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OCT 2, 2014
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FRONT PAGE  |  10/2/2014
WEDNESDAY, MAR 21, 2007  |  21 comments
HIV positive man 'wanted to infect as many people as possible with the virus'
A committal hearing in Melbourne has heard a HIV positive Coburg grandfather wanted to infect as many people as possible with the virus.

Michael Neal, 48, is charged with infecting two people with HIV and deliberately attempting to infect 14 others.

The DPP alleges Neal told some of his victims he was intent on infecting as many men as possible with HIV to widen his pool of potential partners.

The court heard he lied many times about his HIV status and heard his sexual practices were driven by personal choice and not by mental illness. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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   06/14/05  |  More than a million Americans living with HIV • 2 comments
   02/12/05  |  Rare, aggressive HIV strain found in NYC • 2 comments
   12/02/04  |  Methodists: The Body of Christ has AIDS • 3 comments
   11/08/04  |  Illegal Aliens Fuel HIV Explosion • 6 comments
   09/27/14  |  Rand Paul: Don't Tell Me 5 Lb Babies Have No Rights Simply... • 30 comments
   09/27/14  |  Police: Woman beheaded at Oklahoma workplace • 25 comments
   09/24/14  |  ISIS video: 'We will break your crosses and enslave your women' • 26 comments
   09/17/14  |  SermonAudio Tip: SermonAudio iPhone + iPad Edition v3.8! • 100 comments
   09/16/14  |  ISIS 'Won't Be Afraid To Put A Bomb In Lower Manhattan' • 14 comments
   06/02/14  |  A Letter to SermonAudio From a Missionary to Haiti • 10 comments
   02/07/14  |  Bringing the Gospel of John to Every Home in Austin, TX • 31 comments
   01/07/14  |  SermonAudio Partners with RFC for the 2014 Family Conference at... • 1 comments
   01/01/14  |  Happy New Year from SermonAudio! • 29 comments
   12/10/13  |  SermonAudio Broadcaster Loses Historic Church Building To Fire • 3 comments
   10/02/14  |  Texas Church Offers Drive-Thru Prayer • 1 comments
   10/02/14  |  Suit Against Pennsylvania Wedding Venue That Declined to Host... • 1 comments
   10/02/14  |  Survey: Prayer often 'red phone for help'
   10/02/14  |  Dallas parents fearing Ebola remove children from school
   10/02/14  |  1 in 12 Americans use illegal drugs

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News Item3/23/07 11:47 AM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
Thanks for the encouragement, mike & John! Like cool water on a hot day. We seem of like mind on many things.

News Item3/23/07 1:02 AM
mike | mex  Contact via emailFind all comments by mike
John from San Jose,
I agree with you totally. Neil, I always appreciate your succinct comments and it always helps to read your comments to cut right to the chase of what a thread is all about. I'll skip lots of other comments, but I do look forward to yours. Keep up the good work.

News Item3/22/07 11:53 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
"The court heard he lied many times about his HIV status and heard his sexual practices were driven by personal choice and not by mental illness. ..."

In this situation, is there a difference?


News Item3/22/07 11:47 PM
Chris M | Australia  Find all comments by Chris M
Todays Grandpas are not like they used to be!

"a HIV positive Coburg grandfather wanted to infect as many people as possible with the virus"


News Item3/22/07 10:39 PM
John | San Jose, CA  Find all comments by John
Neil's obvious gift of articulation and brevity are much apprecieated
by me. From previous posts I can tell he's a well-read reformed Baptist,
techie, histroy-military buff, and logician, among other things.

His are some of the first posts I look for because I know I can get the
gist of what's going on in a particlar long thread from what HE says.

Maybe I should quit with the praise now, lest Brother Neil become "puffed-up",
as some on this site seem to think he is.


News Item3/22/07 9:47 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
That type of "curiousity" is unworthy of a reply.

News Item3/22/07 9:07 PM
Daniel  Find all comments by Daniel
“Neil,” I’m only curious what motivates your fallacy fetish that permeates many of your posts, not credentials as if trying to determine qualifications for your assignment. Any “credentials” I have or don’t have are irrelevant to the information that has been requested of you. I need “credentials” to ask for the sources of your statement? (Not asking anymore though, I‘m content with your answer)

Off topic clarification: My last typed sentence at 1:46pm is actually part of the response at 1:34pm, thus making it one post or one message. Sermon Audio guy had rudely cut me off, but kindly allowed me to finish speaking via Daniel2.

“…but professed Christians who make wild claims.”

You mean those who don’t believe what you do.

Sure, puff yourself up and “refute” others while sliding in your own “wild claims.”

Readers consider, they’re not all obvious like Billy Graham and Rick Warren. Of course there can never be a confession by those wise, subtle agents of Rome, just keep in mind the Jesuit oaths when dealing with professed Christians wherever they may be.

I cannot say for sure that this individual or person know as “Neil” is a dissembler or not, but he’s undoubtedly very suspicious, “a person of interest” if you will. Be careful.


News Item3/22/07 4:30 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
I apologize then; the sarcasm was not directed towards you. I was frustrated over Luke's personal attacks & refusal to answer my simple questions on the IHOP thread, so I was actually grateful you provided a simple response. Notice I did not dispute the validity of your URL's claims, as I have not yet considered it in detail.

I am still awaiting reciprocal information about Daniel's credentials, and why mine are somehow inadequate. It is a strange thing, to be pressed on credentials by a Fundamentalist. I thought credentials only mattered to secularists.

BTW, I do not know who Eric the Mormon is. But I do not play games; truth matters.


News Item3/22/07 4:26 PM
Vigilante  Find all comments by Vigilante
Neil: Yes I agree that the remark was intentionally rude and sarcastic, and unlike Mike I am curious for those sources.

Your tone reminds me of Eric the Mormon Madsen who boasts of his expertise in neurolinguistic programming. I have gleaned from his discussions with others that he really doesn't know what to do when someone plays the same game he is. It's like he goes haywire and just keeps repeating the same things over and over, though worded differently at times.


News Item3/22/07 2:18 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
Daniel said: "But more importantly "fallacious" Neil, the readers are curious for the sources of your previous statement."

We are?


News Item3/22/07 1:50 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
I think Vigilante can decide for himself whether I was sarcastic.

Sure I learned much on the Internet, esp. from "gurus" at this site, so I admit the charge of being a kind of amateur. My ancient secular college degree has little to do with this. Do you have more respectable intellectual credentials?

Logic happens to be a powerful tool for refuting not just atheists, but professed Christians who make wild claims.

I notice that like Yamil, you changed your moniker to evade the site's restrictions on multiple posts. Situational ethics here?


News Item3/22/07 1:46 PM
Daniel2  Find all comments by Daniel2
Also, please inform the readers if you are recently out of college or have attended a seminar or are following some Internet guru.

News Item3/22/07 1:34 PM
Daniel  Find all comments by Daniel
Since I was a little late, I had read with interest at your latest attempt of practicing your hobby with Luke the physician, but since the thread seemed to be at an end, I figured to just let it go. (Though he sure could have used my assistance and encouragement) I do agree with Luke and it seems we have much in common, and I guess you can say we are related in Christ as it appears Luke believes the true gospel. From reading his past responses I gather he drops in for a short while then goes away for a time, kinda like doctor Wade.

I've been commenting and lurking on here longer than Luke so I'm familiar with your agenda and your stubbornness. I do wonder if you're an individual or possibly a person, a group of individuals, simply using the single name of Neil. Either way, it appears that "Neil" has an assignment.

Your statement to Vigilante was sarcastic and you know it. BTW, I think the issue is about the existence of HIV. For those that believe the virus is real, the other issue regards whether or not it causes "AIDS" or any other disease. Essentially, do germs/viruses/demons, whatever the latest terminology may be, cause disease.

But more importantly "fallacious" Neil, the readers are curious for the sources of your previous statement.


News Item3/22/07 12:17 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
"Daniel" (are you related to "Luke the Physician"?), please read more carefully. Just because I used the word "fallacy" here does not mean I was disputing Vigilante. Actually, I had not heard of that reward before & was curious about who is offering it and why they do so. I didn't know that there are prominent researchers who dispute the HIV/AIDS connection.

And you accuse *me* of being argumentative!


News Item3/22/07 2:36 AM
davey | finland  Find all comments by davey
Is it a result of his anger over his own behaviour...wondering if it is against God, people or himself. Terv. davey

News Item3/22/07 12:51 AM
Daniel  Find all comments by Daniel
I see "fallacious" Neil is still trying to practice his new hobby of trying to "win the argument." Are you fresh out of college Neil? Did you attend some "art of argumentation/persuasion" seminar recently that motivates you to exercise your new "skill" of labeling everything a fallacy except your own beliefs? Or maybe you're just spending too much time on Wikipedia or following the techniques of some guru on the Internet? Is fallacy your favorite word because you sure do use it alot?

Quickly on this point, you asked for the source for the $20,000 reward and Vigilante listed it, but then rudely implied that it isn't a fact.

Regarding your statement: "if we're sick, we don't want to sit around waiting to die just because we don't trust science, do we?"

You need more practice buddy. You criticize everybody else with their "fallacious" statements and then go and provide one yourself!

What you claim is this: 1. Sickness is something bad 2. If we are sick and do nothing, we will die. 3. The "science" mentioned is supposedly accurate but "we" just don't trust it, therefore making "us" the problem.

Other allusions in this clever statement could also be listed, though not really necessary at the moment. With that said, please provide the sources for your claims.


News Item3/21/07 9:36 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
I see, it's an individual offering the reward. Wow, a useful reply to a factual inquiry. Thanks!

News Item3/21/07 8:23 PM
Vigilante  Find all comments by Vigilante

News Item3/21/07 5:31 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
Please provide sources for that claim. Like US gov't NIH, CDC, etc. (since you gave a dollar amount).

Of course the causal fallacy is a problem for *any* scientific hypothesis. Nonetheless, if we're sick, we don't want to sit around waiting to die just because we don't trust science, do we?

Even if the HIV/AIDS connection is a myth, it still violates two Commandments (6 & 7) to try to infect people by fornication.


News Item3/21/07 5:15 PM
Vigilante  Find all comments by Vigilante
Infecting others with "HIV" is impossible because the alleged disease-causing virus has never been isolated, and I believe the $20,000 reward is still available for anyone that can find the missing virus.
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