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MAR 4, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  3/4/2015
FRIDAY, JUN 17, 2005  |  60 comments
Graham Says NYC Revival Probably His Last

Rev. Billy Graham speaks to reporters during an interview in a hotel in Uniondale, N.Y., Tuesday, June 14, 2005. Now 86 and in frail health, Graham is all but certain that his revival meeting in New York City next week will be the last he ever leads in th

UNIONDALE, N.Y. - The Rev. Billy Graham's baritone, which has beckoned millions to follow Jesus Christ, is softer and huskier. He moves about with a walker and struggles with various ailments.

But after six decades of traveling the world to preach the Gospel, the 86-year-old evangelist is ready for at least one more revival meeting, in New York City next week. The event was moved from Madison Square Garden out to Flushing Meadows Corona Park to accommodate expected big turnouts.

Graham seems all but certain that it will be his last mass event in the United States and probably the last anywhere.

"In my mind, it is," he said during an Associated Press interview at a Long Island hotel where he's resting up for the event. "I wouldn't like to say 'never,'" the amiable evangelist added with a chuckle. "Never is a bad word." ...

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News Item6/20/05 11:49 AM
Paul | South Carolina  
JD, You say you have studied it but if you truly understood covenant theology then you would know why my practice lines up with it.

What do you mean exactly when you say, "However, they are fundamentalist Calvinists and not necassarily fundamentalist Christians, IMO."? Are you saying that people that hold a Calvinist position are in fact not Christians at all?


News Item6/20/05 10:50 AM
Mike, there may be! However, they are fundamentalist Calvinists and not necassarily fundamentalist Christians, IMO.

I am not trying to antagonize you, but having studied your theology, that is the conclusion I have come to. I have not seen any subject yet that you are right about.

You are perfectly free to say the same thing about me and my position and I will not be offended!


News Item6/20/05 10:45 AM

I am sure your practice disagrees with your theology unless you are practicing temple worship and offering sacrifices!

You might admit you are a dispensationalist to some degree!


News Item6/19/05 11:56 PM
Mike | mex  
Fortunately JD, there are a whole lot of other Calvinistic Fundamentalists that I know. A WHOLE BUCNH. Sorry to burst your bubble.

News Item6/19/05 10:36 PM
Paul | South Carolina  
JD, yes, I'm a fundamentalist, and am not ashamed to say so. Again, I reject the idea that one has to be dispensational to be a fundamentalist. I initially thought you were asking if I were ashamed of being labeled a Calvinist. Sorry about that.

News Item6/19/05 10:25 PM

Mike is the only Calvinists that I know of who has claimed to be a fundamentalist!

You did not answer the question. Are you a fundamentalist?


News Item6/19/05 8:19 PM
mike | mex  
If you study the history of fundamentalism, I'm sure you would find out that many, if not most, of those who sought to take a stand against modernism and apostasy were Calvinists.
The problem is that in most churches today, not just fundamental ones, there is so much man centeredness instead of God-centeredness. That's where Arminianism comes from--it's all man centered.

News Item6/19/05 4:35 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Mike from Mexico, thanks for your comments. The issue probably have guessed that IHCC is Dispensational, Premillennal, Calvinistic, Anabaptist Church. I respect the Covenant churches striving for accuracy in the Scripture. Most Anabaptists believe in this striving also. However, it does lead to some vigorous theological artillery duals between the two groups. This is because both groups believe in getting the Word of God as accurately interpreted as it can be, on this side of heaven.

To see something of the Dispensational side of theology, you can also look at:

By the way, we don't think one is immediately condemned to hell for not being dispensational! ;-)


News Item6/19/05 2:22 PM
Paul | South Carolina  
JD, you are obviously in the camp that believes that one cannot be a fundamentalist without being a dispensationalist also. I have never understood that position, because although you have every right to believe it I don't think it can be supported historically.

I'm certainly not ashamed to label myself a Calvinist. You can also label me "Reformed" or one who believes in "Covenant Theology" if you like. If that makes me a "threat" then I'll carry that label too.

Mike, IMHO = In My Humble Opinion


News Item6/19/05 9:10 AM
Mike | mex  
IMHO meaning what? I'm not familiar with that abbreviation. Thanks.

News Item6/18/05 11:44 PM
Mike, a contradiction in terms, IMHO.

News Item6/18/05 11:43 PM
Paul, reading back, I guess I did not make my point very well. Yurich said "....all that University does is preach hatred for anybody that does not agree with them."

His statement surely could not be true if someone who does not agree with them can teach in their school such as Barrett and others can preach regularly in their conferences such as Paisley and Cairns. How is that hate?

I was attempting to defend the university against a false charge!

Sorry if I wasn't clear! I should have noted that Paisley and Cairns were Calvinists.


News Item6/18/05 11:33 PM
Mike | mex  
I am a Calvinist fundamentalist JD. I wear the tag proudly too. (Not that I'm proud.) :-)

News Item6/18/05 10:55 PM
Yes, Paul, I am very aware of their Calvinism. However Calvinism is not the official theological position of BJU but they obviously do not consider it a threat, as I do, it being one of the reasons I separated from them a long time ago.

Calvinists (At least the Free Presbyterians) were well represented there in the World Congress of Fundamentalists. Most Calvinists on this forum don't like to be associated with the term. What about you?


News Item6/18/05 10:23 PM
Paul | South Carolina  
JD, are you not aware that Dr. Paisley and both Dr. Cairns are Calvinists? It sounds like from your previous statements that you do not, although you seem to approve of their preaching. To clarify also, Dr. Barrett taught for many years at BJU but is now president of Geneva Reformed Seminary here in Greenville.

News Item6/18/05 10:18 PM
Mike | mex  
just for some balance to JD's wrong view, just looking at the first three pages of the booklet, it is excellent.

News Item6/18/05 10:00 PM

Same ole non-sense!


News Item6/18/05 8:08 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Say, that sound like a positive for Bob Jones University for realizing the importance of Calvinism.

John, it's not where people agree on characteristics make a Christian, but where they disagree with God on what makes a Christian -- and the Roman church has it completely wrong. Soon, you will restrict your definition of what makes a Christian so much that Mormons said Jehovah Witnesses can be considered Christians!

Billy Graham may be much like Balaam. He may be serving God with the Christian purpose, imperfectly, but not doing himself any good. The more public recognition a person called a Christian during his lifetime, the less likely that he is a Christian. Billy's desire to hang out with world leaders should even put doubt in his mind for a stand with God.


News Item6/18/05 7:20 PM
John Yurich,

You said,

"The reason that Bob Jones University does not have Graham's portrait among America's Greatest Evangelists is because all that University does is preach hatred for anybody that does not agree with them."

There are several areas one could disagree with BJU and I certainly have some. One of the disappointments I have had is their acceptance of the perverted manuscripts. Another is that they have professors whose theology position is Calvinism (Search Dr. Michael Barrett Sermonaudio)

However, in the past I have been on their campus many times and have heard several of them preach. I met Ian Paisley there and have heard him preach there a number of times as well as Cairns who seems to be a favorite on this site. I have to say I have never heard them preach 'hate' in the way I think you mean it. Not even the Calvinists! They have preached they hate the devil and false Popish religion (They did this during the World Congress of Fundamentalism that I attended a few years ago), but never hate for people.

However, it has been a few years since I have been around them and your information might be more up to date than mine.

Where did you get yours, BTW?


News Item6/18/05 6:50 PM
Yamil Luciano | Las. Vegas NV  
I did not know 33k was so in love with Billy Graham.

More Power to her.

As for me:

I still think the picture is ugly. And I still think that he is a demon. Well you know, doing the service of Satan. I guess you have to know the story of his life to make such a judgment.

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