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SEP 20, 2014
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FRONT PAGE  |  9/20/2014
TUESDAY, JUL 1, 2008  |  16 comments
Pope, Orthodox leader appeal for Christian unity
VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I renewed their appeals for Christian unity on Sunday during a Mass in St. Peter's Basilica.

Benedict led the ceremony alongside the leader of the world's 250 million Orthodox Christians and expressed the "common hope of seeing the day of unity draw near."

During the ceremony Benedict bestowed the pallium, or a woolen shawl, on 40 archbishops from around the world to symbolize their bond with the Vatican. One by one the archbishops, wearing crimson vestments, knelt before the pope to receive the shawl and the pontiff's embrace. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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   09/20/14  |  Cop defies order to 'celebrate' Islam • 4 comments
   09/20/14  |  17th Century Bible is Helping to Revive a Native-American... • 6 comments
   09/20/14  |  Researchers rekindle vaccine-autism debate • 13 comments

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News Item7/8/08 11:00 PM
Dan | Tennessee  Find all comments by Dan
Thanks, Mouse Tapper. I've printed it so I can have some good bedtime reading.

News Item7/8/08 10:37 AM
Mouse Tapper  Find all comments by Mouse Tapper
Dan wrote:
Good stuff, Retronym. What is the reference for that quote? I might want to read the whole thing.
Its an excellent article from Lloyd-Jones on Ian Paisley's site.....

The Heretical Additions of Roman Catholic Teaching


News Item7/8/08 6:08 AM
Dan | Tennessee  Find all comments by Dan
Good stuff, Retronym. What is the reference for that quote? I might want to read the whole thing.

News Item7/7/08 11:08 AM
Retronym  Find all comments by Retronym
GG wrote:
And by the same token, what is right with the one is often right with the other.
Some good info for you.

"Now this matter is extremely subtle, but our theme is the "subtlety", the "wiles" of the devil. If you really want to know something about subtlety you have to read the literature of the Roman Catholic Church. She can appear to be everything and all things to all men.

You remember that the apostle has told us that it is one of the characteristics of the devil himself that he can transform himself into an angel of light. So can this Church. There is no limit, there is no end to the various "guises" in which she can appear. Here in this country she appears as highly intellectual and encourages her people to read the Bible; in other countries she prohibits their doing so, and is not only not intellectual but deliberately encouraging to superstition. Here she seems to be tolerant, ready to listen and to argue and to concede and to be friendly; in other backward countries she is utterly intolerant, vicious and vile in her persecuting zeal - but still the same body, the same institution, the same people. That is my evidence for saying that this is surely the devil's masterpiece."
(M Lloyd-Jones)


News Item7/6/08 5:59 AM
reason | unplugged  Find all comments by reason
We are living in what the Bible describes as "perilous times" popularly known as the End of the Age (2 Timothy 3:1). Many religions of our world are endeavoring to achieve a false unity at the expense of the Bible's clear teachings. Much of this effort is being implemented through the employment of counterfeit or vague terminology. Words that are given different meanings sound like the truth but in reality are "doctrines of devils", or "doctrines that demons teach" 1 Timothy 4:1

What Saith Rome


News Item7/4/08 2:57 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
John, you're just trying to be amusing (?). What the RCC says on paper and what it actually practices are two different things. The USSR said it was democracy in its constitution and no doubt Zimbabwe does so in its too, but we both know better than that--I would hope. I know it would slight inconvenience to you if you became a Christian, at most you might loose your job, a place to live, contact with family friends. All Catholics who have become Christians may have suffered more. If you think you a The Joy of Witnessing to Catholics then you have no other choice than to Come out of the Catholic Church.. From what you told us, apparently your brother and uncle made something of an attempt to break away from the Romish Church, but you haven't even done that! Have you talked to your family and friends of not only of your desire to live as a Christian but your love for them to live as Christians? Remember The Doctrine of Apostates, a tiny amount of poison kills.

News Item7/3/08 4:18 PM
enough already | usa  Find all comments by enough already
John Y. I get it from the RCC itself, the lawsuits filed because priests have and are molesting young boys, this is a perversion, homosexuality, sodomy. It has been all over the news for quite some time, where have you been?! Your beloved 'church' obviously does NOT adhere to what you say it teaches.

News Item7/3/08 2:32 PM
John Yurich | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich
enough already wrote:
GG, Why do you keep on insisting your sin-riddled 'church' is that of Christ's? Do you think Christ is the head over a denomination which tolerates sodomy & idolatry, just to mention a few?
Where do you come up with this nonsense that the RCC tolerates sodomy? The official RCC teaching is that sodomy is a sin.

News Item7/3/08 2:08 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Oh, Lance, I'm sure that there will be others besides them, to complain about the The Doctrine of Apostates, besides them? I would also think that ‘We Are Church’ battles on despite papal snubs will probably be there as well? Now, I know this group wants women priests, but then since the Roman Catholic Church's priesthood isn't Christian, The Scandal of the Catholic Priesthood, this should be an improvement.

It would be great if would be great to be able to send Mike Gendron, e.g., Come out of the Catholic Church, for a return trip to Australia, since I think you missed him the first time around. I wouldn't mind going back to Australia again myself to pass out such tracts as, Is A Catholic Christian An Oxymoron?, since I had the pleasure of visiting your country on R&R, as part of my fun-filled of Vietnam.


News Item7/2/08 9:06 PM
Lance Eccles | Goulburn NSW  Contact via emailFind all comments by Lance Eccles
Jim Lincoln wrote:
I am pleased to see that there will be protesters when His Unholiness goes to World Youth Day, in Australia.
Glad it makes you so happy, Jim. Perhaps you'd like to come and join all the protesting pro-abortionists, atheists, gay and lesbian activists, promoters of promiscuity (you could help them distribute condoms), and all the rest.

In fact, I'm sure that if any protesters at all turn up, they'll be totally invisible.

And Davey, the filioque isn't much of a problem. In Eastern-rite Catholic churches its inclusion in the Creed is optional.


News Item7/2/08 8:57 PM
enough already | usa  Find all comments by enough already
GG, Why do you keep on insisting your sin-riddled 'church' is that of Christ's? Do you think Christ is the head over a denomination which tolerates sodomy & idolatry, just to mention a few? You do not understand the character of God, He is HOLY, HOLY, HOLY...and does not tolerate ANY sin for the sake of tradition, nor is He pleased with the covering up of such sin. Church, gr. ekklesia-called out ones. This is God calling out of darkness lost sinners EVERYWHERE into the body of Christ, the bride, the church. It is NOT a reference to any one specific denomination.It is a gathering of born again believers from the four corners of the earth, united by faith in Christ, baptized of the Holy Spirit by Christ, changed from the inside out, given a new heart and mind by God {Ezekiel 11;19}. It is heartbreaking to see so many caught up in deception, false teachings, clinging to church doctrine and believing they possess life because of it. BTW, there have been many anti-Christs already, the spirit of the anti-Christ is already at work. Are you willing to lay down your life when the time comes for your faith in Christ? Will you refuse the mark of the beast and face starvation, or possibly being beheaded?

News Item7/2/08 8:00 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
And by the same token, what is right with the one is often right with the other. They are nearly identical sister Churches, it is only fitting that God should begin to join his people together by joining these two sister Churches. T'is a pity there aren't any other Churches to match them in their longevity and faithfulness to Christ's Gospel. Of course there will be protesters against the Pope where ever he goes, wheren't there also Pharisees and demonic spirits where ever Christ taught? When the Anti-Christ comes, Christians will be arrested on all manner of false pretexts. So Jim, you will do your infernal master proud by planning ahead. What is the majority of Protestantism today, but an increasing empty symbol signifying nothing?

News Item7/2/08 2:12 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Hmmm, we can hope that Lance will look at this one,

By the way, Lance, What's So Wrong With The Eastern Orthodox Church?, many of the same things that are wrong with the Roman Catholic Church inflict them both, Reversing the Reformation.

I am pleased to see that there will be protesters when His Unholiness goes to World Youth Day, in Australia. I see they are putting in more stringent laws so the Old Goose Stepper won't get upset. I wonder if they could arrest him for being a nuisance and a hindrance to people?
It was amusing when a priest in Australia compared the carrying a cross around the country, akin to that of the Olympic flame, both symbolic runs of diabolic and tyranically anti-Christian regimes. So a bunch of false leaders got together, one should remember The Scandal of the Catholic Priesthood, no matter if they be Catholic or Orthodox.


News Item7/2/08 1:06 PM
Dan | Tennessee  Find all comments by Dan
Terv Davey,

Maybe that bishop wanting change was a distant relative of Rick Warren. Were the ‘Old Believers’ called resistors? Were they invited to just leave if they couldn’t go with the new ‘paradigm’?




News Item7/2/08 10:21 AM
Tony Borrelli | Syracuse  Find all comments by Tony Borrelli
They knelt down while wearing crimson vestments and had the pope place a woolen shawl on them. How silly! When will people realize that ritual and pageantry mean nothing? Does anyone really believe that God in heaven looks down upon this nonsense and is pleased like someone fascinated by a circus performance? All these grown men prancing around in gorgeous robes like flaming harlequins trying to consolidate their power over the minds of millions who need to hear the pure Gospel of salvation through faith in Christ's atoning work ALONE! How shameful to continue to awe the ignorant and superstitious with such displays. How like the Pharisees who laid heavy burdens upon men and lifted not a finger of their own, and were condemned by Christ for it. Where is the humility? Where is the cross bearing? How can they claim to be examples of Christ who had no home, no place to rest His sacred head, nothing but the clothes on His back, and fed by devout followers who had little for themselves? Shame, shame, shame on this joint display of pride, avarice and filthy lucre!

News Item7/2/08 6:59 AM
davey | finland  Find all comments by davey
It would really be interesting to see how the Orthodox & Catholics will theological/doctrinal and credal unite. Since there are many differences in understanding their own theologies (one is the Filogue)...will they unite for the sake of being "christian" in this many christian-denominational world, without being negative towards the other theological difference. terv.davey

PS Several centuries ago in Russia, there was a new change when one bishop wanted to the Russian church be more Grecian. It brought about much suffering between the Old Believers who did not want this change and the ones who thought they should change....this brought persceuction towards the Old Believers.

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