with me yet (saith the Lord - hallelujah). We have a job to do, and this year will - be like none other, where this nation is concerned. And many will say "oh, woe is us, oh, woe is us!" and - you know what? - "oh woe" will be them. And there are others that will say "oh, we can't win, we can't win!" and to them, they can't win. Ah, but to those of them that say "hahahaha - this is a time of greatness - America again! - ah, and it's my nation and it's God's nation and we're right where we're supposed to be - he has us right where he wants us - and our future is bright because God is still Lord of the United States of America". So rejoice, and give forth a glad sound because the Lord of Glory is still on the throne and prayer changes things and together we're going on to greater victory. (Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Well, praise the Lord! Thank you Lord - oh, yes!) 2012 is a time of miracles. Miracles that seemed as if they would not come. But they're here. There is an atmosphere conducive to miracles, that's been growing and growing and will manifest greatly in the first quarter of 2012 and continue throughout the year and on into 2013. I've been looking forward to 2012 (saith the Lord). I know how it's going to turn out. I've already dealt with it in my word. Your future is looking better all the time. But of course you'll have to look at it through my eyes (says the spirit of grace). So, as I said before, rejoice, for your time has come. (Hahaha, hallelujah, thank you Lord! Lord we praise you for that, thank you.)

My transcription is the best I could do. His interjections are in parentheses, and I've occasionally had to add clarifications in brackets. I obviously can't transcribe every verbalization accurately, such as laughing, but I've done the best I could. I added punctuation as best I could. This is one long, run-on sentence. A link to the MP3 of the audio is provided below in case you want to hear this yourself. The prophecy is the first thing on the audio.

The specific prophecy we need to watch for in 2012: The republic of the USA will not fail. I think this is a fairly safe prediction, given the 236 year unbroken history of the nation (which survived its own civil war). I think Copeland is setting the bar a little too low on that one. The rest of the prophecy is vague. The first quarter of 2012 will have an atmosphere conducive to miracles. I'm not sure how we can test this. I don't know what miracles seemed if they would not come, so I won't know if they happened. The year 2012 will be a year like none other, but then no year has ever been like any other, so I'm not sure that this is a prophecy when it's really an observation.

In November 2012, I'll revisit this prophecy and go down the list of items and see if they have been fulfilled.

This story was picked up by the News In Focus program:

UPDATE: I made a huge mistake. I linked to the wrong audio. If you have the "2011-11-10-1900-m.mp3" file that's 1 hour and 30 minutes long, it's incorrect. The correct file is "2011-11-10-1900-o.mp3" which is now linked below.


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