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Scott McMahan
Scott McMahan  |  Internet
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Microsoft Bing: Epic Fail
Posted by: Scott McMahan | more..
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Here is an example of why Microsoft's new search engine Bing is a total epic fail:

Let's say I remember the old Trencher comic book from 1993 or am researching the Image Comics explosion of that time and want to download a digital copy of the long-since out of print title.

I type "Trencher 01.cbr" into bing and get two nonsensical results. (Try it.) "Usage Statistics for www.maicomadness.com - September 2007 - Search ..."

Same query in Google turns up "h33t - Image Comics Complete Project T [Mikpede][H33T] - torrent" where you can download the file.

So, why would anyone want to use Bing?
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Blog Item1/4/10 11:28 AM
P Rose | NorthCoast  Contact via emailFind all comments by P Rose
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Perhaps your search terms were too complicated. I had no idea what you were searching for after looking at your input. I used terms a commoner could understand and got lots of pix. I am no fan of MS but let's be fair. The net is aimed at a broad spectrum of people not just computer geeks.

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