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OCT 5, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  10/5/2015
Choice News THURSDAY, JUN 12, 2014  |  47 comments
Grade School Children Brainwashed to Celebrate Gay Pride
The establishment media is complicit in the ‚Äúfundamental transformation‚ÄĚ of America, so we can hardly expect it to be forthcoming regarding what that transformation entails. That‚Äôs why sites like this one are grateful for first-hand reports on situations unlikely to be exposed on the evening news. This email from a concerned parent is a prime example:

I am a parent in Oakland, California and I have a kindergartner in public school. My child came home [Thursday] and told me about the MANDATORY assembly for gay ‚Äúpride‚ÄĚ month. Parents had NO idea this was going to happen and I‚Äôm totally blindsided by it. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item6/19/14 4:01 PM
William S. Sutherland | Houston, Texas  Find all comments by William S. Sutherland
You are right, Mark M!

As I said earlier, there is NO EXCUSE for Christians to leave their children in the hands of the pedophiles and socialists in the public schools. God's Word tells parents to raise them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. It's the parents' responsibility to teach their children, not somebody elses.

And I stand by my earlier comment on the liars at the SPLC. They are anti-Christ to the core and not to be trusted!!! They are out to destroy America just like that scum in the White House and those who follow his godless agenda!

Psalm 109:8


News Item6/17/14 10:56 AM
Mark M. | in the UAE  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mark M.
This is just sad. There really is no excuse for sending your child to a public school. If you care about your child at all you get them out of this system. I don't care if you need to work two jobs...don't let your kids be brainwashed. As adults we can watch such things because hopefully we're well grounded in our faith. Kids see these authority figures and they get them five days a week--the TV and internet gets 'em most of the rest of the time. Both telling them that gayness and the lifestyle that comes with it are okay. I know I was a follower in elementary school--likely to follow what the teachers said to please them, and doing what classmates did to be cool without questioning either. When my parents asked what I did at school that day I always said 'oh nothing..' and I'm sure kids say the same thing today. The old saying GIGO applies. We can only blame ourselves.

News Item6/17/14 6:59 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Obviously Christ would be the one calling them out, but as a father, it's about doing what's good and right from the beginning and doing your own Christian/fatherly duty Instead of hoping that Billy Grahm and TBN will sort out the confusion that you, yourself caused. Thank God that Christ speaking through Billy Grahm reached you but that doesn't make it some magic potion that will work on any and all. Equip your children with the tools and knowledge they need from the get go and then let Christ do the rest.

News Item6/17/14 6:51 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Thanks John I think we are processing two completely different trains of thought. Here's how I see it: Our most impressionable years are our adolescent and teenage years. What we are taught, how we are treated, along with the environment we grow in is what defines us and drives us into adulthood. We are who we are, on a psycological level, and believe what we believe, for the most part, because it's how we were molded during our impressionable years; a mold thats difficult to break free from. Now, spiritually speaking, most people are who they are because it's how they were raised, with most being doomed from the beginning because they never break free from their parents mold. Christ called you out from this world, and as an earthly father, it's your duty and calling to raise your children according to His Word and to teach them from His Word...alone, giving them the didn't have. What you plan on doing is confusion and a recipe for disaster. Give them a fighting chance instead of turning them over to Billy Grahm after already being fully indocrinated during their most impressionable years.

News Item6/17/14 4:31 AM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
Christopher: If one is teaching individuals other than their children the way of salvation then it can be done either by putting salvation tracts around town in various locations or via written communication on discussion forums. But when one is teaching ones children the way of salvation then it should be by watching old Billy Graham Crusades on VHS tapes and on Trinity Broadcasting Network. I don't see it as confusing that my children will be raised Catholic and then when they get to about 10 years old then have them learn the Evangelical Protestant doctrine of salvation by watching old Billy Graham Crusades. After the children make their First Holy Communion I will make them become Altar servers. After the children learn the Evangelical Protestant doctrine of salvation then they can decide when they will embrace Jesus as their Savior.

News Item6/16/14 11:30 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Penny, I'm glad the fellow pointed out what the blogger who uses the Rutger's site had, but it is not a part of Common Core, there are 6 units of study to common core, To repeat myself yet again, (Yeah, it even get tiresome for me. ) First information on the source of the article on Common Core, Ballotpedia:About and then the article itself, Understanding "Common Core": Standards and Backlash. This article is not long! CC is designed to make students more employable and better prepared for college. One how does Sex Ed. do that? Fraternities are more than happy to to teach their "brothers" on the seduction of women, so training in that area isn't needed either.

John Y., you, this woman, and quite a few like her give homeschooling a bad name. Sunrise mom accused of kidnapping girl to avoid vaccination, preschool. Apparently a lot of reactionaries do need their filthy minds washed How to Have Victory Over Sin.


News Item6/15/14 8:32 PM
Strat  Find all comments by Strat
We must pray for the children affected by this and rest in the assurance that ALL who support and/or play a part in it will face the wrath of God and destruction.

News Item6/15/14 5:20 PM
here you go  Find all comments by here you go
oh ye of little faith, Jim, here is the state of Washington outline for the implementation of their education standards within the state. Not a blog, not a political commentary, not an opposition report, but the state government. Look at the diagram on page 2 and see how they plan to implement the teaching of National Sexuality Education Standards. and you will see that pennned is correct.


News Item6/15/14 3:38 PM
pennnned  Find all comments by pennnned
Jim, don't you see? the cc that you promote is the only way national sexualization standards could succeed? otherwise local districts and parents would say no. this way they can't say no. cc is the cake, the sexualizing of the curriculum is the cherry on top.

News Item6/15/14 3:36 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Alright, Mike, what's wrong with this article on CC? It appears accurate, you didn't have people on either the right or left (and some of those don't like CC ) weren't hyperventolating, if they were contributors to this article.

As the article you pointed out that quoted the Southern Poverty Law Center, q.v., is really right on target about Birchers hatred of public education. No, I don't agree with everything the SPLC says on supporting queers, for example. It seems I have regularly supported homeschooling. I'm really sorry I wasn't homeschooled or went to a private Christian (anti-Catholic of course) school. I never liked the public school system! However, I recognize its necessity and the need for it to be good. Perhaps one thing the majority of Nebr. voters and I agree on. The anti-Common Core candidate got the socks knocked off of him in our primary, and deservedly so. Oh, and Nebr. isn't a CC state! --Read the article I mentioned in the previous 3? messages.


News Item6/15/14 2:54 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
How about a More Realistic View of Common Core?

News Item6/15/14 2:37 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
First of all, it is obvious that this so-called sex-education Unit, is not a part of Common Core, it is "Man of straw, an effigy formed by stuffing the garments of a man with straw; hence, a fictitious person; an irresponsible person; a puppet." ---Webster's 1913 Dictionary. This is a straw man, put up the anti-CC Wingnuts. By the way, First information on the source of the article on Common Core, Ballotpedia:About and then the article itself, Understanding "Common Core": Standards and Backlash.

It's a pity that professed Christians one to have political sex with the Great Whore, also? The Christian [ ] Right Movement, The Perils of Popery.

Anyway, this sex-ed plan can't become part of CC Could it be used in some school districts? Quite possibly--without ever being a part of CC. But I've said in the past, monitor what children are being taught in your local school district, something that should be done CC or not.

The Southern Law while erroneous on queers and some others, is useful


News Item6/15/14 2:04 PM
GSTexas  Find all comments by GSTexas
I agree William. I find it rather disgusting that Jim would use the anti christian SPLC to defend his position.

News Item6/15/14 1:48 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
William S. Sutherland wrote:
Quoting someone quoting a study by the SPLC does NOT lend credence to your argument. Morris Dees and his bunch are nothing but rabid anti-christian collectivist liars. Thanks to him, many in law enforcement who listen to his trash have labeled anyone who believes the Bible or refers to the Constitution as a 'domestic terrorist.'
Yes, but Jim doesn't like Catholics, so it's ok that he supports the CommyCore wingnuts.

News Item6/15/14 1:03 PM
William S. Sutherland | Houston, Texas  Find all comments by William S. Sutherland
Quoting someone quoting a study by the SPLC does NOT lend credence to your argument. Morris Dees and his bunch are nothing but rabid anti-christian collectivist liars. Thanks to him, many in law enforcement who listen to his trash have labeled anyone who believes the Bible or refers to the Constitution as a 'domestic terrorist.'

News Item6/15/14 5:42 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Hmm, still a blog, as you see the definition of CC that I found has nothing to do with sex! Also, states can and have opted in and out of various options of CC, so even if sex ed were hypothetically part of CC which I don't think it is, a state could very easily opt out of it.

But, as the reference I put up shows there is nothing about sex in the CC now adopted by states. Even if there is a group that wants to add it. Again read,


News Item6/15/14 5:25 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Here-you-go...I will take a look at it. Oh, and this,

News Item6/15/14 12:10 AM
here you go  Find all comments by here you go
Jim Lincoln wrote:
I see the story you suggested something that is made up--I'll be happy if you prove me wrong.

News Item6/14/14 9:22 PM
s c | Oh  Find all comments by s c
Anne, a goat-man statue placed in or near the capital of that place would at least be more congruent with its value system. Most people would probably still miss it though and even begin supporting man-animal relationships.

News Item6/14/14 3:56 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
I can't find one reputable magazine that says those are the standards of Common Core, Penny. I never said there wasn't debate about CC among a variety of people, How The Common Core Became Education's Biggest Bogeyman. All CC material is modifiable as far as I hear. (Oh by the way some of the comments to this article are quite interesting --and no not in praise of CC by teachers either!-- though considering where this article is side articles could be very good or very bad, depending on the time you reference this article ) From, The Wingnut War On Common Core Is A Plot To Destroy Public Schools--
C. Dickson wrote:
The Common Core Standards Initiative has been hotly debated since it was first introduced in 2009. But a new report by the Southern Poverty Law Center shows that conservatives are pushing a radical fact-free agenda that aims to destroy public education as a whole.
I see the story you suggested something that is made up--I'll be happy if you prove me wrong.
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