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10 Commandments of Blogging - Repudiated!
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A bunch of people with too much time on their hands and not enough to do has taken it upon themselves to tell those of us in the blogging world what do to with our free speech. I'm so glad these folks have taken it upon themselves to try to control me and tell me what to do. I certainly can't think for myself and need them to be my online nanny. I guess Dr. Alan Cairns, who denounced blogging and said he was speaking for God in a sermon in Toronto, is too busy these days. Good thing someone has decided to step up and tell me how to run my life!

I repudiate this nonsense in the strongest possible terms. These people need to take their "ten commandments of blogging" and print them out and then put them in a paper shredder. No one needs sanctimonious grandstanding. Especially from people so ignorant of the Internet that they actually use the term "screen name" in one of their commandments. Please take a remedial Internet class and learn what a "screen name" is (hint: it's from AOL, and anything from AOL is clueless and stupid, and when you use AOL terms, you tell people you do not have a clue). Whoever the "Evangelical Alliance" is (does anyone know?), they do not speak for God and do not have the authority to interpret scripture for bloggers. (Do they really have to say such vapid "commandments" as: "You shall not make an idol of your blog"?)

Clip and save the following helpful reminder:

If you feel the need to tell other people how to use their free speech, DON'T!

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Right on Scott! Elkin Kaufman

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