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OCT 25, 2014
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FRONT PAGE  |  10/25/2014
THURSDAY, JAN 24, 2013  |  23 comments  |  1 commentary
Hymn-Singing Christians Hospitalized After Being Pepper-Sprayed at Mississippi’s Last Abortion Mill
Three Christians in Mississippi were hospitalized this morning after being incapacitated with pepper spray by a guard as they sang hymns outside of the last abortion facility in the state.

The incident took place at approximately 8:30 this morning as the Christians stood on the public sidewalk outside of Jackson Women’s Health Organization in the state capital. As previously reported, the location, being the last abortion facility in Mississippi, may possibly close this year as it is unable to comply with state law.

Cal Zastrow, one of the men that was struck by the pepper spray this morning, told Christian News Network that the guard, Roy Benjamin, did not want the Christians anywhere near the facility. ...

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Tony Miano | Pulpit and Streets
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News Item1/28/13 5:51 PM
jpw  Find all comments by jpw
Mid East, I'm not a brother, but rest I can agree with. If someone mentions the common use of depleted uranium in Iq, which has been a widespread concern for many with health issues and the military team all dying of cancer, etc...... does not make them pro - Muhmd! it makes them human. and I would have to ask back, for those who put themselves above the mus's and say they are morally superior, how they could be with such apathy.

News Item1/28/13 7:47 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Hey, Mid East, I was actually directing that at someone else and didn't really mean to refer to you personally. I had stopped by after reading a post in another thread where someone tried to cut me down so I was already a bit on edge before reading the exchanges here. Sometimes I tend to come off as if I've been here forever. The fact of the matter is that I'm fairly new and most of the others have been here for years. I was pretty much speaking to the one I mentioned as well as a very small handfull of others who just love to cause conflict under ever changing screen names, yet claim to be Christians...lofty, sarcastic, combative Christians, that is.

Hope you have a great day, Mid East!


News Item1/27/13 5:02 PM
Mid East roots | Dearborn  Find all comments by Mid East roots
If I have Hurt or offended paprika or anyone else I apologize. I am no better than the next person. I don't claim to know everything, if I did I would be in heaven . I have struggles just like everyone else. It just shows just how much I need Jesus . I am sorry paprika. I would like to start over on a better note. You have every right to dislike me. I deserve it. I respect your comment and correction of me as we'll. God bless you and mr Chris from Rhode Island . I'd rather be friends than have enemies. I humble myself and ask for your forgiveness

News Item1/27/13 2:50 PM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Well, now that I'm more awake...maybe I should not have been quite so honest...maybe I was being a bit "prickly" this AM over another post.

News Item1/27/13 8:13 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
...But as with every board, you get those who are prickly, combative, and love to hide behind ever changing screen names. Fortunately though, we have very few of those, and quite honestly, they are really not all that intelligent, but they try.

News Item1/27/13 8:10 AM
Christopher000 | Rhode Island  Find all comments by Christopher000
Hi Paprika...welcome to the board. You as well, Mid East roots. We're human beings and sometimes we just misunderstand each other. Other times, we just see things differently. For every man, woman, and child, there will be a difference of opinion. You'll notice in my posts that I have a lot of different opinions that get me in hot water at times. Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm wrong, and other times, I'm just not sure. Once in a while someone will intentionally try to cut me down and make me look like a fool, but that's when I hit hard and turn the tables on them. Some people try to make themselves feel better by chopping away at others with useless, nonscensical trash that they think is profound in some usually isn't. I guess my point is that we should all stand up for ourselves when these people make their venomous rounds because this board has lost many due to the fact that their skin was a bit too thin.
What the heck am I talking about and why did I post this...who knows...ha-ha.
I guess I just don't want to lose anyone else because they got their feelings hurt, and signed off forever instead of giving the perpetrators a healthy dose of their own medicine.
This board has some great people. Mature, caring, instructive, and polite. But with every boa

News Item1/26/13 1:33 PM
paprika  Find all comments by paprika
Mid East roots wrote:
Yes paprika got it wrong. We left Algeria because they slaughter Christian's . Let paprika go where I came from and try to defend Arabs . When they find out she or he is not a Muslim that will be the end of paprika. Don't sit here and defend those who would slit your throat. And being arrogant and blasphemous . You probably not from Middle East. Islam is no peace.
Utter nonsense, I did not act in anyway as an apologist for the evils of Islam.

As Christians we OUGHT to defend widows and orphans whoever they may be - without partiality. I am sorry to read that you have descended to the base levels of Islam for your standard of ethics. Despite this, you imply that you are a Christian:
are you a convert from Islam?
or do you come from a historic "Christian Community"?


News Item1/26/13 11:08 AM
Mid East roots | Dearborn  Find all comments by Mid East roots
Jpw , you are right. Thank you for welcoming me. God bless you brother

News Item1/26/13 11:00 AM
jpw  Find all comments by jpw
mid east roots -- the propensity to do evil is in all of us. Praise to Christ that forgives us and sets us free to a new life and redemption. welcome aboard.

News Item1/26/13 10:44 AM
Mid East roots | Dearborn  Find all comments by Mid East roots
We've gotten off track here . This story us about Christians in America starting to get persecuted. Not drone strikes . Did anyone one here cause these drone strikes? I think not, so those who have issue with drone strikes should be contacting the government to complain instead of taking it out in fellow posters on this application. I'm new on this and so many people on all these stories go way off track. If you support Islam , then maybe you don't belong on here, CNN or msnbc might be for you.

News Item1/26/13 10:17 AM
Mid East roots | Dearborn  Find all comments by Mid East roots
I don't know jpw. I'm open to suggestion. I guess pray for the Lords mercy and for Him to intervene in this madness . Nice talking to you. God bless

News Item1/26/13 10:14 AM
jpw  Find all comments by jpw
ahh from dearborn, that's in america, isn't it? what are we going to do about our own policies? you see, islm is also at wore with itself and darwin always is by his very nature (his cousin created eugenics and people tend to not like to be on the receiving end of their great intellectual endeavors). the Christian runs to darwin to save himself from Muh and finds them both eating supper together.

taking on the spirit of muh to weaken muh actually builds his temporary kingdom.

for those losing their lives "over there", its not those crazies (fictional term created to villify millions of people at once) but bystanders, Christians, etc. this, oddly enough, doesn't make darwin "safe" and "secure". watching moderate nations be invaded and turn to this world wide jihad movement and consequently turning on massive, extreme Christian persecution in those lands, while darwin over here says "job accomplished" does not sound so sweet. can we expect anything different here?

for every nation that was once moderate that is now in the hands of extreme jihadists who torture Christians, I think to myself, do not the conservatives know that the "bad guys" are rejoicing over what happened, all the while mom and pop fly their flag and rejoice over the same event?


News Item1/26/13 9:10 AM
Mid East roots | Dearborn  Find all comments by Mid East roots
Yes paprika got it wrong. We left Algeria because they slaughter Christian's . Let paprika go where I came from and try to defend Arabs . When they find out she or he is not a Muslim that will be the end of paprika. Don't sit here and defend those who would slit your throat. And being arrogant and blasphemous . You probably not from Middle East. Islam is no peace.

News Item1/26/13 8:17 AM
cause for alarm  Find all comments by cause for alarm
Stick to the storyline

News Item1/26/13 8:17 AM
cause for alarm  Find all comments by cause for alarm
And im nobodys rabbi. Im no better than the next person. You are out of line.

News Item1/26/13 8:16 AM
cause for alarm  Find all comments by cause for alarm
The comment wasnt rabid. Sobstop looking for arguments and excuses

News Item1/25/13 11:17 PM
paprika  Find all comments by paprika
Oh no, I knew your comment was rabid. I prefer Jesus as my rabbi rather than you.

News Item1/25/13 10:34 PM
Cause for alarm  Find all comments by Cause for alarm
As usual you're another one paprika who missed the whole point of the comment

News Item1/25/13 1:02 PM
jpw  Find all comments by jpw
US -- actually no, Muslems did not drop DU all over Iraq.

and paprika is correct, DU affects all who are exposed to it. (not just bad guys) in fact, by typing this into a search and using image function, within seconds could see all the pictures of deformities..... iraq

a nation who deforms its own children, (see article) but we are so moral.

its called turning up the organ music.


News Item1/24/13 6:54 PM
Unprofitable Servant | Georgia  Find all comments by Unprofitable Servant
Wait you forgot to say they suffer by being blown up by bombs put in vest that they are wearing. Also, they suffer from airplanes that are crashed into large buildings that they are flying. Plus for shooting at enemy combatants sometimes brings return fire their direction.
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