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OCT 25, 2014
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FRONT PAGE  |  10/25/2014
MONDAY, MAY 22, 2006  |  68 comments
Madonna's giant cross 'offensive'

The Church of England has criticised Madonna's appearance on a cross to kick off her latest tour in Los Angeles.

"Why would someone with so much talent seem to feel the need to promote herself by offending so many people?" said the church in a statement.

Madonna performed the ballad Live To Tell while suspended from a giant mirrored cross on the opening night.

David Muir of the Evangelical Alliance also accused the singer of "blatant insensitivity".

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News Item5/24/06 12:24 PM
Michael | Endicott, NY  
Seems to me that in the Catechism the Roman Catholics quite conviently erase the 2nd of the 10 Commandments condemning idolatry and split the 10th Commandment against coveting into 2 separate commandments.

There is something quite amiss with the idea of anyone practising an iniquity of those who hate the LORD(idolatry the violating of the 2nd Commandment) with walking humbly with Him.

GG, you or anyone else can read it in context both in Exodus and Deuteronomy.


News Item5/24/06 12:17 PM
GG | South of the Mason-Dixon  
All that a Catholic has to do comes from the O.T.- "Do good, love justice and walk humbly with their God".

News Item5/24/06 12:10 PM
GG | South of the Mason-Dixon  
Michael...because of your level of misunderstanding...I not surprised of any drivel that you might spout...However, I await with amused expectation the day that the RCC becomes responsible for tooth decay, bad breath, and root-rot!

News Item5/24/06 12:07 PM
GG | South of the Mason-Dixon  
I'm quite sure that both you and your dear sister in "Invincible Ignorance" have a equal understanding of that term.

News Item5/24/06 9:28 AM
Michael | Endicott, NY  
Madonna not only ill uses the cross, but also the Christ. That she, who in the past at least behaves like a whore in heat on 'Go Navy Day', stands in for the infinitely Holy Jesus. This is beyond the reach of words to describe.
end of quote

GG, I have to think that this is something the RCC also does in her own way in denying the work of Christ as somehow insufficient and incomplete whereby Catholics must have Mass, the RCC sacraments, purgatory and its "saints" to get a person to heaven.
committing whoredom with the kings of the earth while persecuting those who hold that Jesus Christ and Him alone is sufficient for man's salvation.


News Item5/24/06 9:06 AM
John | UK  
Maybe she also wants to become what is called by the apparitions "a co-redemptrix" with Christ.

News Item5/24/06 8:59 AM
GG | South of the Mason-Dixon  
Madonna not only ill uses the cross, but also the Christ. That she, who in the past at least behaves like a whore in heat on 'Go Navy Day', stands in for the infinitely Holy Jesus. This is beyond the reach of words to describe.

News Item5/23/06 6:06 PM
Lance Eccles | Sydney, Australia  Contact via email
msc, I'd say Madonna is definitely neither a Catholic nor an Anglican. She threw all that stuff overboard years ago, and seems, as John Y says, to have taken up Kabala instead.

I can't imagine what she thinks Kabala is going to do for her.


News Item5/23/06 5:40 PM
Neil | Tucson  
I meant "got around" as in geographically. Sorry if it sounded like something else.

News Item5/23/06 5:30 PM

Quote: "I didn't know Phil Johnson got around"

That was, I am sure, a tongue in cheek comment. No, Phil mentioned this on the authority of something that he had read and he was attempting to point to the fatuous thinking of some so called Christians.


I would be very careful before siding with anything that the COE says. Read the fine print over and over again. As they say, the DEVIL is in the detail!


News Item5/23/06 4:19 PM
I support the Church of England's criticism of this mess! Isn't Madonna Catholic? If she is, she should be excommunicated. If she's a member of the Church of England, she should also be excommunicated. She is in need of correction, that's for sure....and repentance without a doubt.

News Item5/23/06 3:52 PM
Albert | Norther Ireland  
Why can't you answer my questions.?
Is it because your father tells you to try and ignor them.
If you were lead by the HOLY SPIRIT as you claim,then you would be able to answer from scriture why your worshipping in a place that HE has ask you to stay in that preaches the doctrine of devils and another Jesus with scripture .



News Item5/23/06 1:23 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Yup, "touch not the unclean thing," 2 Cor. 6:17.

"Christian" nudism is an old problem, I understand some Quakers protested the Puritans by visiting their services naked. There were also assorted communistic sects in colonial America like the Shakers (whence the tune "Simple Gifts" & a furniture style).

I didn't know Phil Johnson got around.


News Item5/23/06 1:16 PM
KJ | Western Canada  
Hey what can I say? Madonna desperately needs a career booster so she takes cheap shots at christianity. Her star isn't shining so bright, she is old, saggy and her music is lame. Its funny to see at least she isn't burning crosses again...I give madonna a couple more years and the audiences will force her to retire. Even though alot of people will fall away from Christ others will also seek and find the Lord.
Kabala will most likely send her straight to the fires if she doesn't repent of her many sins and accept the Lord Jesus as her savior. If not there is no hope to see her in heaven. Too bad she gave it all up to pursue riches and material things, she is no better than the average neodarwinist.

News Item5/23/06 1:14 PM
John | UK  
quote: [Many teach that we should use pop culture as an evangelism tool.]

Many do indeed teach that. I would say to these "many" that if they get the Bible in their hand and the Holy Ghost filling their heart, it will suffice.


News Item5/23/06 1:12 PM
The Christian to be all things to all men?!

Hence the "Christianization" of all things unclean and foul in the sight of God. I recall Phil Johnson mentioning on one of his trips to the UK, that in the US you also have "Christian" nudist camps! Attach the label "Christian" to anything you like and you effectively reclaim it for Christ!


News Item5/23/06 1:05 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Many teach that we should use pop culture as an evangelism tool. Therefore, they say, we can "break the ice" by bringing up Madonna's cross here.

I've heard this used (via the MissionAmerica movement) as a reason to see popular movies & try to respin the plot to some Gospel theme:


News Item5/23/06 12:59 PM

Isn't that always the case with those who profess to be tolerant of all things. They cannot see the contradictions in their own position and will only tolerate it until one starts hitting upon their idols or idolatrous ideas

Like the postmodern who says "I don't believe that anyone has to right to be dogmatic or tell anybody else what is right and what is wrong!!"


News Item5/23/06 12:52 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Perhaps this press release was prompted by a visit from Madonna's publicity team. In any case, it is unsurprising that the CofE, which tolerates every sort of heresy & is thus idolatrous itself, gets worked up over this - strain the gnat, swallow the camel.

Maybe that's the point - say whatever you like, but don't mess with our idols.


News Item5/23/06 12:40 PM

I see you've been reading that heretical site from Salisbury again!

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