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NOV 26, 2014
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FRONT PAGE  |  11/26/2014
Choice News SUNDAY, JUL 20, 2014  |  112 comments  |  1 commentary
Christians Responsible for Most 'Hateful Internet Speech,' Says Washington Post Religion Reporter

An editor for The Washington Post's religion section claimed that Christians were behind the majority of nasty and vile feedback she had received throughout her career in an op-ed Thursday.

Sally Quinn, the moderator of the religion website On Faith, which spun off from The Washington Post last year, described the earliest "hate emails" she had "did not just attack what I wrote ... but were also vicious ad hominem attacks."

"I can't tell you how many people wrote in to say that I was a whore and a slut and so much worse that I can't even write it here. And these all came from Christians," wrote Quinn. "I was going to hell. I had made a pact with the devil. Jesus and God hated me. One man wrote that he hoped I would get in a car accident, that the gas tank would explode and I would be burned alive. He was a God-fearing Christian, and he ascertained that I obviously was not one." ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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Christians Responsible for... • 370+
Sean E. Harris | Berean Baptist Church
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News Item7/22/14 7:38 PM
NRC  Find all comments by NRC
Hey guys enough already! Maybe this would be better handled by pm than a public forum.

News Item7/22/14 7:30 PM
JayJay  Find all comments by JayJay
Dear Michael Hranek,

It is a serious fault with your sermon of which you make so light, and it would at least be better if you tried to defend the error for which you accuse P. O. T. of finding fault with. Is that too much to ask?


News Item7/22/14 7:19 PM
PursuitofTruth  Find all comments by PursuitofTruth
Error in my name on my last post. I've been copying all of the posts here, and some how it pasted it into my name!

News Item7/22/14 7:17 PM
PursuitofTruthSorry for usig the word pi*sed. I was typing quickly, I was agitated, and I wasn't thinking of that word as a four letter word.  Find all comments by PursuitofTruthSorry for usig the word pi*sed.  I was typing quickly, I was agitated, and I wasn't thinking of that word as a four letter word.
I just saw your post Michael Hranek, so at least you acknowledge that I appologized, so I can sctratch that out of my former post. Have a blessed day!

News Item7/22/14 7:09 PM
JayJay  Find all comments by JayJay
Sorry for usig the word pi*sed. I was typing quickly, I was agitated, and I wasn't thinking of that word as a four letter word.

News Item7/22/14 6:53 PM
s c | Oh  Find all comments by s c
I guess some have one's back to defend and some have others' backs to feel for the soft spot. In either case, one needs no defense if they align with their Defender. And is "pi.sed" an appropriate word for a Christian to use?

News Item7/22/14 6:29 PM
pennned  Find all comments by pennned
Pursuit of Truth A man's character will ultimately speak for itself over time.

News Item7/22/14 5:54 PM
JayJay  Find all comments by JayJay
ladybug writes: Jay Jay,

You state P.O.T. was clearly hurt...isn't this where forgiveness comes into play? Also, apologies aren't what we look for...confession and repentance is what's required when we sin. Whether or not Michael repents is NOT our concern is it? As I stated, that is the ministerial work of the Holy Spirit. If Michael has sinned, God will bring about the necessary repentance. Let us not worry ourselves with things we are not in charge of. As we grow, we come to deeper levels of maturity. Is it not better to overlook an offense than to continue dwelling upon it? Again, we only learn from our mistakes don't we?

Yes, everything you said is true. But P. O. T. is my Christian brother, and I will have his back whhen someone wants to be rude and nasty to him after he has apologized. I would be very pissed if I were in his shoes, but he has responded with such grace and humility. I like to see that in someone, and I will always voutch for a man with such character.


News Item7/22/14 5:49 PM
JayJay  Find all comments by JayJay
I'm not medling, Michael Hranek, just pointing out the facts about the self evident bad blood between you and P. O. T. He just apologized a couple of minutes ago yet again and i'd suggest this time you accept his appology rather than beating him over the head. I read the Mormonism thread of which he and I have refered, and I saw that he had accused you. But I also saw afterwards that he apologized to everyone on that thread including you. He proceeded to admitt that he had been wrong on his stance. That takes guts. He did this whith a humility I have seen lacking in many of the people on this form, and with a sincerity I doubt will be repeated. You can go on not forgiving him, but just know that I am his brother in Christ, and I will stick by him just as I would you if someone were doing such to you. God bless.

News Item7/22/14 5:39 PM
PursuitofTruth  Find all comments by PursuitofTruth
There was only one thread on Mormonism , and that's the one I did apologize for. I didn't make a direct apology to you, but rather to everyone on the thread having you in mind. I thought you'd consider that an apology, but apparently you didn't. On this thread I have apologized to you multiple times, and it doesn't appear that you have accepted any of them. We don't have to agree, but we should be civil to one another, and sorry for indulging in calling you names back. We are both Christians, and as such we should lay our differences aside, and forgive one another. I have already forgven you, though you haven't made any apology. I apologize for my part, and I hope we can settle this like Christian brethren. Have a blessed day!

News Item7/22/14 3:45 PM
Michael Hranek | Endicott, New York  Protected NameFind all comments by Michael Hranek
JayJay wrote:
It appears that
You have said you are sorry
So what I am posting here is for Jay Jay and I am sorry and ask your forgiveness if rehashing the matter for his sake is hurtful to you. It isn't meant to be

Jay, Jay
Yes, I did call PoT a hypocrite and a liar because when I wrote it that was what he was.

On another thread about 'Mormonism' PoT falsely accused me about Glenn Beck, he later said something along the lines of pleading ignorance, but didn't apologize to me despite others varifying he had been wrong on what he posted concerning my audionews commentary, giving me opportunity on this thread to bring up 'hypocrisy' which if he had repented could have given him place to make that clear, he didn't in fact the opposite

So I called him a liar, again (isn't there something about a 2nd mile?) posting a link to prove it, which he apparently listened to and admitted (at least partially I had not said what he thought I did) but went on with IMO a lesser form of finding fault (he is entitled to his opinion)

So it appears my coolness is mistaken for rudeness, as at this time I am waiting to see how PoT speaks and acts, as there isn't trust between PoT and myself

And IMHO your meddling is so not helpful


News Item7/22/14 2:11 PM
s c | Oh  Find all comments by s c
...better to please the Lord than to please man. Mr.Hranek has a passion for the Truth. Of course, opinions don't matter as I stated. If one is sincerely in pursuit of Truth then they will embrace it.

News Item7/22/14 1:53 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
Jay Jay,

You state P.O.T. was clearly hurt...isn't this where forgiveness comes into play?
Also, apologies aren't what we look for...confession and repentance is what's required when we sin. Whether or not Michael repents is NOT our concern is it? As I stated, that is the ministerial work of the Holy Spirit. If Michael has sinned, God will bring about the necessary repentance. Let us not worry ourselves with things we are not in charge of. As we grow, we come to deeper levels of maturity. Is it not better to overlook an offense than to continue dwelling upon it? Again, we only learn from our mistakes don't we?

Dorcas, let us both give all praise and glory to God, for it is Him who works in us


News Item7/22/14 1:25 PM
Dorcas | USA  Find all comments by Dorcas
Ladybug....thank you so much for your kind words, you don't know how they lifted my spirit this day!

News Item7/22/14 1:21 PM
JayJay  Find all comments by JayJay
Yes, I've been praying for Michael Hranek, and I believe we should lift him up before the throne of grace. But as P. O. T. just evidenced by his last post, he was clearly hurt by Hranek's harsh and rude responce, and I think there should also be a place for apology, after all, P. O. T. has apologized to him. I think it only should be right that he should apologize as well. If his heart is not moved to repentence then he will likely not apologize. If it is, he likely will. I agree that we should all study carls comment carefully.

News Item7/22/14 1:13 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug

It is the ministerial work of God the Spirit that brings us to repentance; we certainly cannot demand someone apologize. When we sin, the Spirit convicts and brings about confession and repentance. Wouldn't it be better to lift Michael before the throne of grace rather than demand an apology? Let us all re-read Carl's comment carefully, for I think we can all learn from it. It seems we have forgotten to correct in the spirit of gentleness, we have forgotten to love one another. As I've stated before, and need to continually remind myself, may we all live 'Coram Deo' as we wait to be with our Lord.
P.O.T. - I am not taking sides in this matter, I do encourage all to seek the Lord. We all are guilty of typing out words that we can never take back. Michael truly is a dear brother in Christ and should be treated as such, the same goes for you - if you have been born again by God and gifted with eternal life, then you are in the family of God. Let's not forget the command to 'love one another'.

many blessings to you - may His love, grace and peace fill your heart to the point of overflowing, spilling out from you and onto others!


News Item7/22/14 1:13 PM
PursuitofTruth  Find all comments by PursuitofTruth
Thanks JayJay and Ladybug for sticking up for me, but I did also have my part in it to. I called him names back, and that was un called for. I have already ask forgiveness, to which once I got a rude, half-hearted answer, and the second time I still have heard nothing from him. I will definitely take to heart what ladybug reposted, though I hope our brother Mr. Hranek will do the same.

News Item7/22/14 1:06 PM
JayJay  Find all comments by JayJay
Yes we should season our speech with salt and light, and that's why I believe Michael Hranek should apologize for his rude behavior towards P. O. T. I'm not saying that he's necesarily wrong, but he has no excuse for being so rude to P. O. T. for just raising a point! I thought that's why we are all here on this post. Thank you ladybug, you are right on!

News Item7/22/14 12:56 PM
Dorcas | USA  Find all comments by Dorcas
Thanks for the repost and reminder of Carl's wise counsel.

News Item7/22/14 12:50 PM
ladybug  Find all comments by ladybug
From Carl in Greensboro NC....

"Sad to say that many who post on SA are believers and good people but have yet to really learn to season their speech with salt nor speak the truth in love. Its the natural (carnal) outcome of the Corinthians having a party spirit in preferring certain Christian personalities over others thus differing and arguing over differences and nuances in certain doctrines. Instead of coming together as brethren and hashing these nuances out they instead (as the 1st poster LJ puts it) "bite and devour one another." If my "truth" don't exactly match your "truth" then we should discuss the matter civilly as between family members and let the Word of God have the final say, or if it is a matter of only opinion and personal preferences and not Word then respect the others opinion. Paul admonishes Timothy to correct with gentleness those who are in error. We often try to correct each other with a sledgehammer instead."
There is much wisdom in your words Carl; may we take heed to them.

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