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Warning: Beyond Babylon garbage mail
MONDAY, APRIL 07, 2008
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Someone named Susan Lenox sent me a letter because her "research" told her I was "concerned about the times we live in". She suggests that "any intelligent and reasonable person should be seriously concerned" about this state of affairs. Her research apparently didn't turn up my blog and my cardinal rule that if you send me unsolicited stuff, I am going to blog about it and sound the alarm. So here's another world-is-about-to-end group singing the same old tired song.

What do "intelligent and reasonable" people do at a time like this? Lenox suggests buying James Lloyd's book "Beyond Bablyon: The Last Week of the World" from Christian Media Ministry. This book is "not available in Christian retail outlets" for the obvious reason: "Due to the corporate nature of the Christian publishing industry, there are many subjects which, under fear of lawsuits and political retribution, are considered too controversial to print." Something like that, or they take one look at his book and laugh until they hurt themselves. The blurb of the book contains just the right blend of paranoia and a martyr's complex that makes even the most obtuse person seriously suspect the quality of the information. The author candidly admits in the blurb (although I don't think he means this the way I take it): "conventional publishers will not touch this book" and I think that tells you all you need to know.

I'm not touching it either, especially at the price of $23.70 total ($19.95 plus shipping). The book is apparently a kook job of epic proportions, from the blurb, which I suspect is not exaggerating how bad the book itself actually is. He claims to have identified Babylon with New York City, based on his maps. (I am not making this up! It's like the guy who found faces in maps of the ocean floor.) The blurb promises the book will not only provide "[d]ocumentation of genetic experiments that demonstrate the supernatural terrors in the book of Revelation are literal" but also "[w]hich nations will start World War III".

Who is Lloyd? I have no idea, other than he is apparently involved in a Dispensationalist falling out of some sort. He's one one side, and others are on the other. A quote I found online from him: "These morons don't even know the true Savior." Claiming to be from his radio program, which I thank God I have never heard and never want to hear.

This is another reason I am so reluctant to accept Dispensationalism -- they seem to have bitter falling outs over their own beliefs, for which there doesn't seem to be a consistent interpretation. Lloyd is not a good advertisement for Dispensationalism. I feel sorry for the non-kooky Dispensationalists who have to put up with this.

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