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AUG 31, 2014
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FRONT PAGE  |  8/31/2014
TUESDAY, AUG 13, 2013  |  15 comments
I Deeply Regret My Abortions and Will Be a Voice for My Babies Now

It deeply saddens me when I receive unloving comments, from those who claim to be pro-life, about the abortion I had as a teenager. The way our society often causes post-abortive women to feel grieves my heart.

Many women (and men) carry the secret of a past abortion for decades because it is a forbidden topic of grief that cripples many with shame and guilt. They suffer in silence because they are terrified of what people might say or think of them, since it was, after all, their choice. Quite frankly, a woman who has had an abortion is often portrayed as one unworthy of love and forgiveness.

I am here to tell you that many women, including me, regret our “choice” and wish with our entire beings we could undo it.

On one hand, many in our society are busy telling women that having an abortion is the easy solution to their problem of unintended pregnancy – it is their choice and no big deal. ...

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News Item8/14/13 11:06 AM
Angela Wittman | SW Illinois  Find all comments by Angela Wittman
In my experience as a pro-life activist (20+ years), we always rejoice when a woman changes her mind regarding aborting her child. And this holds true whether it is standing on the sidewalk in front of an abortuary or volunteering at a pregnancy resource center. Plus, many of the pro-life women have previously aborted and frankly are the strongest voices calling out to women to change their minds. They certainly wouldn't condemn anyone who had also aborted in the past. I think it is more an extremely small minority of pro-lifers who judge or condemn post abortive women - not the majority. They want to spare the woman heartache or needless pain from an abortion. Also, I am of the mind that one does not need to share their past with others - especially if you feel pressured or uncomfortable doing so. Seek your peace from Christ through prayer and His Word. And as I stated earlier, seek out a Christian nouthetic (still not sure about the spelling) counselor.

News Item8/14/13 7:14 AM
Dawn | FL  Find all comments by Dawn
Perhaps more teaching on abstinence is what is needed. Abortion is a lie that deceives so many woman (and men.) We live in an instant gratification world, and sex for pleasure is so accessible. "Unwanted pregnancies" would be cut by a large margin if more people practiced abstinence. The lie that an abortion is the cure for unwanted pregnancies rather than saving your purity for the one God chose for you is what is pushed in this Satanic controlled world we live in. Blaming Christians for their pompous response to sin isn't going to change the fact that men and women are engaging in activities that are not healthy, nor age appropriate. 19 and 2 abortions is a sad state that so many women find themselves in. We must teach our children how special our bodies are, and how we must respect them as well as the bodies of others.

News Item8/13/13 10:37 PM
Dolores L | Texas  Find all comments by Dolores L
I will never forget a woman that was on a local Christian Church broadcast that the pastor wanted her to speak on her abortion. Like this woman she was now against it..regreted what she did and was now trying to make women aware of the consquences of that cholce to abort their baby. She said the women were allsitting around in a room waiting their turn. They were laughing,talking and carefree about the whole thing..later they were together again after the abortion. They were quieter..some crying..heads down with their hair pulled down hiding their face. My church supports the pro life home in our town for those women who choose to not abort and a shower is given for those who choose to keep their babies by the Women's Ministry. No condemation just love poured out and a helping hand for those who need it.

News Item8/13/13 10:23 PM
Angela Wittman | SW Illinois  Find all comments by Angela Wittman
Dear MS,
I was not raised in a godly home and didn't attend church regularly as a child, and I've never felt as though I was looked down upon by any Christians since receiving Christ as an adult. Instead I was warmly welcomed in the body of Christ and gently instructed how to live the Christian life. Of course I've had my share of disappointments and have had to search out truth. I just can't imagine true Christians treating others as you and the author of this article describe. I think that if you find people acting like this in a church, you should look for another one because they aren't acting like sanctified people.
In response to Walter: the caller into the radio program probably isn't born again. Please don't confuse Christian pro-lifers with unregenerate people. Why should a Christian be embarrassed because an unregenerate person calls into a radio talk show and says something stupid?

News Item8/13/13 8:33 PM
Walter | Alabama  Find all comments by Walter
The State of Alabama closed an abortion clinic in Birmingham last week. In the local talk radio chatter a Pharisee called in expressing his thanks to God for the closing and then added this " now maybe the whores can't continue their promiscuous lifestyles ." The talk show host rationally and calmly sliced him to pieces by pointing out that he was pushing away the very people that the Church should be seeking out with it's message of forgiveness and hope. This Pharisee embarrassed any Christian listening that morning.

News Item8/13/13 5:40 PM
MS  Find all comments by MS
Yes Angela I do see your point.
My experience has been .....that those of us who were not raised in Godly homes or attended church....have been seen as not quite hitting the mark or looked down upon.
Even though we are gloriously saved by Gods grace now there is still that Pharisee attitude in SOME Christans and that is what I was addressing.
May God deliver me and others from such an attitude!
For what do I have that I have not been given.

News Item8/13/13 4:45 PM
Angela Wittman | SW Illinois  Find all comments by Angela Wittman
Perhaps I should elaborate a bit more on my comment: We are ALL sinners in need of mercy, grace and forgiveness. I know of NO Christian who condemns a woman for prenatal child-killing before their conversion to Christ. But we also cannot undermine the slaughter of innocent children by being afraid to speak the truth because it might offend a woman who had an abortion before coming to Christ. I suggest women who struggle with their past immerse themselves in the Word of God and if possible, seek out a Christian or LCMS post-abortion counselor who is familiar with nouthetic (SP?) counseling like Jay Adams. Also, I advise you to listen to Kevin Swanson's latest program on this: Why Christians Get Abortions and Divorces - Abortion in the Early Church -

News Item8/13/13 3:02 PM
L.Hutham | Fg  Find all comments by L.Hutham
"Yes, abortion is murder, but without minimizing that truth, we must distinguish between the devastating act itself, and the woman who allows the act to be performed on her unborn child"

The realisation of sin should bring the person to their knees begging for repentance and forgiveness. That knowledge should also bring the person to judge themselves more harshly than any other person, regardless of how they judge you and regardless of what they call you.

No Christian ever stops being a sinner in this life. If there are "Christians" out there who judge you for your actions, and call you names, then pray for them and forgive them. They need your help.

Matt 6:14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: 15 But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.


News Item8/13/13 2:56 PM
Anne | The Wild West  Find all comments by Anne
Josephine, I did the same thing. Like you, I regret to my soul ever taking contraceptives. I agree that those women who go into abortion clinics know they are killing their babies - even the young lady in the article says that. But there is always, always room for God's forgiveness in their and our lives as He gives.

Great verse MS!! You're quite right - Christians often forget God's flock is made of sinners who sometimes hit ugly places. More glory to Him then for His saving their souls!


News Item8/13/13 2:42 PM
MS  Find all comments by MS
Also....sadly to say many Christians shoot their own wounded!

News Item8/13/13 2:32 PM
MS  Find all comments by MS
I think many of us Josephine can relate to your post. My experience in my early days of marriage was similar as I was not a Christian.
Praise God for His mercy and grace and forgiveness through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ!
My life verse.
"All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out".
John 6:37.

News Item8/13/13 2:16 PM
Josephine | Jessup, SC  Find all comments by Josephine
When I was newly married, before I looked deep into birth control pills and what they do exactly, I took them. Later, with the advice of a Christian doctor, began investigating further what these abortion-inducing pills do. But that was three years into our marriage. So who knows how many of my children I destroyed. What's the difference between what I did and these other women? Good thing God is gracious because many of us obviously cannot count on any grace and forgiveness from our sisters and brothers in Christ. I think most people speak ignorantly and before they account for the fact that a righteouse God is offended by all sin, "big and small" alike.

News Item8/13/13 11:17 AM
Angela Wittman | SW Illinois  Find all comments by Angela Wittman
Hey folks, We've all sinned, but the reality is most folks (unless they are children) know within their hearts that they are taking a life. I don't think this article really helps the cause. I spent too many years standing in front of abortuaries begging parents to spare the life of their unborn child; they know what they are doing. As long as we continue to emphasize the humanity of the child, we'll win this war.

News Item8/13/13 10:07 AM
Saved Lady | Texas  Find all comments by Saved Lady
What a testimony! Brought tears to my eyes; how God cares for us even when we committ a "big" transgression, a horrid sin. He still doesn't throw the stone when we most deserve it.

News Item8/13/13 1:39 AM
Nityananda | New York  Find all comments by Nityananda
Amen, Sister. I see a heart of repentance as I read this. I'm just sorry that certain pro-lifers think it necessary to twist the knife inside of you. Just know that what they are doing is not approved of by the God of the Bible.
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