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FEB 21, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  2/21/2017
FRIDAY, FEB 7, 2014  |  27 comments
Attack on electric grid raises alarm
A 2013 attack on an electric substation near San Jose that nearly knocked out Silicon Valley's power supply was initially downplayed as vandalism by Pacific Gas & Electric Co., the facility's owner. Gunfire from semiautomatic weapons did extensive damage to 17 transformers that sent grid operators scrambling to avoid a blackout.

But this week, a former top power regulator offered a far more ominous interpretation: The attack was terrorism, he said, and if circumstances had been just a little different, it could have been disastrous.

Jon Wellinghoff, who was chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission when the shooting took place, said that attack was clearly executed by well-trained individuals seeking to do significant damage to the area, and he fears it was a test run for an even larger assault. ...

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News Item2/12/14 10:34 AM
Dolores  Find all comments by Dolores
You are so right, penned, years ago we could shake hands and trust a person's word but again we live in a different world today, with different music, different morals My husband said the man that was trying to get his meter set without a ss# had his reasons which could be either he was trying to use another name rather than his own because of his past bills he still owes at another place but he is very definitley hiding something there is something very fishy about this story. My husband who worked for the power company and has seen all kinds of people through the years that are not trustworthy. Should we go into a state of anarchy just because another nation includes euthanizing people, that's ludacious.

News Item2/12/14 9:29 AM
pennned  Find all comments by pennned
over in Belgium, they are saying for the betterment of society, for smoother running of society that euthanizing people is a good thing. how far does the dignity of a man have to be taken for the "general good" as its sold? if a man wants to run his family a particular way that is for their betterment and dignity as a Creation of God, in an era of human degradation, why would anyone want to interfere with him? the gentleman's world used to be that way, a handshake and good character meant something.

News Item2/12/14 2:56 AM
Prophet JB  Find all comments by Prophet JB
Thank you Dolores for the irrelevant ramble about your beliefs, and I know exactly why people like you believe such things, but you have indeed implied that the answer to my question is yes, which therefore makes you an antichrist who has the same father as Jim Lincoln and the many other unbelievers in the world.

It is written:"Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels: For I was an hungred, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not..."

It is written:"We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death. Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him. Hereby perceive we the love of God, because he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. But whoso hath this world's good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him? My little children, let us not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in trut


News Item2/11/14 11:02 PM
Dolores  Find all comments by Dolores
I am sorry but I was kidding a bit with my remark about being a terrorist is why they would not give him a meter. I know all about the rules and regulations of the power company and even though I have sympathy for your friends situation it doesn't change the fact that we live in the real world that is run by governments and companies that have rules and policies to keep things running smooth otherwise we would have chaos and no money to pay the people to keep things running smoothly and no electricity that we all enjoy so much in this country. I know this totally went over your head and you appparently cannot wrap your mind around this concept so have a good sleep with your warm house and a good show to watch on your tv or do like me and read a good book by the light coming from your lamp or do you live in a cave.

News Item2/11/14 8:55 PM
Apostle JB  Find all comments by Apostle JB
Your missing it Dolores, though expected since you've been programmed and trained by State Supremacist propagandists who hate God. Let me rephrase my comment into a question:

Is it Christ-like to be paranoid about someone possibly doing something bad, be he believer or not, to make judgments on him, to demand certain things from him, and to actually do bad things unto him if he does not comply with said demands, for this being his only "sin" which is thus worthy of violence as a consequence?


News Item2/11/14 2:14 PM
Dolores  Find all comments by Dolores
If the man didn't have a soc.sec number how was he going to work to pay the electric bill, does he have a drivers license,soc.sec.# needed, does he vote,soc.sec needed and why blame the manager and lineman, there are others way above them, one being president of this company and they would have lost their jobs had they went against company polices. You are so right, your sob story was much, much worse than mine. Btw how do you know they were christians? I did not comment for your benefit but for anyone that reads these post that needs to see the other side and don't ever post.

News Item2/11/14 12:13 PM
Prophet J  Find all comments by Prophet J
Ok, let's see if I understand correctly.

It is Christ-like to be paranoid about someone possibly doing something bad, be he believer or not, to make judgments on him, to demand certain things from him, and to actually do bad things unto him if he does not comply with said demands, for this being his only "sin" which is thus worthy of violence as a consequence.

Are people getting this from some isolated scripture or some so-called Bible version?


News Item2/11/14 11:26 AM
Apostle  Find all comments by Apostle
Yes, and it's sad that the persecutor is looked at as the poor victim rather than the persecutee. The sob story below is one example.

penned wrote:
Apostle, you describe a situation that many probably face today, but you will never hear about in the news, and those who find alternative means that is not deemed "acceptable". many have come to identify themselves as those in society most acceptable, and often those who are suffering for their convictions are turned aside from and left to suffer.

News Item2/10/14 6:16 PM
Dolored  Find all comments by Dolored
Btw, yes there are rules that have to be followed in the power co. As well as any other business because of the kind of people in the world today, for one that destroys power grids. Yes, you do have to have a social security number to have a meter set,after all you could be a terrorist ready to take down a power grid or someone that has left another power company owing them a large bill..happens all the time. They get very busy at the end of the month pulling meters with deliquent bills and the same nu.mber of connects the next few days. A whole week of just pulling meters and setting meters back.

News Item2/10/14 5:27 PM
Dolores  Find all comments by Dolores
Cont. For God to watch over him and protect him because of the dangerous work he does. As a forman he is responsible for his crew and so sickened when ayoung lineman while working on a transformer and got electrocuted and was just hanging on the pole as they worked to get him dowand finally sent to Little Rock to a hospitable with the best burn unit in Arkansas. The man servived but lost his arm. Had he not been a big, strong guy that was able to push himself away from the transformer he would have died and left a widow and two small children and one I taught in Sunday School for this Christian went to my church while we lived in Bradley, Ark. Thought you might like to know the "rest of the story"as Paul Harvey used to say.

News Item2/10/14 5:09 PM
Dolored | Texas  Find all comments by Dolored
Let me enlighten some of you on the life of a lineman who is not a Christian. He works from 8 to 5 everyday and comes home tired from a day of setting poles, putting iin meters, taking out meters building lines, repairing lines and take turns being on call every week-end or so which means staying home in case of emergences. That might mean setting a meter that had been pulled for non payment and wanted it back on now. Also, when he comes in tired from working all day, phone rings and he has to leave again to go on a trouble call or set a meter that had been pulled for non payment and btw it is always the same people thats on that list every month. When a storm comes up they are out in the rain or snow with lightning hitting the lines miles awsy that can be felt even through protective gloves while you sleep in your warm bed or maybe not if you are the unlucky ones to have yours off and he works on those lines until they are back on again and that can mean all night. He has gone to other towns hit by ice storms and need crews from every where to get electricity back on faster. That could mean a week of staying in motels away from family.Other lineman stay home and have to work with a smaller crew to take up the slack. He also has 4 kids to support. His wife prays each day for Go

News Item2/10/14 4:06 PM
penned  Find all comments by penned
Apostle, you describe a situation that many probably face today, but you will never hear about in the news, and those who find alternative means that is not deemed "acceptable". many have come to identify themselves as those in society most acceptable, and often those who are suffering for their convictions are turned aside from and left to suffer.

News Item2/10/14 2:56 PM
Apostle  Find all comments by Apostle
I know a faithful brother who temporarily rented a house and at that time needed power to survive, having 4 children and a wife with child. The owner wanted him to have the power in his name, but the "Christian" manager of the power company refused to do so because he wasn't marked with a ss# and thus couldn't provide such a mark. He was willing to give a large down payment and to even pay for electricity in advance, which is more godly than using services that haven't been paid for and trying (and possibly not being able) to pay for services later.

However, the "Christian" manager adamantly refused such godly terms and ordered the "Christian" lineman to come out to the house and turn off the power. All in the name of Jesus!! Everyone "just doing their job."

More facts for a pro-N.Korea PBS propaganda special.


News Item2/9/14 4:31 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
SteveR, yes, all too often, items like this get tossed on the back pages. While I really like power companies, for obvious reasons I would be starving right now if I had to depend on interest earnings, I think the government shouldn't've caved into them and passed some laws to try to insure the safety of the power grid.

Yes, solar activity can cause havoc CAB, much closer to home The Day the Sun Brought Darkness, of even more recent vintage is the results of super storm Sandy, the present blizzards.

The Muhammadans would probably pick up the slack of power disruption from natural causes, if for no other reason more news could be focused on them, without competitive causes. Power companies have to get their act together.


News Item2/9/14 3:55 PM
Pastor  Find all comments by Pastor
It is the professed believers who are the reason for deteriorating values, as they reject King Jesus in order to have man as their king, who then complain when man doesn't pamper them and do things they want. Whosoever votes is only part of the problem. Flee idolatry. Don't vote. Ignore the State religion. Obey God. Then maybe we'll see a growth in believers.

News Item2/9/14 10:45 AM
Dolores | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores
And yes we need to include the leaders in our churches for their part in it also. I read that a very large percentage of Christians did not even vote in this last elections and then we wonder and blame others for what's happening to our country.

News Item2/9/14 10:37 AM
Dolores | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores
Thanks Michael, for understanding what I was trying to say because I know there will be some that will disapprove and misunderstand. You are so right, actually it has been our own government that's allowed the erosion of our Christian values starting long ago. Blessings to you this lord's day.

News Item2/9/14 10:28 AM
John UK | Wales  Find all comments by John UK
Dlores wrote:
Hi John, you are like me in that, I said that I would no longer be posting but when something comes up, I can't seem to help myself especially if it is something that stirs my heart to do so.
At all times Dolores, we must try to do what our Lord would have us do.

News Item2/9/14 10:24 AM
Dlores | Texas  Find all comments by Dlores
Hi John, you are like me in that, I said that I would no longer be posting but when something comes up, I can't seem to help myself especially if it is something that stirs my heart to do so.

News Item2/9/14 10:18 AM
Michael Hranek | Endicott, New York  Find all comments by Michael Hranek
Dolores wrote:
Btw it was not the Jews who had Bible reading and prayer taken out of our schools or causing an uproar to have their religion taught as well as the muslims are trying to do now. I went to school with Jews and I never heard one of them gripe or complain of any mistreatment of them. This president and the liberals have done more damage toward the Christian faith than any Jew has done.

I appreciate your posts, thanks much

btw Before the "government" took prayer out of schools, if I am remembering correctly modern day pastors and church (mis)leadership essentially took prayer out of the churches, IMHO when the business of religion became more important to them then the Presence of God in our meetings.

Also btw I am thrilled as a believer to have the right to love Jewish people, after all isn't our Savior a very Jewish Messiah, the Apostles Jews everyone of them and I an utterly undeserving unworthy Gentile graffted into the true vine only by the Grace of God, that cost God the life of His Son who gave His blood for them and for me too.


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