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MAR 27, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  3/27/2015
Choice News MONDAY, MAY 16, 2005  |  189 comments
Billy Graham still preaches the Gospel of inclusion

Billy Graham

MONTREAT, N.C. — Every morning the world’s most famous evangelist walks slowly and carefully up the narrow road twisting behind his log cabin. He sits on an iron bench, set in a clearing amid the pines where a tiny stream plunges down the ridge to form an icy pool far below.

Here, Billy Graham, 86 and every day more frail, prays, “Help me, Lord.” Here, he practices his voice, a habit of 40 years, “like an opera singer does the scales. Yes. Yes. Yes. No. No. No.”

He’s warming up for his 417th crusade — three nights of Christian testimony and music in New York, culminating in his inimitable call to come forward to God. The event in late June will be his first appearance in the city since he packed Central Park in 1991.

Today, as many fundamentalists and “traditionalists” refuse to share podiums with people who don’t share their vision of salvation, Graham opens his events to people of every ...

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News Item5/22/05 7:39 PM
Ed said: "So whenever you are able and ready to turn to words wiser than your own, then maybe you can receive some of these precious jewels that I have been given by revelatory knowledge through the Holy Spirit."

Ed, it is interesting that your revelatory knowledge which is so called through the "Holy Spirit", is absolutely contrary to the testimony of the Holy Spirit speaking in the scriptures!

Any revelation that causes me to trample on the plain teaching of God's Word is not welcome!

Once again I declare your love is not God's love!

The spirit you have, is not the Holy Spirit, but an unclean spirit decieving people that they shall have peace, peace, when there is no peace!



News Item5/22/05 7:24 PM
Ed from the South  
Anthony, I really do love you, my brother in the Lord. I really must endure your rhetoric, even though I know that it is not from love that you say the hateful and ungodly things that you say. It's good that you are now unveiling the true contents of your present heart, which just adds credence to what I have been saying all along. Believe me, as a called preacher of the Gospel, I know perhaps more scripture than you could handle being placed before you, but I choose to not waste the precious pearls of the Word on death ears who have chosen not to examine themselves and repent of their hatred. So whenever you are able and ready to turn to words wiser than your own, then maybe you can receive some of these precious jewels that I have been given by revelatory knowledge through the Holy Spirit. Oh, and don't feel lonesome, you and your crew, because I was once just as confused and hateful-hearted as you are. But thanks be to God, I was fortunate enough to come into a working knowledge of the inclusive love that Preacher Graham speaks about as he reaches all the millions that you and your crew will never reach with your rhetoric. Try God's method of love; it does wonders, because it even changed a evil-hearted person as myself into the loving brother that you are seeing now.

News Item5/22/05 7:11 PM
Ed, you are a blatant universalist deciever, you do not love the Lord Jesus Christ or anyone here, though perhaps you have decieved your own soul in thinking that you do.

You speak falsely from your own heart, that which the Lord has not commanded you! Your lying tongue worketh ruin!

So much of your own lies has spued from your tongue, but little of God's holy word! You wrest the scriptures to your own destruction!

Some have corrected you, and have given you clear scripture, to refute your foul doctrine, but you show an utter contempt for God's holy word, and like all true apostates, have trampled it underfoot!

Will you continue to flatter the ungodly, that they shall have peace, peace, when there is no peace?

Pro 26:28 a flattering mouth worketh ruin.

Pro 29:5 A man that flattereth his neighbour spreadeth a net for his feet.

Jer 14:14 Then the LORD said unto me, The prophets prophesy lies in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, neither spake unto them: they prophesy unto you a false vision and divination, and a thing of nought, and the deceit of their heart.

1Jo 4:1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.


News Item5/22/05 7:04 PM
Ed from the South  
Michael, I do not understand where all of this hatred is spewing from, other than from the heart of unrepentant people, who are probably truly believers, but who are definitely confused in their believing. They want Heaven to be as shortsighted and as narrow-minded as they and the belief factories they've trickled down from. But unfortunately, they will never be able to shut others out of the Heaven that they call themselves the gatekeepers of, even though neither of them has any sheep. I thank God that Jesus alone is the Gatekeeper, because surely people such as myself would never get entry. This is nothing more than spiritual enslavement, where them and their's are the only ones able to drink from the Fountain of Life, and those such as myself are forced to dehydrate and wither away in the hot reigns of hell eternally. The only hell I know of personally at this point is the hell that I and others such as myself are having to endure from the fiery coals of bigotry and hatred that continues to spew from the mouths and lips of intolerant, unloving, and unforgiving people who consider themselves as God's agents doing Him a well-needed service in the earth, when in fact, they are doing Him and countless others a great dis-service. If they only knew the God of ALL humanity.

News Item5/22/05 6:53 PM
Michael | Hixson, Tennessee  
Wow! Wow Again!

If these 'O so loving people' are angry with us for not being inclusive enough just what do they think of He who really is the Son of God, our Lord and our Savior who said,
Mat 7:21-23
Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

I would have to think the truth of the matter is that they have really hated Him before they ever hated us.


News Item5/22/05 6:50 PM
Ed from the South  
Jim! Jim! Why don't you just let the sight go and grab hold to prayer, forgivenss, love, and most of all GOD? Maybe this will keep you from polluting your mind from information that you actually have no clue to its validity, and especially not as you have proof of the bible's validity. Why would you believe the words of men, who are known for taking excerpts and placing them in a manner that would hood-wink people as yourself? Why would you not just stick with God and the voice of the Holy Spirit and be Spirit led rather than spirit fed? Even if you have something genuine, you don't know how old those messages are, or whether or not Preacher Graham and others have since repented, if there indeed was any need to do so, and not because you and others say so. Are you implying that you yourself haven't been wrong in your theology in the past or present? Are you saying that you have all the answers to the bible? Are you saying that you are without fault in your misuderstandings of the Scriptures? Then just lay your rocks down and rest your tired arm, and please don't forget to rest your efforts to dig up old stuff, because surely you have some of your own. While you are digging through the so-called garbage of Billy, someone is on the way to ramble through yours too.

News Item5/22/05 5:19 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
I don't know why you fellows, do not refer to one the best-known sites on SermonAudio, which have commentary about Billy Graham.


News Item5/22/05 5:07 PM
Ed from the South  
Wayne, just to let you know: You are not contending for any faith I know. Because the faith I know has enough faith to believe that God through Christ has accomplished His mission of saving humanity from the wrath and hell of people as yourself who discredits the works of everyone outside of your affiliation. How can you defend what you have not faith in? First you have to have faith in the Gospel, which includes everyone and doesn't exclude anyone, not even yourself. Then you have to learn the love of God and His eternal forgiveness of past, present, and future sins. Then as led by God, and not by people of a particualr secularist grouping that is antagonist of everything gracious and forgiving, to spread the message, or rather as you put it - defend the Gospel. Make sure that you are defending the true Gospel and not just your own biased opinion that was sparked by some zealots who were void of the whole Truth. Let Preacher Graham reach who you and your group will never reach, and you do whatever it is you do when the doors are shut and the spotlight is unable to reach. You know what it is, and so does God. If you would come real, maybe you can be delivered too. Perhaps I can help you get to the altar of one of Preacher Graham's upcoming crusades. Front row seat?

News Item5/22/05 4:58 PM
Ed from the South  
Oh yea, Dan:

Perhaps the reason your messages keep getting pushed to the next outdated page is because your message is so outdated; there's no freshness in it. Maybe there's a divine working going on here. Don't fight the powers that be, because you're obviously losing in your attempts to poison minds that God is cleaning up. Have ya ever thought about that? After all, God, and not you or Rus, is the true Watcher of the Sheepfold. Neither of you have sheep, unless you own some out in your fields. And surely those sheep wouldn't understand your jargon, and even if they could, the wouldn't do anything but trample upon it and send it to some obscure place. Take a hint and stop placing your unwanted ads; they have no place in the message of LOVE.


News Item5/22/05 4:52 PM
Wayne uk

Heard these a few years ago...good exposure of false brethren.

BILLY GRAHAM: SERVING THE PAPAL ANTICHRIST (two-tape set) An exposure of the false doctrines and ungodly conduct of Billy Graham: his relationship with Romanism, Communism, the WCC, etc.

ALBERTO RIVERA: A FALSE BROTHER claimed to be an "ex-Jesuit priest converted to Christ." But his conduct since professing "conversion" revealed him to be a "false brother." NOTE: since this message was given, much evidence has come to light showing that he was never a Jesuit either (also see tape # DB-1 under "Tape and Documentation Package by Donald R. Blanton").

Contending for the Faith Ministries
42055 Crestland Drive
Lancaster, CA 93536
United States of America


News Item5/22/05 4:29 PM
Ed from the South  
Mike (NY):
Your wisdom has obviously worked to silence at least one individual who thinks he's doing God some service by damning everyone who does not agree with his cultish, communistic, religious jargon, none of which lines up the God of Love. Poor brother! He doesn't even know how far off the mark he really is. But when you try to serve God from the realm of your flesh, all you concern yourself with is the flesh, which is nothing more than carnal-mindedness. I truly do hope that he and others would receive a proper revelation of who God really is. A wholistic revelation of God will erase all of Russell's problems of oblique ignorance. Why would anyone want to remain ignorant to Truth, and remain antagonistic when it comes to being tolerant and loving? Don't they understand that ignorance, not God, is what destroys many people, even believers (Hosea 4:6)? Turn, my people in Christ! Please turn! Not to me, Ed, but to Truth, Jesus the Savior of the World, not because of us, but because of God, LOVE.

Oh yea, never was I trying to hide my identity. I often forgot how I started my name initially in this dialogue and therefore chose to adopt an new easy form, but with the same sum total. Check it for yourself, nothing changed. Ain't nobody scared but Rus's crew.


News Item5/22/05 3:05 PM
Mike | New York  

In what way does an e-mail address give credibility or seriousness to the writer? If you had mine, you would know no more than you do now. And is it possible that your giving of yours is not so your comments will be taken seriously, but to ensure that people will check out your website, and hopefully come to believe as you do?


News Item5/22/05 2:11 PM
Dan | Tennessee  
Once again, since my last mention of this has gotten pushed off of the current page because of all the spewing of comments, please check out "National Radio Call-in (Ecumenism Documentary)" under the Relevant Sermons above. Discerning Christians will recognize the voices of wolves in sheep's clothing as they listen to Schuller being interviewed followed by Schuller with Billy as they openly discuss their heresy. Just listen to the first 12 minutes to hear the narrow Way being turned into a multi-lane interstate highway.

Russell, you've hit the nail on the head with the Romans 9:21-24 reference.


News Item5/22/05 2:03 PM
Russell L. Harris | Houston, Texas  Contact via email
Ed from the South - Billy Graham a "vessel of God"? Yes, I think you are right. Undoubtedly, Billy Graham IS a vessel of God -- a vessel of dishonour, fitted for destruction, Romans 9:21-24.

News Item5/22/05 1:54 PM
Russell L. Harris | Houston, Texas  Contact via email
So "Ed from the South" and "Ed Hardy" are one and the same? Why the alter ego, other than to create the impression that more than one person shares your viewpoint?

And people who wish their comments to be taken seriously really ought to give a valid email address, rather than hiding beneath a cloak of anonymity.

As were the false prophets of old, Graham is but an agent of the Establishment, whose function is to give the appearance of respectability and divine blessing to evil men, and to divert the populace from worship of the true God.


News Item5/22/05 1:35 PM
Ed from the South  
Please excuse me for the mix up of names. I really meant that for RUSSELL.

News Item5/22/05 1:26 PM
Ed Hardy  
Jim, or rather Brad, perhaps you are not reading thoroughly. Though you are right that the last person (west whatever) vered from the subject by slinging verses that are not even applicable to the subject at hand, I have not vered. I am very interested in continuing this dialog, but only to clear-minded, uncondemning people who know the Word and the love of God. Just read! You will come to understand that it is my statements that has kept this dialog going for the last over 50 messages. I want to keep this going, especially since my brother is being the target of ungodly attacks. Even if you all were right about the message of Graham, you are still wrong for doing so with no respect for the man as a person and a vessel of God. But I will never get into entertaining carnal retorts toward this man of God. Nor will I ever agree with those of you who are condemning him and his soul without ever having a proper God-given lisense to do so. I will not preach hatred, nor will I approve of it, even if it seems to the flesh to be necessary and legitimate, because I know it can never be excused before God. He's our brother, and he will remain that way regardless of what you or anyone says about him negatively and unlovingly.

News Item5/22/05 1:15 PM
Russell L. Harris | Houston, Texas  Contact via email
Has anyone commented upon the fact that Graham for years now has been wearing his hair long, as does a woman? This disgusting sight is apparent in the photo at the head of the news article. His long hair is but one way in which Graham displays contempt for the Word of God which he purports to revere and teach.

I Corinthians 11:14 - Doth not even nature itself teach you, that, if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?


News Item5/22/05 1:08 PM
Russell L. Harris | Houston, Texas  Contact via email
These discussion boards need something like a RESET button, to break an off-track thread and get back to the matter at hand.

Little attention has been called to the so-called "Gospel" which Graham proclaims. Is it truly the Gospel of the Scripture? Where is mention of the kingdom of God which Jesus proclaimed? or of the Resurrection, which Paul declares to be the great hope of the Christian? And what of repentance, faith, and endurance? And what of Acts 2:38?

The Scripture provides a particularly a fitting epitaph tombstone of Graham: Luke 6:26 - Woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets.


News Item5/22/05 12:37 PM
Ed from the South  
Westminister Baptist:

I will not entertain your bigotry either. You speak as a zealous Pharisee, with a Sadducee way of life. You are sold into what you believe, and that is fine. You are however failing to reach anyone outside of your bigotry. You ought to be ashamed of your hatred, which is so outwardly visible that no one needs to judge anything with you. You have said more hateful and legalistic things than anything that I have ever heard Preacher Graham say. Why don't you come true with us all. You know that there is sin in your life also, because you make it known what is in the contents of your heart by your foolish words, which are being masked by ink from the papers of the bible. However, regardless of how you try and mask it, your mouth is unmasking it for all to see, even if they don't choose to. You really need to cease from putting your church out like that, and definitely stop utilizing God's precious Word to mask your true intents and throwing Its contents out as rocks in a slingshot of hatred, through your tongue. I will continue to show you love also, which though what you have said is troubling, I must do the will of my Father, the One who gave His Son as the propitiation of the entire WORLD, even you - brother.

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