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APR 27, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  4/27/2017
TUESDAY, NOV 5, 2013  |  14 comments
Christian homeschoolers receive maximum jail time for death of child

In Washington state a Christian homeschooling couple received maximum prison sentences allowable under the law after being found guilty of beating and starving their adopted daughter to death in accord with Biblical based parenting techniques.

Superior Court Judge Susan Cook showed no mercy to Larry and Carri Williams, found guilty of causing the tragic death of their adopted daughter, Hana, by using Biblical based parenting techniques found in the controversial child-rearing book, To Train up a Child, by Michael and Debi Pearl.

Cook sentenced Carri Williams to 37 years in prison. Her husband Larry, convicted of lesser charges, was sentenced to just under 28 years. Both terms are well above the standard sentencing range. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item11/10/13 7:20 AM
JooJoo | USA  Find all comments by JooJoo
Penny.....have you tried contacting the Pearls with your concerns? I do not want to speak for them but I have heard them say their writings are not a template for all situations! .....Penny, thanks for asking The Lord to give ME wisedom.....I do need it!

News Item11/9/13 3:36 PM
John Beechy  Find all comments by John Beechy
Too sad. Even I got deceived for a little while with this false doctrine of hitting children. Maybe the fools who hit children need a few good rods ON THE BACK!?

News Item11/9/13 9:23 AM
penny  Find all comments by penny
joojoo, yes, I've read through the baby one and it went against my understanding of the human body. for instance, when a baby is weak it takes longer to be fed, that extra time is necessary. what happens when this is not done, baby is malnourished, unhappy and the mom ends up not having enough for the baby and goes to the bottle. Yes, there is sin in the world, but from the womb they've got the baby as "sinner", even spanking babies! ahhh! when a baby is fussy, feeding them actually has a soothing effect. that is not evil, that is what God designed. there is a reason why mothers are made to be patient and gentle.

I'm sorry you've been disappointd, there's probably some good things in there and you probably are a consciencious person, and may the Lord continue to give you wisdom.

do you think the people in this story followed their advice? do they ever take into account the wretched effect of some foods and chemicals have on kids behavior these days? shall we apply the same means to alzheimers patients? compare alzheimers and autism, much of the same problems, different time on spectrum of life. we really going to keep pretending the issues are imaginary? and all the eugenicists have to deal with it is give them psychotropic drugs..... docs saying its too much!


News Item11/9/13 8:54 AM
JooJoo | USA  Find all comments by JooJoo
Penny, have you read actually read the book? I happened to be at a conference once where the Pearls were at...crowd was filled with people who had "heard" about the Pearls. The Pearls stayed after the session and talked to everyone and answered all questions. I just sat and listened.... Say what you will but if there is something you disagree with I would challenge you to contact them.

News Item11/8/13 11:55 AM
katteker | ON Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by katteker
Obviously, Those parents are not christians, and that book should be re-named "Devilish Teaching"! Kudo's to this judge, for hopefully, such judgments may curtail muslims to apply their WICKED shariah laws!

News Item11/7/13 9:23 AM
penny  Find all comments by penny
joojoo, the list of stories coming from babywise itself is astounding... I've known people who showed me their stuff and it seemed more like pitting the needs of baby against parent, making the parent turn physical needs of child as discipline problem..... the outcome is what happened to the young lady who is no longer with us.

this is not biblical.

not all babies sleep through the night and many need more time with their mom, in fact the more time the better. as much as we like to throw plastic stuff at them (or in the case above on them), this is what should be passed on, there was a time when patience and understanding were considered female motherly traits to be cherished, now this lady comes and because she has a medical background gives behavioral advice that affects the medical health of the baby..... I remember years ago seeing lists of babies who died, if moms want this kind of thing, it would be better to just give them a bottle and send them to daycare.... that'll show those babies????

in another few years this will come around again, as long as the book endures, so will the awful stories.


News Item11/7/13 5:48 AM
Joojoo | Usa  Find all comments by Joojoo
I have read the Pearls books and have met them in person....are they perfect? No! You can say what you will about the Pearls but one thing they emphasize is knowing Gods Word! In other words, study the scriptures and show yourself approved and don't just follow someone else's teaching blindly! We as Christians should make sure we have all the facts before racking our Brothers over the coals before the whole world!

News Item11/5/13 10:59 PM
Ryan | NH  Find all comments by Ryan
The arcticle was kind of misleading to say the least. It makes it out like the parents were upholding the teaching of the Word of God by what they did. They didn't even give us specifics on what they did to her.

News Item11/5/13 3:07 PM
TT | TN  Find all comments by TT
As a Christian, a homeschooler, and an adoptive parent, I also was disheartened and angered to see Scripture twisted in using it to describe the torture that these people put this child through. How about this quote from the article: "Hana was beaten and starved as part of a regimen of corporal punishment subscribed to by many Christian homeschoolers and other Christian fundamentalists."

Have some who claim to Christians forgotten that "discipline" is the same word as "disciple;" the meaning of those words is "student." Some seem to think it means little more than spanking and punishing, and to these people torture! That's not discipline; discipline is training up a child in the way they should go, being taught in the ways of the Lord; not being treated less than an animal.


News Item11/5/13 2:02 PM
Carder  Find all comments by Carder
Another evil event created by Satan who also wrote the article to deceive by calling them quote, "Biblical based parenting techniques."

This kind of disinformation feeds into the worldly system with a view to ultimately alienate Scripture and destroy the church.

The reprobates will believe this kind of lies and deception just as they believe in their ignorance that quote "gay" people are being discriminated against.

Satan has control over the worldly the politicians, society in general, education, judiciary and definitely over bureaucracy.

The "Church" in western nations is absent in terms of input into the people.


News Item11/5/13 12:11 PM
Dolores L | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores L
We are to disclpline our children in love not anger. To do so is to teach lessons..not provoke them to anger like Gs said. There is a difference and you don't have to use excessive mearsures to accomplish that. We had a case similiar to that here but they were foster parents. She starved one of them that was 14 yrs. Old and was beaten to death because he was making her lust..they may have been adopted but it was four children in their care but according to the others he was more serverly punished. She got put in prison and the husband given a lighter sentence because he lied to cover for her and did not stop her from the abuse. They also had two biological teen-age girls that covered for her.

News Item11/5/13 10:26 AM
shane | socal  Find all comments by shane
The exact scripture I had in mind Gs

News Item11/5/13 9:20 AM
penny  Find all comments by penny
I agree with GS. that is not a Christian book and it is not biblical and they got what they deserved.

News Item11/5/13 12:55 AM
GsTexas | Texas  Find all comments by GsTexas
This article is misleading in that is repeatedly makes the claim that these beatings, an absurd punishments are Biblical. Torturing your child is not Biblical. Disciplining your child is and there's a difference. There is nothing wrong with spanking or whooping a child, but there is no need to go overboard and beat them.

Ephesians 6:4 And ye fathers, provoke not your children into wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord."

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