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SEP 3, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  9/3/2015
Choice News FRIDAY, NOV 8, 2013  |  120 comments
Student Body President at Northwest Christian University Denounces Christian Faith, Declares Himself Atheist

The president of the student body at Northwest Christian University publicly announced that he has been a longtime atheist despite his enrollment at the Oregon-based college and is now urging Christians to practice what they preach by becoming accepting of those who do not fit their same "pattern."

Eric Fromm, 21, published an article last week in his school's news website as his way of denouncing his former Christian beliefs. He says he was an atheist before enrolling as a student but decided to attend the 600-student university because of his interest in its communication program.

"I was baptized Lutheran, and raised Methodist, but as time went on I slowly came to the conclusion that God wasn't real," Fromm wrote in his article. "I knew that the school catered to Christian thinking, so before I enrolled, I visited the campus to make sure that the chapel services were comfortable enough that I ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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   09/03/15  |  Tchividjian Lands Job at Willow Creek • 8 comments
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Page 1 | Page 5 ·  Found: 120 user comment(s)
News Item11/8/13 7:52 PM
Will | Mississippi  Find all comments by Will
Wow.. Forgive my grammar and lack of brevity. I realize that that is a mess of grammar, and full of chopped off sentences and false starts and what nots. Just think of it as a brain teaser to put together and I can fill in any gaps or questions if y'all are still curious.

News Item11/8/13 7:48 PM
Will | Mississippi  Find all comments by Will
(Cont). Sorry for the length of this somewhat of a tangent.

Talking bigger picture, the end goal looks something like this. I feel called to be a missionary overseas. I've always enjoyed and had an aptitude for Spanish in the two years I took of it. But I feel the biblical model is of tent making, so I'm looking to pursue a degree that will put me in an international workplace to minister, as well as provide my own funding.
Lastly, even bigger picture--I know I cannot fail ultimately if I'm honestly pursing Christ crucified in all my choices. There is a lot I don't have figured out and don't know of the future, but if I'm a hobo who preaches Christ crucified or a neurosurgeon who does, than I will consider my life to be a success.

Thanks for the patience, I think I've been properly introduced now haha.


News Item11/8/13 7:46 PM
Will | Mississippi  Find all comments by Will
Let me add a few details to the situation. I don't intend this to brag on me, but as a listing of credentials, and mostly bragging on God. God has blessed me in my schoolwork, so I'm graduating as valedictorian of my class in may. (And he's gonna get thanked for it too, among some other things.). I have a 31 on my ACT which means Mississippi will pay 13,000 dollars over 4 years. Now, the college I think I'm going to attend is a smallish Christian college with southern baptist heritage. It is William Carey university. Now at Carey, I qualify for 30 hours tuition for 2 years and 33 hours for the next 2. Plus a 1700 dollar room waiver and study abroad and other benefits. Oh, and as a presidential scholar you get/have to do four hours of service a week which is cool I think. So I don't think debt will be a problem.
Not to sound idolatrous of money, but that is an awesome opportunity.
Moreover than just a higher education, there are some things that will surely be invaluable. I will have to learn better money and time management. With a large percentage of Carey being women, I may very well happen to find a wife in the process, although that isn't the main focus. The hermeneutics and Bible classes will be of great help, and if I major in something like biology, then one

News Item11/8/13 7:43 PM
Will | Mississippi  Find all comments by Will
Wow, I feel loved with attention guys, thank y'all! Lets see if I can answer some questions.

Anne - With seven years you obviously have some experience. I'm happy to hear that you are on a wonderful marriage as well.
As for me, much like your husband, I feel that my ambitions need further education that can enable me to live a more fruitful life.
And I guess I should go ahead and open up this small can of works. I definitely do not believe in women pastors and elders, but I don't think that inhibits them from having a job. Are they to be the leader of the marriage? No. The man has the headship. And should their primary focus be the home an family? Yes. But I don't think if a women has a job or makes more money than the man that she is an unbiblical feminist. I suppose I can see how college is detrimental if it does promote women headship

SF. I haven't checked out college plus, but I have a fairly good idea of my current options, but I might check it out. I agree that a degree does not guarantee a job or paycheck too. I'll give an overall view in a second.

Penny - kinda funny that you mention that topic, the philosophy part. Comforts short film evolution versus God actually sparked my science interest in the past few months. The film itself is a fair job


News Item11/8/13 6:14 PM
penny  Find all comments by penny
Will, might I suggest, before choosing a major, that you check out actual hiring rates for that particular major? if you are going to end up at a low paying job anyway, better not having the debt. really ask the hard questions.

and much of what they teach is not science but philosophy, or the way they want you to look at things. they want you to look at the world as your oyster to experiment with, with no limits, I do pray that you will seek the scriptures and know Christ, what they teach conflicts with scripture.

have you seen Ray Comfort's movie on evolution?


News Item11/8/13 6:05 PM
SF from TX  Find all comments by SF from TX
Wormhole? O boy, predictive text can be entertaining. I meant women.

News Item11/8/13 6:04 PM
SF from TX  Find all comments by SF from TX
Will, have you checked out College Plus? It might be of interest to you. And I might add that college doesn't guarantee a job, let a lone a huge paycheck. Example:my husband went to college and makes no more then his coworkers that didn't attend college-and in some cases he makes less. Depending on the field college may or may not be beneficial. For wormhole though, what can they learn there that a godly mother wouldn't teach them? The ways of the world.

News Item11/8/13 5:41 PM
mourner  Find all comments by mourner
I am not against higher education for all women but at this time there are great risks. It is the father's job but as SteveR argued many father's (and mothers) are not doing their duty because they are still caught up in strong delusion. The elect will not remain under it, Christ has and will continue delivering them in this apostate generation and saving poor lost sinners.

Right is still right when the world is so wrong and their is much kindling to ignite our sin natures daily due to the lack of restraint in society see Psalm 12.


News Item11/8/13 5:38 PM
Anne | The Wild West  Find all comments by Anne
Will, I attended a secular college for three years and a Christian college for four. The drinking and drug abuse in the Christian college was shocking, to put it mildly. There turned out to be little to NO difference between the two, except chapel - but most of the time we tried to cheat our way out of it... My husband is an engineer and for that, obviously, you need a college degree. He is honestly the smartest man I have know (not JUST because he married me *cue angelic singing*) but even he said if he had it to do over again he would not have spent the time and money there but looked for a family economy. God has used him and blessed his work but he quite quickly adds it is in spite of a college degree. The greatest number of people on unemployment right now are college degree holders. I would also add that Frank, SF and Lady Virtue, myself included, are specifically speaking about women - what their view on men here is might be another topic. My degree and all my minors - I worked hard to pay my way through but never learned the nuts and bolts needed for marriage and children from those institutions. I learned how to "be a good individual and feminist" though! Not a good investment of money nor a God fearing, Christian woman's role.

News Item11/8/13 5:08 PM
Nana  Find all comments by Nana
As a Mom and Grandma I have witnessed first hand the product of sending your child off to college.
One son is on the fringes of not believing anything....granddaughters look like and act like Hollywood whores.
The goal of most of (not all) is on Dad and Moms money!
If they need college classes they can do most online.
Been there done that with the college scene.NEVER AGAIN.

News Item11/8/13 4:46 PM
Will | Mississippi  Find all comments by Will
Maybe a little off topic, but I'm a little bit surprised by the general college animosity on here. Animosity might be too strong of a word, but I can't think of another word at the moment. Maybe ambivalent animosity. I understand some of the viewpoint presented, but personally, I do not see college as a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. It's funny, because as a senior, I'm actually in the process of making college visits and applying to colleges and scholarships and that whole ordeal, but I'm really looking forward to next year personally.

News Item11/8/13 4:44 PM
mourner  Find all comments by mourner
I think if is fair to say that not all women have the gift of marriage according to Paul. I think if I had a daughter I would not encourage her to attend these institutions at this time in history. I home schooled my sons and when they were teens they believed they'd had their brains washed enough as one argued. I assured him it was a life time process.

It is a father's job to know his daughters gifts and protect her and guide her to the single or married state. At this time protection is chief for all our children and grandchildren. Paul wrote 1 Cor.7 before a time of persecution and encouraged singleness, the temptations being greater in the married state,at such times, but he still left the choice with the fathers of young women according to their gifts.


News Item11/8/13 4:43 PM
SteveR  Find all comments by SteveR
Oh SteveR go to confession get your penance and say your rosary and you'll be just fine.
The fact that being educated for a woman is detrimental for her spiritual life met no objection here confirms that either people here do not know the Power of the Holy Ghost or they know very few if any Christians. All they do here is attack Gods ELECT.

My Church Bible study is 60%+ women. Many are educated, married and mothers. Their husbands are more likely to find excuses to not attend, but the women are more genuine & faithful. The problem isnt our women, its the MEN! Men today are either weak and avoid their duties, or bigots that extract undeserved honour from vunerable women


News Item11/8/13 4:02 PM
Oh SteveR go to confession get your penance and say your rosary and you'll be just fine.

News Item11/8/13 3:54 PM
SteveR  Find all comments by SteveR
Frank wrote:
Frank your exact words

"very few women that graduate from colleges, Christian or non-Christian have the primary goal of being a Christian wife and mother."

It doesnt surprise that you attempted to defend your bigotry rather than repent. It confirms my opinion of you and the unholy trinity that unconditionally supports your offensive positions daily on this mb.


News Item11/8/13 3:54 PM
SF from TX  Find all comments by SF from TX
1 Timothy 2:11-15 (KJV)+ that's one (of many) reasons that I'm grateful for my husband.

As far as women and college, amen to the previous posts! Education can be achieved without attending college and being indoctrinated with feminism.


News Item11/8/13 3:51 PM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
MS wrote:
I would agree with your statement Frank that in spiritual matters Christian men are more discerning in spiritual matters than Christian women.....except for two on this forum that are completely blind when it comes to Romanism.
I'll let you fill in the blank as to who that might be.
Thanks MS. I did an edit on my comment to SteveR that clarifies what I said a bit.

News Item11/8/13 3:45 PM
MS  Find all comments by MS
I would agree with your statement Frank that in spiritual matters Christian men are more discerning in spiritual matters than Christian women.....except for two on this forum that are completely blind when it comes to Romanism.
I'll let you fill in the blank as to who that might be.

News Item11/8/13 3:36 PM
Frank  Contact via emailFind all comments by Frank
SteveR wrote:
Well SteveR, let me simply correct your mistakes or misconceptions and then of course, I will leave it at that. First of all you got my sister’s moniker wrong; it is Lady Virtue, not Lady Vice. Secondly, I am not a misogynist, but my guess is there is no way to prove that to you; that would be an issue of the heart. But I am strongly against feminism, whether it is evangelical or secular and that might confuse you. I also didn’t say that women couldn’t attend and graduate from college and be faithful to Christ; I said “can be” harmful but I will say that I personally think they should stay away from it since it can be harmful. I also didn't say "all" would not do well, but "often" they will have more difficulties. The fact that you said many and not all sort of implies you must agree with me. Lastly, the discussion of who is more intelligent, men or women never came up. I have never thought along those line, but I will without hesitation say that in spiritual matters, Christian men are more discerning than Christian women. My guess is that statement will confuse you as well?? But, Christian men and women are equal before our Lord and Savior.

Am I being sanctimonious?


News Item11/8/13 3:30 PM
Why were our reformers burned?  Find all comments by Why were our reformers burned?
Hey SteveR get back to spreading your Romanism garbage and hatred of Gods true elect on the Jesuits For Dummies website.
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