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MAY 24, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  5/24/2015
FRIDAY, NOV 8, 2013  |  10 comments
GOP Establishment Blames Tea Party for Election Failures

By Thomas Paine’s definition, there is nothing so vicious as the majority of Republican lawmakers.

The headline of a story published in Politico on November 3 declares, “GOP moderates vow to speak louder.”

Republican moderates are “fed up,” according to the story, with plummeting public approval numbers, which they attribute to the “ill-fated” efforts of Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and others to defund ObamaCare, a push that resulted in a so-called government shutdown last month.

“Ted Cruz cost the economy $24 billion” and “Ted Cruz forced the Republican Party to its lowest levels ever and in that period, made ObamaCare more popular,” Representative Peter King (R-N.Y.), shown on right, charged, as reported by Politico. ...

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Seals 5 & 6: Persecuted Church
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News Item11/12/13 4:29 PM
Mr b  Find all comments by Mr b
GOP , blame yourselves for election failures, maybe if you weren't sleeping with the enemy and grew a spine and actually fought for the people you would have had a shot. Republicans democrats = one in the same . Thank God I'm neither.

News Item11/11/13 1:42 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln

It's interesting to see what's happening in Europe, where the right-wing movements have enough sense to keep their hands off universal healthcare. Right Wing’s Surge in Europe Has the Establishment Rattled


News Item11/8/13 8:13 PM
Strat  Find all comments by Strat
I would like to ask the republican establishment if they think we are stupid enough to prefer tyranny with an "R" instead of a "D"

News Item11/8/13 2:56 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
Jim Lincoln wrote:
Randy is like his father and of course the Canadian Cruz has made himself nuisance enough as a Senator. I don't have to worry about him becoming President, because all the conservatives around here, that he wasn't born in this country, and thus completely ineligible to be President!
McCain wasn't born in country either. So it must have been his moderate-ness that cost him the presidency, because it wasn't his birthplace. (Besides which, he didn't try to hide his birthplace)

News Item11/8/13 2:26 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Barry from Ky, well now it's good afternoon. I hope you have noted the sermon I highlighted, The Inadequacy of Moralism. I forgot something that Gil had mentioned which is at the beginning of the sermon, and that for 5 or 7 years 501c Church ministers were free to comment on candidates as much as they want and suffer no wraith from the IRS. This means many pastors can now avoid the discussion of Christianity for months (years) at a time. My pastor has avoided politics so it doesn't come to mind in Church.

Barry, like you I haven't seen anyone "on a white horse." Randy is like his father and of course the Canadian Cruz has made himself nuisance enough as a Senator. I don't have to worry about him becoming President, because all the conservatives around here, that he wasn't born in this country, and thus completely ineligible to be President!

The border states can produce good candidates, and will again. Some of the articles in Politico are OK, I have no use for the "New American" which is a John Birch Organization publication, q.v., The Koch brothers, Jekylls Or Hydes?


News Item11/8/13 11:47 AM
GsTexas | Texas  Find all comments by GsTexas
Ted Cruz has a good approval rating right now because he is actively trying to do something to stem the tide of the liberal agenda. However most of the other Republicans capitulate, and never stand up and actually do anything for the liberties of their constituents. That's why they have low approval ratings.

News Item11/8/13 9:52 AM
penelope  Find all comments by penelope
they certainly are fed up, them and most of the rest with contracts, business deals, floating between venture to venture, if they lose their seat, they'll have their promises of wealth to continue, and there will be someone else bought and paid for, most everyone has a price, most everyone, when things get this far its literally being willing to put yourself on the line for the truth, and that requires a right relationship with God...... and that's the way it is until the incompetency just becomes so pathetic, the pot holes in the roads so big, that whoever then runs the markets, be it the Chinese or whoever will repave for their constituents.

I watched a clip the other day of Nancy Pelosi in the 90's introducing agenda 21 to congress.... important to see their mindset, corporations have rghts, but indls brought to cities, then we see foreclosures, end of middle class, wealth pushed up to a few thousand having more than millions, disparity we've never seen, jobless, possible amnesty, do-do-do, right before our very eyes.


News Item11/8/13 7:57 AM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
From the news:
"Republican moderates are “fed up,” according to the story, with plummeting public approval numbers, which they attribute to the “ill-fated” efforts of Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and others to defund ObamaCare, a push that resulted in a so-called government shutdown last month."

The so-called moderates are the Republican establishment, known for being clueless, and going along with every perversity, whether social, political, or economic. Can't wait to see them get fired.


News Item11/8/13 7:26 AM
Barry from KY. | Northern KY  Find all comments by Barry from KY.
Good morning Jim, your and early bird this morning! Interesting article indeed,there is a very serious movement in Ky to 'ditch mitch'. I'm not very enthusiastic about either of Ky's senators. I think Rand Paul is making an unseccessful bid in 2016. He will never make it. However, I don't put my faith in any politician! That would be demo or repub. Neither party represents my views or beliefs, regardless what John Y says about the republican party!!!
Regardless, this should be a very interesting election cycle!

News Item11/8/13 2:23 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
The "Politico" article referenced in the one that SA put up was interesting as is also this one, and I would add that the infamous T. Paine was that for his atheism When it cones to politics it pays to remember, The Inadequacy of Moralism.
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