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Rainbow Study Bible: Who pays the $100 premium?
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Hey, check this out, the Rainbow Study Bible has a new infomercial. I saw it while I was flipping channels during commercials in a basketball game. They now have Mr. Gospel Trumpet, the addled but earnest pitchman for The Subject Bible, as their on-air talent. Too bad, because I liked the cute girl with the purple sweater from the previous infomercial. I guess she wasn't moving enough product.

What I want to know is: Who are the blooming idiots who pay $130 for the Rainbow Study Bible when you can get one at Books-A-Million for about $35? Even the fancy leather editions are only about half the infomercial price. Plus, you would not have to pay the outrageous shipping charge if you bought it locally. (You could probably get it even cheaper than BAM, but you know what I mean.) I mean, you walk into the store and these Rainbow Study Bibles are right there on the shelf. They're not hidden or a secret. You have to move them out of the way to look at the other Bibles.

For an infomercial to sustain itself, you have to move a lot of product and rake in the cash. Who is out there buying this thing for two or three times its cost? And how do I sell them something?

(I looked at a Rainbow Study Bible once at BAM, and it would drive me crazy -- the pages look like an ink blot test gone horribly wrong. I guess it could be useful to some people, maybe the color blind, but for me reading something that distracting would drive me nuts.)

[ Followup - I saw the purple sweater girl version again. The price on it is only $50 (in two $25 payments) plus shipping. Usually products get cheaper over time, but the Rainbow Bible has increased dramatically from $50 to $130. Not a small increase by any means, for exactly the same product. BTW, her name is "Kim", the "Mark and Kim show" and it's a striped sweater, but mostly purple. Anyhow, if you want the Rainbow Study Bible, has it for about $36 with free shipping. ]

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