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APR 28, 2016
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FRONT PAGE  |  4/28/2016
FRIDAY, NOV 2, 2007  |  12 comments
Christian foster parents no longer forced to promote homosexuality
A committed Christian foster couple who were told they would have to give up their foster son following their refusal to sign an Equality policy, which forbids discrimination on the grounds of homosexuality, have won the right to have their personal convictions and conscientious objections recognised.

Vince Matherick, a 65-year-old minister at South Chard Christian Church in Somerset and his wife, Pauline were previously told they would not be re-registered as foster carers because of their religious beliefs, despite the fact they had been fostering since 2001 and had looked after 28 children.

Earlier this year they were asked to agree to a new Equality policy which would require them to say that homosexual relationships were equal to heterosexual marriages if asked by a child about such relationships. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

Attitude Toward Homosexuality?
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News Item11/21/07 1:03 PM
ak | Minnesota  Find all comments by ak
I think it is pretty amazing how so many have ambraced wrong and are calling it right. Homosexualtiy is a devastating sin. I destroys the persons involved from the inside out even if the persons never contract HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.

I agree with what one other writer said when he or she said we need to confront with truth in love. Those who are lost in this lifestyle need to be loved and they also need the truth, because the truth will set them free. Pray for those who are lost in this lifestyle, they are in just as much need of a Savior as you and I.



News Item11/11/07 5:03 PM
steve johnson | England  Find all comments by steve johnson
Picking up on a few earlier points here...The gay lobby are not going to love who they percieve to be the sinner and hate the sin. We as christians however are described as a 'perculiar' people in the King James bible or if you like, a distinct, unique, different, particular kind of people. We are not meant to be the same as them. We have a great advantage when we are hated and maligned and attacked in that true christlikeness can be more clearly seen when we are badly treated. People generally have no problem being halfway decent to those who are halfway decent to them but to love your enemies and to bless those who curse you is contrary to human nature.

There seem to be two extremes those who call themselves christians get into when confronted by homosexuality. Firstly they capitulate and feel they ought to apologise for being christians. Some churches even tolorate homosexual ministers and seem to see offending someone as the worst sin. Others stand on 'truth' and hammer those who they oppose but not in a spirit of love. Rather they are condemning.

The thing is to be strong on truth and strong in love so that when men persecute us for standing on the truth our response will put men to shame

Just a few thoughts on the homosexuality debate in general.


News Item11/10/07 3:01 PM
KK | USA ---- Veritas Vincit !!!  Find all comments by KK
The problem today is that "We The People" have become so nonsensical and foolishly twisted in "Our" thought processes that "We" have lost sight of the difference between WHAT IS *RIGHT* AND what is *wrong* !!!



"We" are a people who KNOW THE TRUTH, but will not STAND *IN IT*/*ON IT* TO TURN AWAY all these hellish agendas that have come out to infect THE SOCIAL STABILITY OF "Our" REPUBLIC

Nothing more than turning away from THE TRUTH, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.

An unfaithful people who have become
slaves to compromise and self-conceit.

And still men just want to speak their *feel-good* messages from their Pulpits of Prosperity, Profit and Gain... DAMNABLE HERETICS -- ReLiGiOn RUN AMUCK -- a people who have lost THE TRUTH

A Hell-bent and Hell bound sloppily inatentive people


WILL THERE BE SUFFERING in this life ???

ARE those *IN* CHRIST TO CRUCIFY the flesh with the affections and the lusts thereof ???

IS IT NOT "A Matter of The Heart" ???

This people's hearts are ROTTEN.

............... R E P E N T .......... R E P E N T .......... R E P E N T ...............


*IN* Christ, KK


News Item11/10/07 12:14 PM
Wayne M. | B.C., Canada  Find all comments by Wayne M.
not fooled,

Part of article "It's time to stop "Hating the sin, loving the sinner" con'd

From (website
with permission

Because homosexual activists and the broader Humanist movement have declared war on Canada's Christian culture - and they are fighting to win!

"So what," say some. We aren't supposed to use the enemy's tactics.

We aren't. The fact is that "hate the sin; love the sinner" - especially as
a stand-alone, undefined, unclarified statement - is lousy theology!

That general idea appears in various different ways. One of the worst was in a recent Ugandan pro-family rally where some people held up a sign that read, "God loves homos, he hates homosexuality."
It's one thing to debate our posture as people towards sin and sinners, but the Bible teaches in Psalm 11 verse 5 that "The LORD examines the righteous, but the wicked and those who love violence his soul hates." It doesn't say that God hates the deeds of violence; it says that God hates the people who are wicked and love violence.

My purpose here is not to get into an intensive examination of different Christian schools of thought on who God hates and loves, Suffice it to say that Christian theology in this area is too complex....


News Item11/10/07 6:57 AM
not fooled | ulster  Find all comments by not fooled

Sermon Audio, (Homosexual-510). “Independent” newspaper June 30, 2007 wrote:
In a Hot Press interview Mr Paisley denied hating gays and lesbians - only "what they do".
He said he thought that "gay and lesbianism" was "wrong" and that homosexual people harmed themselves and, without caring about it, society as well. ... last comment reference to Ian Paisley Jr of the DUP.


News Item11/9/07 2:25 PM
not fooled | ulster  Find all comments by not fooled
Wayne M.

There are professing born again Christians in N Ireland who know its best for their political career in politics not to oppose sodomy or gays too strongly, as there is a lot of support for gays in politics, and N Ireland was governed by Peter Mandelson October 1999 he was appointed Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, he is gay and close friend of Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Here is two comments taken from sermon audio forums-comments.

Paisley: the price I paid to cut deal (“Belfast Telegraph” newspaper Sunday, Jun 10, 2007) (sermon audio Paisley-84)
b.a. UK 9/29/07 9:10 am wrote:
A lot of posters have commented on the conduct of Dr Paisley and his party the DUP, since the administration was formed.
In relation to the passage of the Sexual Orientation regulations, I have heard time and time again that Dr Paisley and his party voted against them in Westminster.
Well, that claim is also inaccurate.
see here w


News Item11/9/07 10:05 AM
Wayne M. | B.C., Canada  Find all comments by Wayne M.
Hate the sin love the sinner,

"As long as we keep repeating that mantra, we don't deserve to
win the culture war.

When's the last time you heard a Secular Humanist or homosexual activist
say, "we hate the sin, but love the sinner" as they tried to impose the next stage of their fascist agenda on North America against Christians:

• When they tried to put a Christian printer out of business;

• When they told marriage commissioners to quit if they weren't prepared to solemnize homosexual relationships;

• When they pursued exorbitant financial penalties and humiliation against municipal politicians who fought the agenda to acknowledge Gay Pride events;

• When dishonourable police officers harassed Christians who were peacefully
protesting homosexuality or collecting names for a pro-marriage petition;

• When they launched a lawsuit against the Knights of Columbus for refusing
to allow a homosexual "wedding" event on their premises?

When have you heard homosexual activists qualify their advances with, "we hate the sin, but love the sinner"?


Why not?

Because homosexual activists and the broader Humanist movement have declared
war on Canada's Christian culture - and they are fighting to win!

To be con'd


News Item11/9/07 4:01 AM
Baptist | Europe  Find all comments by Baptist
I was raised in family where I was taught that homosexuality is OK, that homosexuals are good friends and etc. Then I met Jesus! Now I think homosexuals are sinning being what they are (the same way murderers and blasphemers and other sinners, myself included, do).

Funny how, when I say that homosexuality is a sin in wish that all homosexuals would meet our Saviour, I'm talked down upon as untolerant - even though I will only be polite and nice to them as people who need the Lord as anybody else. Yet, many liberals will talk back to me and curse me and call me names for saying what the Bible clearly teaches.

Also, isn't it funny how Christian foster parents cannot say what they believe so that they would offend nobody (and that they should never produce heterosexuals only). Aren't you intolerant of their beliefs and feelings???


News Item11/5/07 11:11 AM
gtminer | USA  Find all comments by gtminer
"Teaching tolerance and acceptance, in my opinion, is more along the line of being true Christians. The children should be taught in such a way as to be able to make their own decision and form their own opinion. Hopefully, the harm these two are causing isn't permanent. Shame on them and anyone else who thinks its right to teach children bigotry, intolerance and hate all in the name of God and/or the Bible."

Maybe this person should read their Bible more so they can see what God says about training up a child in the way he should go and what happens to him when he is left to make up his own decision in the way he should go.


News Item11/3/07 9:28 AM
Christian Raas | Switzerland  Find all comments by Christian Raas
May God bless these foster parents. Finally some people who did not give in to the pro-gay propaganda. Let us pray that God will give all of us the courage to speak up against this evil and not hide for fear of the sodomites. I know how cruel and violent these people can be, because I once was on their side.

News Item11/2/07 8:59 PM
KK | USA ---- Veritas Vincit !!!  Find all comments by KK
Christian foster parents no longer forced to promote homosexuality ???

no longer forced ???

They were being bullied into promoting the homosexual agenda AND THAT'S THE HELLISH LIE THAT NEVER SHOULD'VE TRANSPIRED !!!

Do individuals struggle with their own identity ??? ------- *YES* !!!

BUT DOES THAT MAKE IT RIGHT ??? ------- *NO* !!!

The problem today is that people don't want to be told """N O""" and for the most part people who KNOW """R I G H T""" FROM """w r o n g""" have forgotten how to STAND FOR THAT WHICH they KNOW IS TRUE AND IMPHATICALLY SAY """N O""" !!!

Only namby-pamby ReLiGiOn could sit by in their SILENT NUMBNESS and watch as a hellish minority group of men/women make changes that """w o r s e n""" THE SOCIAL BALANCE and """d e s t r o y""" GODLY MORAL DECENCY [**IN ALL THAT IS GOOD AND TRUE**]...


Enough is *******E N O U G H******* !!!

.......R E P E N T !!! ....... R E P E N T !!! ....... R E P E N T !!!.......

With Love *IN* Christ, KK


News Item11/2/07 2:56 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
I hope this nutty of law isn't passed in the U.S., but we and Great Britain seem to be in one bond I wish we would break, see who can adopt whose nuttiest laws, the most quickly.

"The Bible Says Homosexuality is Sin"


"Activists attack SG nominee
Homosexuality stance targeted"

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