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MAR 27, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  3/27/2015
SATURDAY, APR 28, 2012  |  13 comments
Baptist Leader: ‘We Are Guilty of Our Own Form of Homophobia’
Mohler said congregations with lax membership standards will especially get a wake-up call. “People who say ‘we don’t really need church discipline,’ well a lot of people are going to be convinced to the contrary in short order.”

Mohler said churches have erred by viewing sexual sin as a problem for people “out there” while failing to acknowledge that in their own power everybody’s sexuality is “broken” in some way, and by responding to homosexuality with ridicule and scorn rather than biblically.

“I’ve gotten in a little bit of trouble for people deliberately misconstruing my words, but I’m going to repeat them again,” Mohler said. “We are guilty of our own form of homophobia. We are guilty of our own form of ridiculing rather than acting with redemption.” ...

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News Item5/4/12 10:21 PM
Bib Logic  Find all comments by Bib Logic
It is true that homosexuality is a sin but it is a sin and a major crime for a pastor such as Chuck Phelps to protect a Rapist and cover up a crime of rape. What kind of credability does someone like Chuck Phelps or BJU have now? NONE! Why because one is doing a crime like protecting a now convicted rapist, Chuck Phleps and BJU wanted Chuck to teach of all things Church Discipline and become a member of BJU's board.

This is so hypocrital and sic. How can we let people know about the love of Jesus that paid for all sin and we are all worthy of hell and why would a saved person look down and trash a person living in any sin instead of doing our best to show them the love of Christ. We, that are saved already know what a sin is and that only the blood of Christ can cover sin. People that are in any sin jsut need to be covered by the blood of Christ.

But then you have the Religious Pharasees Like Chuck Phelps that Lied to his own church and covered up a rape and trashed the little raped girl, Tina Anderson & BJU has the gull to invite chuck Phelps to teach ethics at BJU when Chuck also lied and mislead people about the rape as if the rapist just had an afair & Tina got preganant by some kid. So a rapist ran free in his church for 7 years. Chuck Phelps & BJU are wicked


News Item4/29/12 6:32 PM
OP | wisconsin  Find all comments by OP
Mohler speaks of foolishness, in my opinion all throughout this article. The bottom line is that homosexuality is a sin, an abomination and Christians should continue to address it as such. Romans 1.

News Item4/29/12 3:10 AM
Mark M. | The UAE  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mark M.
These articles come up quite a lot because we as a nation continue to get more liberal in our views. I believe that God, although intolerant of all sins, can see our hearts. He knows the difference between someone who is tempted/trapped in the lifestyle and wants forgiveness and help to overcome it and someone who isn't looking for forgiveness, but acceptance and even celebration of the behavior. There is a big difference between those two positions even if they are both engaged in the same sin.

News Item4/28/12 4:18 PM
Sam B. | Missouri  Find all comments by Sam B.
It is understandable why homosexuality has been treated somewhat differently in churches than other sins-- because it involves such a shocking reversal of the created order. We rightly blush when we see images on television of two men or women kissing or locked in a passionate embrace. It is understandable why people are embarassed to admit being tempted to homosexuality in the way people admit being tempted to gluttony or laziness. However, it is important to encourage those struggling with same-sex attraction to point out that the Bible always defines people in terms of the lifestyle they choose, not the temptations they experience. A drunkard is not someone who is tempted to drunkenness, but someone who actually does drink to excess. A fornicator is not someone who is tempted to commit fornication, but someone who actually gives himself to sexual impurity in thought or deed. Likewise, a homosexual is not someone who struggles with same-sex attraction, but someone who actually embraces a homosexual lifestyle. If a person who is struggling with same-sex attraction habitually rejects the temptation to engage in homosexual acts or fantasies, he or she is not a homosexual, for they are rejecting the lifestyle.

News Item4/28/12 2:57 PM
lexeme  Find all comments by lexeme
jj33 wrote:
How does one find his way in such a day? It seems to me the best way is to separate from those who will not.

Spooky days indeed.

Don't be spooked.
Join the "Separatist Church"

sep·a·ra·tist noun
1. a person who separates, withdraws, or secedes, as from an established church.
2. an advocate of separation, especially ecclesiastical or political separation.

We meet sparately of course all over the place.

"Separatist, also called Independent, any of the English Christians in the 16th and 17th centuries who wished to separate from the Church of England and form independent local churches. They were eventually called Congregationalists. Separatists were most influential politically in England during the time of the Commonwealth (1649–60) under Oliver Cromwell, the lord protector, who was himself a Separatist. Subsequently, they survived repression and gradually became an important religious minority in England.

One group of Separatists left England for Holland in 1608, and in 1620 some of them, the Pilgrims, settled at Plymouth, Massachusetts. The Plymouth Separatists cooperated with the Puritans (nonseparating Independents) who settled Massachusetts Bay" (Brit. Encyclopedia


News Item4/28/12 2:54 PM
jpw  Find all comments by jpw
I think there's a lot of people out there who know their sexuality is sinful.......and also hear of Christ and see that He was a man without hypocrisy, they may have questions about Christ's diety and how they can be forgiven.......but they do not gravitate towards the organized church because the people they meet from these churches are so focused on global adventures and evening the score with the ME and all, that they see a lot of hypocrisy.

The believer is an ambassador for Christ, and if we live that out, we will be more available to people when they want out of the world's traps.

Mohler, who I have respect for, is not going to win over those in "alternative" lifestyles by softening the language and throwing just war theory out the door. By remaining silent about groping of weak and small at airports while the ethicists push reform for chickens in the south. (the ACLU is farther along on how did that happen?)

When people see that the church has respect for the common man, the whole fascist green earth anti-familiy movement will look less appealing. Now that's what loving your neighbor might mean. That's my two cents. Good day everyone.


News Item4/28/12 2:41 PM
jj33  Protected NameFind all comments by jj33
These are Confusing days. I can relate to Kenny. Every time I have followed a celebrity preacher I have gone wrong. I was a big fan of Piper for many years. But my eyes are open now. Piper indorses non-evangelicals like C.S. Lewis, Billy Graham and Rick Warren. Al Mohler is in the same denomination as Rick Warren. Is the SBC apostate? Is it ok to stay in? All this is confusing if you try and put a good construction on it.

How does one find his way in such a day? It seems to me the best way is to separate from those who will not. This is the simple way.

On the other hand I have no desire to assert that the likes of Piper, Moler, J-Mac, and RC are lost. I do fear for them greatly, but for me the best path is to no longer listen to them or to recommend them.

Spooky days indeed.


News Item4/28/12 11:52 AM
theWayPA | Pennsylvania  Find all comments by theWayPA
kenny wrote:
Why does anybody care what Al Mohler says, thinks or does? Why does Al Mohler feel compelled to comment on everything […]? WHO CARES? Same goes for Rick Warren, John Piper, RC Sproul, Rob Bell or anybody else. Who are they? It's crystal clear on God's opinion of sodomites and His is the only one that counts. I can assure you that He doesn't want them mingling among His elect.
Maybe because Al Mohler is a respected and godly brother and elder in the faith, and we may not agree with everything anyone says, they are worth listening to. So, we shouldn't listen to him, but we should listen to you? Sounds a little like a double-standard to me.
"Mingling among his elect?" Wow, yeah, you might catch the homosexual too! Give me a break, they need Jesus and are lost in sin like everyone else. I like how you call them "sodomites" too and seem to conveniently forget they are HUMAN BEINGS created IMAGO DEI and they need dignity just like everyone else (BTW, that is an interpretation of the text as well, so we should listen to you but not the "silly one" Dr. Mohler). And how thoughtful is it for you to group Mohler and Piper together with Rob Bell, a blatant heretic! Study only the Bible (and whatever kenny says, since everyone but him is irrel

News Item4/28/12 11:24 AM
kenny | marietta, georgia  Find all comments by kenny
Why does anybody care what Al Mohler says, thinks or does? Why does Al Mohler feel compelled to comment on everything and why does the whole world seem to be so interested? WHO CARES? Same goes for Rick Warren, John Piper, RC Sproul, Rob Bell or anybody else. Who are they? What makes their opinion so important? How on earth did I get along for 50 years without hearing what silly Al Mohler thinks about something? Good grief. Study your Bible. It's crystal clear on God's opinion of sodomites and His is the only one that counts. I can assure you that He doesn't want them mingling among His elect. Al Mohler and his opinion are both irrelevant.

News Item4/28/12 11:21 AM
Aservant2  Find all comments by Aservant2
"Homophobia" What does that word exist for? It is an invented word which is used today to identify a person who rejects sin and seeks to tell people about sin.

"Homo" - Means "Same" in Greek.
"Phobia" Means "fear" in Greek.
Therefore "Fear of the same" ???
Doesn't make any sense does it?

An invented term for an invented purpose - ie to validate a change in moral attitude towards what God calls an abomination. Lev 18:22. Just as the way which the word "gay" today is used as a lie the term "homophobia" is also deceit!

As for the term used by Mohler here "gay-marriage" not only is it an oxymoron but it is also a lie a deceiving term in itself.

And who is the father of lies?

So how do we deal with "homophobia"?
"SinPhobia" is Christian thinking and not deceiving. And for the Bible believer is a more appropriate reality and truth. Fearing sin we tell people the truth regardless of the personal sins they live with. And the truth is the Word of God and the Law of God.

Romans chapter one teaches us that the wrath of God is God's response to sodomy, which is just one sin in many which God will and does respond to by His wrath. Rom 1:18-32.


News Item4/28/12 8:36 AM
Not the Dr. | West Virginia  Find all comments by Not the Dr.
ami wrote:
“Well, they know good-and-well they didn’t choose it [homosexuality],” he said. “The problem is this is how they’ve [homosexuals] come to know themselves. Do we tell them that’s because of Genesis 3, or do we tell them it’s just because that’s who they are and they need to celebrate it?”
-Dr. Albert Mohler
What is Dr. Albert Mohler saying here?

News Item4/28/12 3:46 AM
Mark M. | The UAE  Contact via emailFind all comments by Mark M.
I don't know about Mohler or the perception of him on this site, but I did agree with some of the things that he said. Homosexuals are sinners the same as any one of us. This sin is particularly disgusting for most of us, and the Bible does call this sin an abomination to God. If God makes a special note about what He hates, it's a good idea that we don't condone nor celebrate the activity in church.

It's a very dangerous thing to do, and it's one of the reasons why we have so much confusion today. Actual Bible believing Christians are being led astray because they have been fed this lie that they are the ones showing hatred when in reality they are standing up for demonstrable Biblical principles. Men calling what is good, evil and calling what is an abomination, good is one of the signs of the end times, so I guess we should be happy.

Christian accountability on this issue, if any, is in our attitude toward the people. Here is where I agree with Mohler, or at least I think I do. Many of us, I know I do, tease and make little jokes about homosexuality. It's true and we shouldn't do it. Also, we shouldn't be so proud. If we're not struggling with this sin, and thank God I'm not, there are plenty of others that do have our number.


News Item4/28/12 12:27 AM
ami  Find all comments by ami
“Well, they know good-and-well they didn’t choose it [homosexuality],” he said. “The problem is this is how they’ve [homosexuals] come to know themselves. Do we tell them that’s because of Genesis 3, or do we tell them it’s just because that’s who they are and they need to celebrate it?”
-Dr. Albert Mohler
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