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DEC 27, 2014
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FRONT PAGE  |  12/27/2014
Choice News FRIDAY, DEC 6, 2013  |  41 comments  |  2 commentaries
South Africa's Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013

Anti-apartheid icon and first black South African President Nelson Mandela, 95, died today after battling a lung condition that began with his contraction of tuberculosis during his years in prison from 1962 to 1990.

South African President Jacob Zuma made the announcement at a news conference late Thursday, saying “we've lost our greatest son.”

Patrick Henry College history professor Robert Spinney summarized Mandela’s early politics: “As a young man … [Mandela] was a militant and violent protester against the all-white apartheid regime. He had links to leftists, socialists, and communists. The debate, however, is over whether he was truly a leftist/Marxist or just a desperate apartheid victim glad to find allies anywhere he could.” ...

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News Item12/21/13 5:39 AM
William S. Sutherland | Houston, Texas  Find all comments by William S. Sutherland
I have to agree with you on the Palestinian issue. It's always seemed funny that with all these hugh Arab countries that surround Israel, none of them are willing to give up any land for their Arab brothers, but they are all fixated on this tiny sliver of a country known as Israel. Of course, their real intention is the complete extermination of the Jewish state.

News Item12/15/13 5:27 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Hmm, I forgot when I see something from Chicago to add for people who are or should be looking for a church to avoid Red Hot Preaching is Christian Fellowship Church that is in the Hammond/Chicago area. Christmas season might be a good time to make the change

News Item12/14/13 3:23 PM
John Clark | Northern Illinois  Contact via emailFind all comments by John Clark
We Christians need to be more discerning.

Mandela was a "good" man to the world, but certainly was not such before God. Google "Peter Hammond and Mandela" or look on You Tube under the same search and hear one Christians experience with Mandela's government after he had the temerity to pray for Mandela in spite of Mandela's attempt to dissuade him from such an affront.

Mandela was a very bad man with charm. Be more discerning, Christians!


News Item12/14/13 10:10 AM
Huck654 | Northeast Oklahoma  Protected NameFind all comments by Huck654
Watch Dr. Peter Hammond's video regarding the real Mandela at

News Item12/13/13 5:05 PM
Chicago Politics 101  Find all comments by Chicago Politics 101
[Removed by Moderator Alpha]

News Item12/12/13 2:10 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
William, I don't think everyone was going to raise statues to Mr. Mandela, and certainly not to the ANC!

In my last night's Wednesday Class we got a reprise of the Belfour declaration, and also new material on the San Remo actions. You can see the YouTube, at this location, though it really has a lot of other data, and for it, it is not the main attraction. So, for you who don't care about videos (though it is quite good) you can read the material at, San Remo Commemoration - Canadians for Israel's Legal Rights (CILR), I bring this up since Nelson Mandela was incorrect on who should be giving up land. There is already a Palestinian state, and it is Jordan. They should be moving there!

Now, Mr. Mandela is way to the left of most of us, perhaps not so much the Israelis, though of course some of his actions and his opinions irked them as given in this article, Israel and Nelson Mandela. Mr. Mandela was course wrong that all the "give" was to be on Israel's side and all the "take" on the Palestinians' with this I will no doubt lay Mr. Mandela to rest.


News Item12/12/13 6:42 AM
William S. Sutherland | Houston, Texas  Find all comments by William S. Sutherland
Contrary to the popular ideas put forth by the Managed Media in this country, it was Mandela's Marxist ANC that killed off the black leaders smart enough to resist the Communists and their lies. Again, I would suggest you read the article by Shaun Willcock of South Africa on The Media Myth and Global Cult of Nelson Mandela.

News Item12/11/13 2:31 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Tony Cisneros is on more than one thread? which again means, I have to point out about something of what really is the Pentecostal church he goes to, Red Hot Preaching??? and people can go to an excellent Christian church (and no doubt there are more in the Chicago/Hammond area), but try out, Christian Fellowship Church

One other thing you can blame on the Apartheid government except perhaps Mandela, they just about killed off every smart black leader there was, Mandela recognized the AIDS problem, though perhaps a little late, but he did try to do something about it, q.v.,

Nelson Mandela wrote:
Let us give publicity to HIV-AIDS and not hide it, because the only way to make it appear like a normal illness, like TB, like cancer, is always to come out and to say somebody has died because of HIV,” Mr. Mandela said that morning. “And people will stop regarding it as something extraordinary.
excerpt from, Mandela arrived late to the fight against HIV-AIDS His last remaining son di

News Item12/11/13 8:22 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Hey, deleted your post I just commented on. Throw it back up for all to see...

News Item12/11/13 8:21 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Man, you are a nut. This isn't the first thread devoted to Nelson Mandela and the real facts you speak of, the facts you say I'm hiding, or whatever, have already been posted and commented on elsewhere.
You talk about SA being in league with Satan because they delete most of your profane, nonsensical drivel. Who in their right mind can blame them? You are all alone here, buddy boy, street preacher, along with the 20 other names you dream up because every single one of your posts amount to nothing but pure, irrational, ridiculous nonscense.
You call yourself street preacher...what a joke. As far as I'm concerned, you are nothing but a minion of Satan who is hard at work trying to infect the weak with your lunacy.
Don't mention my name, don't respond, don't reply...don't even let me enter into your gangreen brain because I have no respect whatsoever for you, your Satanic thought processes, or the meaningless, irrational trash that never ceases to spew from your deceiving lips.

News Item12/11/13 7:03 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Chicago Politics 101 writes:
Ah, LOOK, SAINT'S & "AIN'TS", Here It Is !

Actually, that was pretty good.

Anyway, I am finally, as of yesterday, beginning to see sone brave souls put up sone facts about the real Mandela. I haven't seen much backlash yet...mostly silence, but have seen a couple of comments like, "I wish I had known all of this because I just helped my son write a school paper praising Mandelas life", etc.


News Item12/10/13 5:09 PM
William S. Sutherland | Houston, Texas  Find all comments by William S. Sutherland
here is a link to an article by a believer in South Africa on the real Nelson Mandela, not the media idol.


News Item12/10/13 12:15 PM
Chicago Politics 101  Find all comments by Chicago Politics 101
[Removed by Moderator Alpha]

News Item12/10/13 12:03 PM
SteveR  Find all comments by SteveR
Chicago Politics 101 wrote:
"SteveR": What Quote Did I "offer[ed] yesterday" ?
CP 101,
The moderators have deleted your post but your quote can still be seen on my response of 12/9/13 4:38 PM on this thread

News Item12/10/13 11:49 AM
Chicago Politics 101  Find all comments by Chicago Politics 101
"SteveR": What Quote Did I "offer[ed] yesterday" ?



...Ofield Dukes, one of two public relations experts traveling with King, said of black South African politics: 'It's a mine field around here.'

King's visit produced several controversies, most of them the result of poor staff preparation. Among them:

* King sought an appointment with Botha, apparently unaware that it would enrage leading South African blacks and preclude meeting with them. Under pressure from them, she kept Botha waiting for 20 minutes Tuesday before canceling.

* King was guarded by white South African security police, unaware that one had been an undercover infiltrator in black townships and another had detained blacks under the state of emergency. She seemed unaware, too, that security police are detested by blacks as symbols of repression; she called them "very courteous, very professional."

* King and her entourage took advantage of the best that 'white' South Africa had to offer..."



News Item12/10/13 11:43 AM
SteveR  Find all comments by SteveR
Chicago Politics 101 wrote:
Ah, Here It Is !
Interesting, but the article doesnt contain the quote you offered yesterday

News Item12/10/13 11:33 AM
Chicago Politics 101  Find all comments by Chicago Politics 101
[Continued From Last Post]


...Under pressure from black anti-apartheid leaders, King failed to appear for meetings she had requested with Botha and acting Foreign Minister Barend du Plessis. She also canceled a tentative meeting with conservative Zulu Chief Mangosuthu Gatsha Buthelezi.

She did not apologize for the cancellations. Asked at a news conference Thursday whether she had any regrets, King replied: 'I think I would liked to have had more time to prepare. . . . Perhaps we needed a longer advance time.'

In the end, her visit was a public relations bonanza for the white-ruled government. It highlighted political infighting among black leaders, while giving the government a chance to portray them as unwilling to negotiate.

'It must certainly have given her a strong insight into the ruthlessness of the black radicals,' said Deputy Information Minister Louis Nel. King had given in to 'political blackmail,' Nel said.

'I felt sorry for her,' Sheena Duncan of the anti-apartheid group Black Sash said in an interview Friday. 'The people around her were quite confused, quite unaware of what was going on.'

'I got the impression of a woman who had too many..."


News Item12/10/13 11:23 AM
Unprofitable Servant | Georgia  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
Castro's right hand wrote:
It was not invented by his wife, but yes she did support it and endorse it.
Nelson Mandela did not. He was deliberately isolated in prison by the government and tightly restricted in his communications with the outside world.
As for being a terrorist, his targets were economic.
The USA was founded by means of terrorism.
apt moniker, both he and you both spreading propaganda

News Item12/10/13 10:47 AM
SteveR  Find all comments by SteveR
Castro's right hand wrote:
It was not invented by his wife, but yes she did support it and endorse it.
Nelson Mandela did not. He was deliberately isolated in prison by the government and tightly restricted in his communications with the outside world.
As for being a terrorist, his targets were economic.
The USA was founded by means of terrorism.
Do you believe for a second ANC members were burning people alive on the orders of Winnie? They knew where the orders were coming from

In case you didnt know, the Nationalist Party was negotiationg with Mandela and the ANC during the prison years for an ambiable transition of power, one can conclude that the necklace executions benefited both the Government and the ANC. For all we know, the government supported them or at least looked the other way. The ANC was allowed to intimidate & remove their rivals to become the dominant opposition group to lead the country, the Nationalist Party got to keep not only their skin, but their wealth. It was a pragmatic deal with the devil considering what was happening in nearby Rhodesia.


News Item12/10/13 10:43 AM
Chicago Politics 101  Find all comments by Chicago Politics 101
Ah, LOOK, SAINT'S & "AIN'TS", Here It Is !


By David Zucchino, Inquirer Staff Writer
Posted: September 14, 1986-

SOWETO, South Africa — For weeks, Isaac Meletse had been spreading the news: Coretta Scott King, the widow of the great American civil rights martyr, was going to visit his place.

Meletse runs a criminal rehabilitation center for blacks in this segregated black township. King had agreed to tour the center as part of her eight-day visit to South Africa.

On Thursday, as the appointed hour of 11 a.m. came and went, Meletse was a forlorn figure. Dressed in his best suit, he stood waiting alone in the center's dirt parking lot, checking his watch.

King never showed up, Meletse said in an interview Thursday night.

'No one even bothered to ring me and tell me,' he said. 'I was sort of tossed aside.'

It was the last in a series of snubs by King, who managed to jilt both President Pieter W. Botha and fellow blacks like Meletse in the same visit. Like other Westerners - both black and white - who have made hasty, media- oriented visits here, King was a victim of poor advance work and her staff's apparent ignorance of political complexities here. ..."

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