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FEB 28, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  2/28/2015
Choice News TUESDAY, DEC 23, 2014  |  101 comments
SermonAudio iPhone + iPad Edition v3.9!

Attention all users!

We're very happy to announce a revolutionary new way to listen to sermons, watch videos, and access other resources on -- instantly! All without a PC and 100% wirelessly. It's the SermonAudio iPhone + iPad Edition!

It's our wildly popular app for the iPhone + iPad and here's how it works. Simply go to the App Store on your device and search for "sermons" or "sermonaudio" and download it for free! Or you can simply click on this link!

Native iOS8 Support! Since version 3.0, our app now sports our new logo and the interface has been refreshed to be compatible with iOS8. The sermon playback speed is now adjustable. In-app background playback is now supported. Tapping on the sermon title in the player takes you to the sermon page. And more! A good thing just got better!

iPad-Specific Features

We've worked hard on the user interface making this a visually beautiful iPad app with support for both landscape and portrait orientations.

  • iPad: Play audio, video, or live webcasts WHILE you continue using the app!
  • iPad: shows currently-playing sermons to see what others are listening to.
  • iPad: Enjoy full-screen videos that take advantage of the large screen!
  • iPad: Enjoy reading sermon transcripts using the larger screen.

New! Version Update! We now have full support for the larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens! And new for iOS8 users, the Notification Center now sports our TODAY WIDGET with a daily verse, and some recommended sermons!

New! Version Update! Latest features include an improved full-screen video player for iPads running iOS 7+, a map of your local churches at a glance at startup, and some reachability fixes.

User Feedback: 10 Stars Plus! Our Church uses this website to broadcast live streaming services. Plus you can download recorded sermons. This is a must have app. I cannot go a day without listening to several sermons. I love this!!

User Feedback: This app is one of the most important ones I use for my personal Bible study.

QR Code Support! You can now scan the QR code for any sermon to conveniently jump to that specific sermon! It's a clever concept implemented beautifully! Scan QR codes from the website or from another mobile device!

Playback Speed & Auto-Resume! The sermon player shows information about the sermon being played including sermon title, speaker, broadcaster, and album art. It also remembers your last play position and allows for variable playback speeds!

In-App Background Playback! You can now minimize the player in the iPhone or iPod Touch versions to keep it playing in the background while continuing to use the app. Simply pause the sermon first to close the player instead.

OS-Level Background Playback! ... allows for multi-tasking and the ability to play sermons in the background while doing other tasks! Swipe up to reveal our integration with the Control Center with functioning mini audio controls!

Multi-Bitrate Video Streaming! Stream the newest archived videos over any connection, including LTE or WIFI. Videos uploaded at the higher bitrate on SermonAudio automatically make a lower-bitrate option available for slower connections!

Push Notification of Live Video Webcastst! Watch live video webcasts from supported SermonAudio broadcasters wherever you are! You'll be notified via the "badge" counter on the app itself of how many webcasts are in progress.

New! Chromecast TV Integration! If you own a Chromecast, from your iPhone or iPad, click on the "Cast-To TV" button any sermon or live webcast and enjoy the convenience of watching the selected feature on the big screen!

Roku TV Integration! If you own a Roku Device, from your iPhone or iPad, click on the "Play-To Roku" button any sermon or live webcast and it will wirelessly send the command to your Roku to start playing the selected feature on the big screen!

Apple TV Integration

For those who use an Apple TV, we’ve got you covered as well. Simply begin playing any audio, video, or webcast using our SermonAudio iPhone app. Then, select the Apple TV via AirPlay.

Click here for more info about AirPlay..

Local Church Finder via the MAPS tab. The app will automatically use the built-in GPS to locate your position and show the churches nearest to you! Alternatively, you can search by ZIP code or partial city name.

Download MP3+MP4+PDF Sermons! You can now easily download MP3 audios AND MP4 videos (and PDFs) directly to your iPhone or iPad for offline listening! It's perfect for "loading up" on sermons at a coffee shop via WIFI before getting back on the road.

New! Export to iBooks + Kindle! Export downloaded PDFs to external apps, such as iBooks or Kindle, and enjoy sermon transcripts using your favorite e-Reader.

Facebook LIKE Integration! How about this? iOS supports native Facebook integration so it's easier than ever now to share a sermon you enjoyed to all your friends on Facebook with a single click of the built-in LIKE button!

Native Podcasting Support! Did you know that there is a dedicated Podcast App available for iOS users? Easily subscribe to your favorite broadcasters' podcast feeds by using the "Subscribe to Podcast" button found on any broadcaster page.

Email & Share Integration! There are lots of ways to share a sermon you enjoyed with others. Email the sermon to friends, post to your Facebook wall, Twitter feed, or simply text-message the link to your friends!

SermonAudio iPhone + iPad Edition allows you to elegantly browse and search through our library of over 918,000+ FREE MP3+MP4 sermons from thousands of different speakers and listen to any of them immediately on your iPhone + iPad! Additionally, you can watch live webcasts and even read sermon transcripts.

Summary of features include:

  • Native iOS8 Support for iPhone + iPad + iPod Touch!
  • Audio player shows sermon info + art, and adjustable playback speed.
  • QR scanner allows you to quickly jump to a specific sermon!
  • Remembers the last play position for every sermon and auto-resumes.
  • Robust audio streaming experience and background playback.
  • Tune into our 24x7 Radio Stream for non-stop preaching+music!
  • Facebook LIKE integration for easy one-click sharing (iOS6-only)!
  • Optionally, open sermon links directly using the native app!
  • Easily subscribe to broadcaster podcasts from the app!
  • Browse, search, and stream AUDIO sermons!
  • Browse, search, and stream VIDEO sermons!
  • Browse, search, and read PDF transcripts!
  • My Favorites. Access your favorite broadcasters, sermons, or speakers!
    PLUS or FULL membership required (learn more)
  • Browse through the daily featured sermon.
  • Browse through the News In Focus audio commentaries.
  • Browse through all newest sermons added.
  • Browse churches by name, location, denomination.
  • Use our Local Church Finder to find a good church!
  • Browse sermons by Bible reference. Book, chapter, verse..
  • Browse or search by the speaker name.
  • Browse through our recommended staff picks.
  • Browse through member-recommended sermon picks.
  • By TOPIC: Addiction, Biographies, Family, Money..
  • By EVENT Category: Audio Books, Weddings, Q&A, Funerals..
  • By DATE Preached: January, February, March..
  • Browse sermons by foreign language.
  • Online Hymnal + Psalter. Browse or search for a hymn!
  • Read Spurgeon's Daily Devotional.
  • My Church gives you convenient, 1-click access to your home church!
  • Download audio+video sermons for offline enjoyment!
  • Browse our news feed with audio commentaries and user comments!
  • Find local churches using your GPS with our interative map!
  • Play sermons in the background, integrates with iPod mini controls!
  • Video streaming over 3G, EDGE, WIFI with selectable bitrate.
  • Live video webcasting support with selectable bitrate!
  • Retina-display icons + improved performance and bug fixes.
  • Roku & Chromecast & Apple TV integration! Enjoy sermons on TV!
  • Add user comments directly to sermons or news!
  • Instant push notification of live webcast events!
And the best news is that this new service is completely FREE for all our broadcasters and listeners! We hope you'll enjoy this revolutionary new way of accessing some of the great preaching we have on SermonAudio!

Your Favorites-To-Go! PLUS and FULL Members can access your favorite things on your iPhone + iPad. A sermon you want to listen to on-the-go? Simply adding it to your "favorite sermons" on the site will bring it to your "favorite sermons" list on your phone!

MyChurch 1-Click Access! Is your home church broadcasting on SermonAudio? Go to the "MyChurch" tab and type in your church's Member ID to jump straight to your church's sermons! Don't remember the Member ID? Click BROWSE to find it!

24x7 Radio Stream! You can now tune into our unique 24x7 Radio Stream for non-stop preaching+music enjoyment! Simply click on the RADIO icon located in the HOME tab and keep it running all day long -- perfect for those long commutes!

Open Sermon URL With App! Now when you open a sermon link, you will be able to open the sermon directly in the native app to take advantage of far more features such as downloading, LIKING on Facebook, and so much more.

Add User Comments! You can add user comments to sermons or news items directly from your phone! Enjoyed a particular sermon? Encourage the broadcaster, and add a comment. It's now easier than ever!

A new evangelistic tool! People love to discover new apps for their iPhone or iPad. Introduce a friend or co-worker to the free SermonAudio app and introduce them to the great preaching from your church!


12/5/14 - Version 3.9 added support for the larger iPhone 6 and 6 Plus screens. Today widget for the iOS 8 notification center.

10/27/14 - Version 3.8.2 is an important roll-up release which includes numerous bug fixes. Fixed problems with sending live webcasts to Roku, Chinese character issue, QR scanner fix, and many others.

9/17/14 - Version 3.7+3.8 now features iTunes file sharing for importing or backing up sermons. It also has much smarter downloaded media fail-safe to automatically rebuild the database or download missing media files. We'veimproved the search functionality on the MAPS tab for nearby broadcasters and we've made improvements to the full-screen iPad video player. There was a final important fix to language localization!

8/11/14 - Version 3.6 features an improved full-screen video player for iPads running iOS 7+, a map of your local churches at a glance at startup, and some reachability fixes.

6/18/14 - Version 3.5 now supports Chromecast TV as well as search auto-complete, downloading PDFs, and downloads grouping!

3/18/14 - Version 3.4 features a QR scanner that allows you to quickly jump to any specific sermon by simply scanning the associated QR code from the website or from any other mobile device!

1/29/14 - Version 3.2 enhances the 24x7 Radio Stream by showing thumbnails of speakers and allows you to click on the currently-playing sermon to jump straight to it! Also fixed an issue with Roku 5.x integration.

1/17/14 - Version 3.1 now shows the speaker thumbnail image when one is available for streaming sermons on an iPhone or iPod Touch (previously, it only displayed it for downloaded sermons). Also fixed a bug related to resuming playing after a call interruption.

11/27/13 - Version 3.0 is a major new release providing numerous feature enhancements and native support for iOS7. Some improvements include adjustable playback speed, in-app background playback, improved player, new logo, updated iOS7 styling, and more.

8/30/13 - Version 2.14 added a big new feature now allowing you to download MP4 videos for offline viewing! You must be connected to a WIFI connection to download videos.

6/20/13 - Version 2.12 now sets the currently playing sermon metadata appropriately along with album art, and will display on the lock screen, capable bluetooth audio devices, etc.

6/20/13 - Version 2.11 fixed a strange bug that was causing the app to crash from time to time. Major stability improvement. Go get it!

6/17/13 - Use the new "Email" button found on all sermon and news pages to more easily share items of interest with family. Also supports multiple recipient emails.

4/19/13 - Version 2.10 improves the player so it auto-retries when it encounters streaming errors. Facebook bugs fixed. Minor cosmetic bugs fixed. Added support for future mobile functionality support.

12/12/12 - Version 2.9 fixed an issue with the facebook "like" integration not functioning as expected.

11/1/12 - Version 2.8 now gives you the ability to open sermon links from emails and text messages directly in the app! Additionally, subscribe to broadcaster podcast feeds with the Podcast App. And we've fixed number of bugs related to iOS 4.3 users.

10/12/12 - Version 2.7 fully supports iOS 6 and the new larger 4-inch retina screen support for iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod Touch. Enhanced social media integration: Share to Facebook & Twitter; LIKE on Facebook.

8/8/12 - Version 2.6 adds built-in support for our 24x7 Radio Stream providing non-stop preaching+music enjoyment anywhere you go at home or on the road! A new way to enjoy the riches found on!

5/7/12 - Version 2.5 now supports retina display graphics for the new iPad. Also has automatic reachability checking for smarter connectivity: views will now load automatically when the network connection is restored if no network connection is available on launch.

2/4/12 - Version 2.4 now sports "pull-to-refresh" on relevant pages needing to refresh content. Also, the DOWNLOADS tab now displays sermons with newest downloads at the top.

10/21/11 - Version 2.3 fixed bug in isolated cases with iOS 5 and added CLOSE button on iPad media player.

10/19/11 - Version 2.2 supports iOS 5 for both iPhone + iPad.

7/6/11 - Version 2.1 has a minor fix which involves remembering the last play position when a phone call is received.

6/29/11 - Expanded the filtering options for many of the sermon search result lists in the app. Filter by speaker for videos, transcripts, Bible reference, and much more. Give it a try!

6/4/11 - Version 2.0 now supports both iPhone + iPad natively. Built-in audio player shows sermon information and album art. Player remembers last play position and auto-resumes. Bug fixes and improved stability.

4/11/11 - Version 1.8.5 introduces support for the Apple TV via AirPlay so you can now enjoy live webcasts, videos, and audio on your TV. Also updated the tab icons to support the higher-resolution retina display. Implemented in-app browser support and other minor fixes.

12/21/10 - Version 1.7 now supports push notification of supported live webcast events. When a flash-based (H.264+AAC) webcast fires up on SermonAudio, you'll be notifed via an audible tone and the "badge" counter on the app itself will reflect the number of webcasts in progress.

11/12/10 - Version 1.6 introduces Roku TV integration so you can easily play any selected sermon, video, or webcast on your television.

•  SermonAudio Tip: Affordable Church App for iPhone + iPad + Android!
•  SermonAudio Tip: SermonAudio iPhone + iPad Edition v3.9!
•  SermonAudio Tip: Enjoy SermonAudio via Chromecast on your TV!
•  SermonAudio Tip: SermonAudio App v2.6 for Android Mobile Devices
•  SermonAudio Tip: New HIFI Support for Higher Bitrate Audio+Video!
•  SermonAudio Tip: SermonAudio & Reforming Families Conference Webcast
•  SermonAudio Tip: New SermonAudio Tips and Q&A Support Site!
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Page 1 | Page 4 ·  Found: 101 user comment(s)
News Item8/11/10 8:56 AM
Ruben Ramirez | Carolina, Puerto Rico  Contact via emailFind all comments by Ruben Ramirez
This app is a true blessing. I can truly appreciate the convince given to hear The Word where ever you be.

I look forward to SermonAudio making an app for Android phones. This will be a big step in sharing all that SermonAudio can offer. I myself am an android users and I have the capability to access the audio files through the web page.

Many blessing to SermonAudio. May the Good Lord continue to bless you as you continue to share the gospel message in such a powerful way.


News Item7/30/10 12:17 AM
dan | buffalo,ny  Contact via emailFind all comments by dan
I was just wondering if there any plans for getting this application for android phones? I had this application on my blackberry phone and loved it.

News Item7/17/10 1:11 PM
Jim Shannon | Powell, TN  Find all comments by Jim Shannon
Ken Noorlander wrote:
The "click on link", second paragraph below the pics of the iphone and itouch is what you want to click on Jim.
PS iTunes needs to be installed for that link to work.
I downloaded the app via iTunes first. Then sync'd it.
Works great. First attempt to download a sermon caused the app to crash, but upon retry, it worked fine.
Thanks for the update. I was just a couple days away from the app in iTunes. Got it installed and works great.

News Item7/13/10 1:17 PM
Ken Noorlander | Norwich, Ontario, Canada  Protected NameFind all comments by Ken  Noorlander wrote:
You need to navigate to from the iPod browser directly (not from your PC). You will also be able to download the app from the App Store shortly -- as soon as it gets approved by Apple!
The "click on link", second paragraph below the pics of the iphone and itouch is what you want to click on Jim.

PS iTunes needs to be installed for that link to work.

I downloaded the app via iTunes first. Then sync'd it.

Works great. First attempt to download a sermon caused the app to crash, but upon retry, it worked fine.


News Item7/5/10 11:50 AM  Protected NameFind all comments by
Jim Shannon wrote:
Hello, I am on the Iphone/Ipod information page, but cannot find any link or instructions to download the app. It states, "you can simply go to "" (or "") and you will automatically be presented with the new iPhone Edition interface to SermonAudio!" ,but going to either of these pages do not automatically present the interface. What am I missing? Thank you, Jim
You need to navigate to from the iPod browser directly (not from your PC). You will also be able to download the app from the App Store shortly -- as soon as it gets approved by Apple!

News Item7/4/10 11:23 PM
Jim Shannon | Powell, TN  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jim Shannon wrote:
We would love to tackle the iPad. But at the moment, we're working on putting the finishing touches on a native iPhone app. So, first things first. Thank you for the suggestion and for your continued interest and support for!
Hello, I am on the Iphone/Ipod information page, but cannot find any link or instructions to download the app. It states, "you can simply go to "" (or "") and you will automatically be presented with the new iPhone Edition interface to SermonAudio!" ,but going to either of these pages do not automatically present the interface. What am I missing? Thank you, Jim

News Item5/11/10 4:46 PM  Protected NameFind all comments by
Dr. Steve Hereford wrote:
Any plans for an iPad app.
We would love to tackle the iPad. But at the moment, we're working on putting the finishing touches on a native iPhone app. So, first things first. Thank you for the suggestion and for your continued interest and support for!

News Item5/11/10 10:34 AM
Dr. Steve Hereford | Jacksonville, Florida  Protected NameFind all comments by Dr. Steve Hereford
Any plans for an iPad app.

News Item4/30/10 7:59 AM
David Barbee | Houston, MO  Contact via emailFind all comments by David Barbee
Thank you for the mobile version. Could you possible add the group filter so that I can narrow searches down to my denomonation? Again, thanks for the great services you provide...well done!

News Item4/13/10 10:36 AM
Linda K | Texas  Contact via emailFind all comments by Linda K
I love this feature. I just purchased an iPhone last week and now I can hear Pastor Richard's sermons while I am on the treadmill at the gym!!! Thanks

News Item3/27/10 2:37 PM
Jurrien Dokter | Netherlands  Contact via emailFind all comments by Jurrien Dokter
If I try to run the MP3 audio file, Safari shows me the(unreadable) inside of the file and then stops. So it seems that the MP3 is not recognized. What can I do to solve this problem?

News Item2/14/10 7:06 AM
Derrick Bowman | Atlanta, Georgia  Find all comments by Derrick Bowman
The iPhone app works perfectly on the Blackberry Curve 8530. Use your normal Blackberry browser and go to It works great!

News Item1/23/10 11:37 AM
Ronald | Indiana  Find all comments by Ronald
I just tried the address on my bberry storm. It works great, just like an Iphone or Ipod. You can listen and save. Im excited. Thanks alot to sermonaudio!!!!!

News Item1/23/10 10:57 AM
John M | South Carolina  Find all comments by John M
I would really like to see an Sermon Audio Application that would link to this site.

News Item1/20/10 5:22 PM
Andrew Walling | Mississippi  Find all comments by Andrew Walling
The iPhone interface is simply brilliant. Great job on it! This is awesome! I did have to turn on "plugins" in settings to make the MP3 audio pull up. That kind of confused me.

News Item1/6/10 6:46 AM
Lindy | texas  Find all comments by Lindy
It works on the hp ipaq 111 pda as well. You have to download the mp3 to hear it on the media player but no problem. I prefer it to downloading Kimona. Jesus bless your site. It has been such a blessing to me. Your sister, Lindy

News Item11/16/09 5:13 PM  Protected NameFind all comments by
Vindugle wrote:
I cannot find the Application on iTunes at all?
It is not in the App Store -- you simply need to go to "" in the browser iteself. And then be sure to create a bookmark shortcut on the iPod "desktop"..

News Item11/16/09 9:19 AM
Vindugle  Find all comments by Vindugle
I cannot find the Application on iTunes at all?

News Item10/18/09 7:35 PM
jb | michigan  Contact via emailFind all comments by jb
Hi Daniel, I have christian radio around my home all day long and even up in my attic... want God's word and song to permeate my property and my presence.. sounds like you are doing the same.
[AUTHOR]Daniel R Hanlon[/AUTHOR]Because I do not have wireless capabilities in cow town, I have figured out something for the country folk. I use my dial up and download sermons to my computer all night. Then let windows play them through my wireless headphones, it broadcasts it 4 acres all around my house, ALL DAY LONG. The one eyed television is dead in my heart and so is the world. King Jesus come quickly, forever you are and forever you will be and we with you ... [/QUOTE]

News Item10/5/09 9:55 PM
Johanna | Western Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Johanna
On Sermon Audio I usually have to download mp3 to computer then copy it over to my Ipod. Now if I could subscribe through ITunes to the sermons from the pastors I liked on Sermon Audio shortcut The sermons would automatically update whenever I hook up my Ipod to the computer and Itunes.

Thank you for all the sermons available and the hard work involved in setting it up and updating it. God bless you.


There are a total of 101 user comments displayed | add new comment |Subscribe to these comments
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