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SEP 1, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  9/1/2015
Choice News SATURDAY, MAR 22, 2008  |  44 comments
SermonAudio Transcription & Translation Service!
Attention all users,

Imagine being able to take any audio sermon, have it professionally transcribed by a real human and then automatically translated into multiple foreign languages for maximum outreach and international potential. It's now possible and economical! We call it our SermonAudio Transcription & Translation Service and it's easy to use!

Here's how it works. First, go to any sermon page and click on the "Transcript & Translate" button. Once we receive your request, a professional transcriber will listen to the selected sermon and create the text version (transcription) -- a copy will be emailed to you and another copy will be uploaded to SermonAudio for others to view/download.

The cost to transcribe a sermon varies from sermon to sermon depending on its length. Click on the "Transcribe" button on any sermon to find out the cost.

Foreign translations. Once the transcript has been created, automatic translations of the same sermon will be made available in 20+ foreign languages making it easy to share the sermon with friends and neighbors that may speak a different language.

Built-in Kindle Support. Any sermon transcription will automatically show a "Send to Kindle" link on the sermon page. This allows anyone with a Kindle to wirelessly receive sermon transcripts over WIFI or 3G -- in minutes!

Enjoy reading sermons on one of the most popular eBook Readers! This Kindle feature is provided completely free of charge as an included benefit from using SermonAudio's transcription service. Learn more about our Kindle support by clicking here..

Here are some of the primary benefits of using our Transcription Service:

  • All transcriptions are manually produced by a real human listening to the sermon and are therefore professional and highly accurate.

  • Automatic text translations of the sermon are then made available in multiple foreign languages for maximum outreach and international potential! Some languages include: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, etc.

  • We are conveniently fast! Transcription requests have rapid turnaround (typically within a matter of days).

  • Completed transcriptions (PDFs) are automatically delivered to you and attached via an email notification. The broadcaster of the sermon itself also receives a courtesy email notification.

  • Additionally, transcriptions are uploaded to the site and attached to the original sermon for the benefit of everyone else to freely view, download, or print! It Is identified with a special transcription icon.

  • Word .DOC Support! Completed transcriptions are also available in the Microsoft Word format which is useful if you wish to further edit the document. The WORD link is only available to the broadcaster (owner) of the sermon when logged into the site.

  • New! Kindle eBook Support! You can now send any sermon transcript with a single click to your Kindle device wirelessly, instantly, and for free.

  • New Option! For only a few dollars more, you can optionally promote transcribed sermons with a text-feature! This is normally a $30 value!
Sermon transcripts are useful for study, searching, cataloging, or simply casual reading. Others may find it useful in being that first step to convert sermons into a book form. However you use sermon transcripts, we hope you will enjoy this new feature!

You can view all new transcriptions in the new section we've setup here:

We are very excited about with this new feature on SermonAudio that makes professional transcriptions both convenient and economical for our broadcasters. We know you will be amazed with the result as well. Take a look at a sample sermon that has been transcribed using this service!

Broadcasters: Using the EDIT link on your homepage, you can optionally turn this feature ON or OFF to allow anyone to request and pay for transcripts themselves. However, in either case, you will still be notified of any transcripts created and will always be able to remove them in the future.

Thank you!

This video tutorial is part of a growing number of screencasts. Let us know if it's been a help to you!
Tips & Tricks Section | More Video Tutorials

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Page 1 | Page 2 ·  Found: 44 user comment(s)
News Item7/29/10 6:52 AM
k. John Prasad | hyderabad, India  Contact via emailFind all comments by k. John Prasad

I am K. John Prasad from Hyderabad, India. I have been pursuing Master of Divinity course. I also preach in churches in and around Hyderabad. I have been associated with Christian Ministry for the past 15 years. I wish to transcribe for you perfectly. My email id is:

Yours in Christ,

K. John Prasad.


News Item6/29/10 11:13 AM
church secretary  Find all comments by church secretary
I am very interested in transcribing sermons. I have been a church secretary for almost 20 years and have loved all aspects of my job. I am a hard worker with excellent typing skills and a great deal of experience in typing sermons. It would be rewarding to be able to transcribe sermons so that others can benefit from them as well. Please contact me if you need a transcriptionist.
Thank you. Please email me at

News Item6/1/10 5:39 PM
Teri  Contact via emailFind all comments by Teri
I am very interested in transcribing sermons. I have been a church secretary for almost 20 years and have loved all aspects of my job. I am a hard worker with excellent typing skills and a great deal of experience in typing sermons. It would be rewarding to be able to transcribe sermons so that others can benefit from them as well. Please contact me if you need a transcriptionist.
Thank you.

News Item2/8/10 3:41 PM
Jacobede | Brazil  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jacobede
I am a regular listener of your sermons (Paul Washer mostly) I would love to volunteer for translating (transcrips) into portuguese. I am fluent in both languages for the glory of God. Please ocntact me if I could be of any help. THank you so much for such a wonderful site. Many blessings to all of you, ministry and families.
Jacobede Viegas

News Item12/6/09 4:20 PM
Jessica Bodreau | Oregon  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jessica Bodreau

My name is Jessica Bodreau and I am interested in transcribing sermons. My pastor is a contributor to this site and I would be especially interested in transcribing for him or any other pastors.


Jessica Bodreau


News Item7/10/09 9:11 AM
Jack | Asia  Find all comments by Jack
I agree with Dagnia.

News Item6/5/09 9:39 PM
Gloria Dantes | Philippines  Contact via emailFind all comments by Gloria Dantes

I am a Bachelor of Religious Education degree holder, who is currently a Theology teacher and the music director of our church. I would like to apply for transcription work in your organization. I am bilingual, fluent in both English and Filipino (Tagalog).

My husband Mark, is a pastor, we pioneered the same church we are serving up to now. He is an avid fan of your site, finding your sermons really helpful in ministry practice.

Thank you and God bless!


News Item4/13/09 4:49 AM
angelica | Philippines  Contact via emailFind all comments by angelica

I am Angelica from Philippines. I am an independent contractor and I have my team of transcriptionist. I just want to ask if you are outsourcing transcription work or are you interested to outsource transcription work for us. You can surely save when you outsource work to us. Looking forward to hear from your end.

Thank you.
Angelica Rolle


News Item3/22/09 2:56 AM
Robbin | Oregon, USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Robbin

I am a Medical Transcriptionist and would love to be added to your pool of sermon transcription contractors and would transcribe lectures, as well. I am currently working on my MDiv, so am familiar with biblical and theological language. I have my own dedicated transcription equipment and a growing library of reference materials.




News Item2/18/09 1:40 PM
Atoki | Lagos, Nigeria  Contact via emailFind all comments by Atoki
I love this website, especially Dr. Scott Johnson's messages.
I am interested in trascribing sermons. Please contact me if you need my services.

News Item12/11/08 4:52 AM
jazz alfonso | Philippines  Contact via emailFind all comments by jazz alfonso
I am a mother of three and I have been listening to sermonaudio for the past 2 years already. You have been a blessing and a part of my spiritual growth. And it would be my priviledge at the same time be of help to me if you would give me a chance to be one of your transcriptionists. Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you and your ministry!

News Item12/10/08 4:10 PM
Holland Sermon Transcripts | Virtual  Find all comments by Holland Sermon Transcripts

I am an available Transcription Specialist who would like to be added to your list of contracted specialist.

Also, for anyone who is in need of transcription services I am available as well.

In Christ,



News Item12/6/08 6:50 AM
Joseph R. Woody, Jr. | Brazil  Contact via emailFind all comments by Joseph R. Woody, Jr.
I am a retired educator and pastor. I've lived in Brazil for most of my life and am completely bi-lingual, English-Portuguese. I have been transcribing sermons from English audio directly to Portuguese for many years, to share with my friends.
Paris Reidhead's Ten Sheckels and a Shirt has been in Portuguese by my hand for about five years and is greatly admired by my Brazilian pastor friends.

Could I be of service in the transcribing directly (audio-to portuguese) of sermonaudio material? I certainly would appreciate having some form of gainful employ in these last years, living on a meager pension.

I am always grateful for sermonaudio's openess and willingness to spread the Word around the globe.

I await for a reply.

In Christ,

Joseph R. Woody, Jr.


News Item12/4/08 12:51 PM
Chelle | California  Contact via emailFind all comments by Chelle
I would love to be considered as a transcription specialist with Sermon I have been working at home as a transcriptionist for the past 2 years and I love my job.

I am interested in working with progressive and ethical companies who not only looks for, but rewards integrity, hard work, and determination. It is my dream to someday be able to transcribe sermons and/or radio broadcasts such as yours so that I may help others to benefit from God's messages.

I'm very versatile and I transcribe just about anything:

Verbatim and Clean Transcripts
Business; Personal
Sermons, Lectures
Letters, Correspondences
Meetings, Conferences
Podcasts, Webcasts
Interviews, Proposals
Manuscripts, Manuals
Notes, Oral Histories

If you can record it, I can type it. Please let me know if you can use my services, I would be thrilled to hear from you.


News Item12/3/08 3:59 AM
geniesolver | South Africa  Contact via emailFind all comments by geniesolver
I do transcription, proofreading and editing from home - and love doing sermons but spend most of my time doing disciplinary hearings. Pkease would yo uconsider utilising my services in the future? This is how I make my living

I can also offer translation (have a 'pool' of translators)om English in the following languages: Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa SePedi (other African languages on request), French, Portuguese, German, Czechokoslavakian, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. I head up a 'skills co-operative' and work with other skilled people, many of which are unofficial refugees in my country - some of whom are paediatricians, engineers, etc., etc. but are not employable because technically they don't exist. Please help me to provide those fluent in English and at least one other language to earn a living. I pay cash, so there is no red tape. I provide one translator, one proofreader in the same language, and all payment is split between the two. I take a small finders and admin fee.


News Item9/22/08 1:37 PM
Cherith | Washington State  Contact via emailFind all comments by Cherith
I also am a professional medical transcriptionist and would like to find out how if I could transcribe for this site.
Thank you.

News Item8/25/08 9:17 AM
PD | PA  Contact via emailFind all comments by PD
Jennifer wrote:
I, too, would love to work as a transcriptionist for the site, assisting those who cannot, for whatever reason, listen to the sermons.
Can you contact me about transcribing. Pete

News Item8/16/08 11:15 AM
Lore | Indiana  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lore
I am a professional medical transcriptionist and would be interested in transcribing some of your sermons in my spare time, if you could contact me with more information as to how your program works. God bless.

News Item7/26/08 6:10 PM
Jennifer | USA  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jennifer
I, too, would love to work as a transcriptionist for the site, assisting those who cannot, for whatever reason, listen to the sermons.

News Item6/4/08 5:01 PM
James | Connecticut  Contact via emailFind all comments by James
dagnia from the UK, thanks for your GREAT comment! So cogent and true! I hope that people will scroll down here to see your comment and take it into strong consideration! My wife is from Ukraine and translates from English to Russian and English to Ukrainian (and back, of course) and she knows how HORRIBLE the software translations (online or not) are! I can't believe that they would promote such a FAULTY product on here!
There are a total of 44 user comments displayed | add new comment |Subscribe to these comments
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