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Why I Am Not A TBS Member Anymore
MONDAY, APRIL 07, 2008
Posted by: Scott McMahan | more..
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[Note: The TBS keeps sending me their literature even though I have
contacted them to stop them from incurring the cost of producing and
mailing me their materials. Remember, if you send me stuff, you have
no one to blame but yourself when I write blog entries.]

This is why I no longer support the TBS: They are a hardcore King
James Only group. There's nothing wrong with that, but the TBS
disguises itself with Orwellian language that hides their true
purpose. I do not want my money going to support this stuff.

Their recent attack, and there's really no other word for it, on the
New King James version (which they sent me at the end of 2007) is not
only unwarranted (the NKJV is an excellent, trustworthy translation),
but counterproductive and a waste of time and money. In an age when
Christianity is irrelevant to most people, what is the point in
conservative Bible believers spending their time and money attacking
other believers? I could

The bottom line is that, despite their aim "[t]o promote Bible
translations which are accurate and trustworthy" there is only one
Bible translation that is and ever will be acceptable, the King James

Why don't they just say it? We support only the KJV, and any other
Bible translation is D.O.A. and we will not rest until we have
destroyed it in attack articles and misinformation. Why blow smoke?
Just be honest: We exist to destroy other Bible translations, and we
will continually change the definition of an acceptable translation
until no other Bible translation but the KJV is acceptable.

Don't dissemble, and don't try to trick people into supporting
"publish[ing] and distribut[ing] the Holy Scriptures throughout the
world in many languages" when the money and time of the TBS is going
to be used to defame other Bible translations. The only mail I get
from the TBS is attack jobs on other Bibles. Their latest literature
was about why the KJV is fine for the 21st century and no new
translations are needed. Fine, but I have trouble believing that even
the most rabid KJV enthusiast really expects that the English-speaking
world is going to turn the clock back 400 years and use an antique
translation few people can even understand.

Dissembling and misrepresentation is part of the King James Only
movement, and is one of the major reasons I don't believe that it is
in the best interests of Christianity. To preserve his word, does God
need people to misdirect and dissemble? And I certainly don't think
that Christians should be shooting other Christians in the back with
attack articles on good Bible translations. I can understand attacking
blatantly blasphemous and wrong Bibles like The Message or Joyce
Meyer's Bible. But there must be better things to do for the Kingdom
that attack solid, tested, proven, conservative translations. Even if
you do not like the NKJV, the NASB, or the ESV, why spend all your
time and money attacking them? Is that productive? Is that furthering
the gospel?

That's why I am not going to send them any money, even though I do
support the aim "[t]o publish and distribute the Holy Scriptures
throughout the world in many languages" which was originally why I
decided to join the TBS.

Category:  Repudiating KJV Only

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