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AUG 18, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  8/18/2017
SUNDAY, JUN 10, 2007  |  189 comments
Paisley: the price I paid to cut deal
Ian Paisley has revealed the personal cost of doing his deal with Sinn Fein - saying it brought furious criticism from some of his "best friends" .

In an exclusive interview for Belfast Telegraph TV, the First Minister rejected suggestions that he was tempted by power when he agreed to the partnership with Martin McGuinness.

"But I knew that if I was going to be a man at all I was going to make a decision that was going to bring the furies about me."

Rev Ivan Foster, Mr Paisley's longtime associate and fellow minister in the Free Presbyterian Church, has been among his chief critics since the decision to sign up to power-sharing was made in March. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item8/30/08 3:37 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Mine is shorter b.a., Rendering To Caesar: A Biblical Perspective On Government,( or at least I think it is ) and you had a very interesting message, I did enjoy reading it.

News Item9/29/07 5:22 PM
b.a. | uk  Find all comments by b.a.
my post was not intended to be accompanied with "aggro". (ironic that you thought it was given that the pro paisley party have referred to those who hold my view as "brats of the devil")
you quoted romans 13. i agree the OFFICE of civil magistrate is appointed by God, and is to be submitted to except where same requires sin.
that chapter sets out the purpose of the civil magistrate, to be a terror to evil works, as the minister of God executing wrath upon the evil doer.
i support the God ordained order through civil government. i am not a supporter of anarchy.
however, when the holder of the God ordained office fails to be a terror to evil works, and is silent on immoral legislation which impinges on christian liberty, absent from westminster during a crucial vote, jointly governing with notorious evildoers, and also at the same time occupying a pulpit and ministering in the word, i cannot be silent and am compelled to speak out.
i have no desire to overthrow the elected government of this land, and i submit myself to it, in as far as i can without sin.
however, i do believe that christians should hold dr paisley and the dup to account for their conduct in government.

News Item9/29/07 3:35 PM
Seaton  Find all comments by Seaton
b.a. wrote:
talk about misappropriating scripture!
i stand behind my own denomination on this one.
The reason I would share Scripture with you is because I expect you to understand it's teaching there.

Come now ba, do we not have the right to debate your post without the aggro?

Even if we are "both" of the Christian struggle here on earth.

God be with you sister.


News Item9/29/07 3:22 PM
b.a. | uk  Find all comments by b.a.

i pay my taxes and obey the laws so far as they do not conflict with the laws of God.

resisting paisley and the dups' compromise is not resisting God! neither will it result in my damnation.
talk about misappropriating scripture!

i stand behind my own denomination on this one.

see here


News Item9/29/07 2:12 PM
Wayne M. | BC, Canada  Find all comments by Wayne M.
Amen Seaton.

News Item9/29/07 11:45 AM
Seaton  Find all comments by Seaton
Your not going to give up till you've destroyed him are you?

Remember you are living amongst all the people who democratically elected everybody in Stormont.

Rp 13.1 "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.
2 Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation."

Paul wrote this at a time of military occupation. At least you and your neighbours got the democratic choice, from God.

Ro 14.10 But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.


News Item9/29/07 9:10 AM
b.a. | uk  Find all comments by b.a.
As the other forums are now closed, I am posting this link here.

A lot of posters have commented on the conduct of Dr Paisley and his party the DUP since the administration was formed.

In relation to the passage of the Sexual Orientation regulations, I have heard time and time again that Dr Paisley and his party voted against them in Westminster.

Well, that claim is also inaccurate.

see here




News Item8/7/07 9:48 PM
John Dynes | UK&IRELAND now?  Contact via emailFind all comments by John Dynes type in Whisper Jesus

News Item7/26/07 10:16 AM
John Dynes | UK&IRELAND now?  Contact via emailFind all comments by John Dynes type in standing somewhere in the shadows.

News Item7/26/07 7:16 AM
Looking In The Bible | No Scriptural Support 4deal  Find all comments by Looking In The Bible
"How true are the words of Holy Scripture, every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.”

"If anyone had told me that I would be standing here today to take this office, I would have been totally unbelieving because I said:


News Item7/21/07 4:41 PM
John Dynes | UK&IRELAND now?  Contact via emailFind all comments by John Dynes
In the light of "saint peter robinson" latest remarks over his open "mindless" thoughts on the maze, he should just tell the truth and give the IRA their monument for their wickedness, seeing he and paisley never ever suffered anything during the troubles, only their soups got cold in some high class hotel.

News Item7/21/07 12:07 PM
Stop the Apostasy | N. Ireland  Find all comments by Stop the Apostasy
The price to cut the deal surely must be thirty pieces of silver. Check out Chris Pinto's site about "Riddles in Stone". Read the article and start to think of what goes on behind closed doors. You MUST see this will make you think of the dark powers that be, which Paul warned us about in Ephesians ch.6 v. 12 , and which we should warn others about. There needs to be discernment and christians need to seek to know the enemy behind closed doors. Secret handshakes and secret societies are always a pull for those who seek power.Christians should have their eyes opened!!!!!!

News Item7/21/07 8:14 AM
Looking Forward | Common Sense  Find all comments by Looking Forward
Rev. Ian Paisley
Inaugural Speech.

"How true are the words of Holy Scripture, 'We know not what a day may bring forth.'

"If anyone had told me that I would be standing here today to take this office, I would have been totally unbelieving.

"I am here by the vote of the majority of the electorate of our beloved Province.

"During the past few days I have listened to many very well placed people from outside Northern Ireland seeking to emphasise the contribution they claim to have made in bringing it about.

"However, the real truth of the matter is rather different. If those same people had only allowed the Ulster people to settle the matter without their interference and insistence upon their way and their way alone, we would all have come to this day a lot earlier.

"I remember well the night the Belfast Agreement was signed, I was wrongfully arrested and locked up on the orders of the then Secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

"It was only after the Assistant Chief of Police intervened that I was released. On my release I was kicked and cursed by certain loyalists who supported the Belfast Agreement. But that was yesterday, this is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow.

"Today at long last we are starting upon the road - I emphasise starting"


News Item7/21/07 7:41 AM
June A. Nadolny | Holland, OH, USA  Find all comments by June A. Nadolny
I commend to readers this man of God, who like Daniel, was unwilling to pay the high price of compromise, to "cut a deal", and gladly bore instead, the "reproach of Christ". (Heb. 13:13)
Excerpt from article by former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, entitled 'Taking the Lonely Stand':

"Naval chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt served our country for 15 years until he was given an order he could not follow: Do not pray in the name of Jesus at public military functions. Risking his military career, Lt. Klingenschmitt publicly objected to the new policy of the secretary of the Navy and continued praying in the name of Jesus at public functions. The Navy then proceeded to court-martial the chaplain and quietly discharged him from the Navy, depriving him of retirement benefits despite his stellar service record. Though his personal sacrifice was great, it yielded results. Because of the attention chaplain Klingenschmitt had brought to the Navy and Air Force policies restricting chaplain prayer, Congress ordered those policies revoked, giving back to chaplains the freedom to pray as their consciences dictated."
Is this not the godly example we would expect from those who have the spiritual rule over us? (1 Pet. 5:3)


News Item7/20/07 4:49 AM
charles quinn | ballynure  Contact via emailFind all comments by charles quinn
Perhaps paisley could mccrea who defeated the ira.It wasnt the army or the police the b specials the udr the uvf the red hand commandos the uda or uff the third farse or force ulster resistance with paisley or robinson with their red berets.The ira is not a defeated force,open your eyes billy,they have you in their net.

News Item7/19/07 11:14 PM
Hal C. | U.S.A.  Find all comments by Hal C.
If the price of political power is your conscience and principles the price is too high.

News Item7/19/07 7:18 PM
Quis Separabit | Ulster  Find all comments by Quis Separabit
The good doctor and co feeble? Maybe. Blind? Don't think so. The hungry power-merchants know what they're doin okay, don't worry about that. Big Paisleys wanted this opportunity for years, and now he's got it. Him and McCrea are on the pig's back along wi their families. What did the used to say about the taigs and the Crown? They're only intrested in the seems they're not the only ones!

News Item7/19/07 2:03 PM
Stop the Apostasy | .N. Ireland  Find all comments by Stop the Apostasy
We live in a day when elders of Ian Paisley's Free Presbyterian Church are living under curfew and disciplined for speaking up against the wicked alliance that continues between murderers and the ecumenical DUP. Meanwhile, Mr. Paisley continues to do buisness with unrepentant terrorists. May GOD open the eyes of the blind and give strength to the feeble, to stand against this tyranny in church government. There must be seperation from the ungodly.

News Item7/18/07 6:12 PM
John Dynes | UK&IRELAND now?  Contact via emailFind all comments by John Dynes
concerning the price paisley had to pay, check out, and type in psalms chapter 1.

News Item7/18/07 12:09 AM
Rev. Stephen Hamilton | Allentown, Pennsylvania  Protected NameFind all comments by Rev. Stephen Hamilton
The Ecumenical spirit is alive and well in N. Ireland. Witness the words of Marty the Murderous at Armagh on Tuesday: "I want to pay tribute to the leadership shown by the leader of the D.U.P, our First Minister Ian Paisley. I think he has made a very powerful contribution to bringing the position to where it is today.There is tremendous hope on this island. We want to end conflict on this island. I believe the First Minister and myself are part of an administration that is full of dedication and committment to make this work..." (From The Irish Times web-site, "")To quote an old friend, "It's enough to make a buzzard puke." Can this really be happening?
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