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Our trip to Disney in December 2007
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We were happy to get a "break" away to Disney the first week in December 2007. I say "break" because it was actually very crowded -- which was a surprise to us because from what we understood, the first couple of weeks in December were supposed to be one of the slowest periods of the year. But despite that, we did enjoy ourselves.

I think the highlight was the meal in the castle. The experience is very enjoyable and highly recommended. Katie and Calvin are old enough now to really enjoy seeing the different characters (previously, Calvin was really scared of even Pooh). It's amazing the kind of "celebrity status" these characters enjoy with children.

Because we were there in the "winter," we didn't have to deal with the overbearing heat as with other times. So, that's definitely a benefit of going in December. The decorations and lights on the castle were really quite stunning. Like nothing we've ever seen before. You'd have to see it to believe it.

In retrospect, we probably enjoyed the Magic Kingdom park the most of all. We visited Epcot and MGM this time around as well. But it sure is nice to be back home.. *whew* having fun can be hard work!

Disney December 2007 Trip
Some photos of our recent trip to Disneyworld in Florida (December 2007). It was nice to get away...

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