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MAY 24, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  5/24/2015
MONDAY, OCT 28, 2013  |  37 comments
Scientist Is Confident Obama Is an Atheist

Author and world-renowned biologist Richard Dawkins said Friday he is confident that President Barack Obama is an atheist.

“Like many people, I’m sure that Obama is an atheist,” Dawkins said. “I’m sure Kennedy was an atheist.”

The comments were made on talk show host Bill Maher’s “Real Time” HBO program before a live studio audience. Maher is also an atheist.

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Interview with Young Atheist
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News Item11/3/13 1:09 AM
Veritas Cafe  Find all comments by Veritas Cafe
Hollande...that was my comtention exactly. He has a faith.. however political gain and power is his God at this time. He will lie and deceive to get whatever he wants.

News Item10/31/13 2:02 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Thomas the doubter

Chris, all Christians should agree what the minimum definition of what a Christian is, "Only Scripture," "Only Christ," "Only Grace," "Only Faith," and "To God Alone Be Glory". When I first came on SA, I was just as surprised as you, that not everyone agreed, will not too surprised, I believe Come Out Of The Catholic Church John Y., was on here (He still hasn't realized that Is the One True Church Roman Catholic? [No!] . He still embraces Satan's Church.


News Item10/30/13 7:39 AM
shane | socal  Find all comments by shane
Christifer 000. Your exactly right. God bless you brother. Have a blessed day!

News Item10/30/13 6:35 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Yes, Shane...I do agree with you and might have misunderstood your initial point. Your last sentence...when I came to the forum, as silly as it sounds, I didn't think Christians fought with one another. I thought everyone pretty much believed the same things and always got along, and was shocked when I began to witness infighting along with some pretty nasty remarks by some who say they are born again. I think this is kind if what you're speaking of? I'm still bothered by it but guess I have got used to it, well, to a degree.

News Item10/29/13 8:28 PM
Thomas the Doubter | Ohio  Find all comments by Thomas the Doubter
News Flash: Richard Dawkins determines that John Yurich is not really christian.

News Item10/29/13 3:46 PM
shane | socal  Find all comments by shane
I wasn't singling anyone out. I have opinions, but... Oh wait, I was just going to give you an opinion. Lol. Look, we are of another country. A heavenly Jerusalem. Let's set our minds on the things above, not the things below. Then, our lives and testimonies do the talking for the building up of the kingdom. I assume we all believe that(if we're on this website). Aren't we to stir each other up to good works? In love.

News Item10/29/13 2:52 PM
William S. Sutherland | Houston, Texas  Find all comments by William S. Sutherland
I stand by my earlier comment. The Impostor from Kenya is a politician who worships at the altar of political power. His books and speeches show that he will use references to Christianity and Islam if it will further his political agenda to destroy America and promote godless globalism. He is NOT to be trusted!

News Item10/29/13 2:34 PM
Lps  Find all comments by Lps
"Author and world-renowned biologist Richard Dawkins said Friday he is confident that President Barack Obama is an atheist"

As a Democrat Obama is naturally a liar.
As a Nominal Christian Obama is a liar.
As a muslim Obama is a liar to covertly enter into American politics.


News Item10/29/13 2:26 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
I would suppose President Obama, as many, if not most? our Presidents practice "practical" Atheism (Sub 4). This of course is not good for his family or himself, but so it is. Unfortunately many liberals no matter what their perceived religion is, still have problems with such things as The Region: Why [No Western leader] can't tame the Islamists. Baby-face Bush's name could have been put in the Western leader spot, since he was a failure at it. He seems to think that the concept of Democracy was some magic wand that could transform the Muhammadans, and it sure doesn't!

So, UPS it's your opinion, that I don't give facts? I assume you're not going to get too upset that I don't agree with you?


News Item10/29/13 1:51 PM
Hollande  Find all comments by Hollande
John Yurich USA wrote:
Don't you think that if Obama was a Muslim again that he would attend a Mosque?
No. That would jeopardise his political position and ambitions.

News Item10/29/13 1:07 PM
GsTexas | Texas  Find all comments by GsTexas
I didn't say he was a practicing muslim, but his sympathies obviously lie more towards Islam than Christianity.I can definitely see him being a closet Muslim.

News Item10/29/13 12:24 PM
Unprofitable Servant | Georgia  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
shane wrote:
I'll tell you what. As Christians, we sure do have a lot of opinions, and opinions turn into quarrels. In the light of eternity, our opinions are fit for the trash can. I say this out of love.
Hey Shane, you do seem to have a disdain for opinions so let me help out. In the realm of politics anything I post here are facts and those who agree with me are factual. Anything Jim from Lincoln posts are opinions and should be relegated as you have said. Hope that clears it up.

News Item10/29/13 12:09 PM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
GsTexas wrote:
Obama constantly refers to the Koran as the "Holy Koran", whereas he refers to the Bible as simply "the Bible."
Don't you think that if Obama was a Muslim again that he would attend a Mosque?

News Item10/29/13 11:40 AM
GsTexas | Texas  Find all comments by GsTexas
Obama constantly refers to the Koran as the "Holy Koran", whereas he refers to the Bible as simply "the Bible."

News Item10/29/13 9:35 AM
John Yurich USA | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich USA
Crissy wrote:
Obama is Muslim that worships satan allah.
There is no evidence that Obama is a Muslim. He was a Muslim until converting to the United Church Of Christ and being Baptized in the United Church Of Christ. Obama never attends a Mosque but instead infrequently attends churches.

News Item10/29/13 8:52 AM
Crissy | Texad  Find all comments by Crissy
Obama is Muslim that worships satan allah.

News Item10/29/13 8:15 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
"Ancient"...joking, of course...

News Item10/29/13 7:47 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
...They're like, "instead of talking about all of this, go out and do something about it. Well, nobody knows what these people do with the other 23 hours of their days.

News Item10/29/13 7:46 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Shane and Dorothy, personally, I think it's healthy to discuss the issues of the times, especially as they can be related to the Bible. Yes, the conversations can go south at times, but people are people so it will happen. Many minds with many opinions can stir the pot up pretty good at times, but for many, it's a learning experience and a release.
To me, I don't see how the discussions on this forum are any different than those that anyone else has while riding together in a car, having lunch, taking a walk through a park, or wherever. Do you see the conflict?
Most of these people are ancient so it's a choice of discussing current issues, or God's word which often results in learning or teaching something, or playing yet another game of bingo to try and win that ever elusive three dollar jackpot along with a bonus bright green knitted scarf that nobody ever claimed from the lost and found basket.
Anyway, I've learned quite a bit thanks to the biblically mature people who post here so I would say that God is using them and I'm glad I found the forum when I did. You know, I think some tend to think that posting here is all people do with their time and I can never understand how anyone arrives at that thought. They're like, "instead of talking about all of this, go ou

News Item10/28/13 11:22 PM
shane | socal  Find all comments by shane
I'll tell you what. As Christians, we sure do have a lot of opinions, and opinions turn into quarrels. In the light of eternity, our opinions are fit for the trash can. I say this out of love.
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