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FRONT PAGE  |  4/28/2017
MONDAY, MAR 5, 2007  |  19 comments
Texans fear US sovereignty will disappear down superhighway
If it were built, the road would be one of the engineering wonders of the 21st century -a trade route a quarter of a mile wide, carving a path from Mexico through the heart of America to Canada.

In its most radical form, it would allow lorry drivers to travel hundreds of miles from the Mexican border deep into the US before reaching customs and immigration controls in Kansas.

Backers of the idea, labelled the "Nafta Superhighway", after the North American trade pact, say it would revolutionise patterns of commerce across the continent and enhance the economic prospects of millions. But its critics say it could spell the end of US sovereignty. In arguments akin to those deployed by critics of the European Union, opponents say that opening borders will hit businesses, create a terrorist threat and allow illegal immigrants and drugs to flood in. ...

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News Item3/9/07 12:23 PM
Patrick  Find all comments by Patrick
You are of course correct to give the meaning of "thou shalt do no murder" and it OKs the actions you mention, plus of course the judicial use of the death penalty. The Lord even made provision for accidental killing in the Law in the cities of refuge, but that is another thing and is a type of His great mercy.
I hope you didn't think my suggestion to you about a murderous heart meant you had in any way to justify yourself to me, a sinner saved only by God's grace. Having a murderous heart does of course apply to you, me, the President of the US, Bertie Ahern, the pope of Rome, old Uncle Tom Cobley and all. In short, all men (ie human beings) are born into sin's depravity inherited from Adam. This is called Original Sin, or Total Depravity.
You are probably familiar with Jeremiah 17 v 9 and the question therein, and the answer given in the following verse. Without a saving work from a sovereign God, we are hell bound. Hence "Ye must be born again."
I have to go now, and in doing so pray for God's grace in your life.

News Item3/9/07 10:42 AM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Samuel, my first prop. being 'protectionism' is meant to keep the price of American good high, so that the American worker can still main tain his high standard of living. The problem is that other nations with cheaper labor, no worker benefits, and environmental controls, will outbid our products in the world market. Many nations have a 'Value Added Tax', whereby they make their exports far cheaper than they should be. In effect, there Govt sussides their exports, while we play at "FREE TRADE", and WE are getting whipped. The Second prop. happens when the first fails, then Americans who have lived for over 60 years making high wages will be forced to compete with surfs making .75 cents a week...we will be reduced to 3rd world poverty. When Americans, used to immediate satifaction, see their nation fall to pieces, their children going hungry, but their political elites buying big cars and 5 vacation houses...the excrement will hit the mechanical blower.

News Item3/9/07 6:21 AM
Samuel  Find all comments by Samuel

In responce to globalism I would say the first proposition seems the most resonable. Civil War would be a fruitless effort. I do not see America turning into a third world nation, we have (Texas as well)an ability to sustain ourselves without looking overseas. I must say I'm not sure I understand fully the first proposition.
Authority. I believe Christ is the ultimate authority. I believe in doctrine that was put most clearly during the Reformation, yet was always followed in some form. Being very simplistic I see the need that our relationship to Christ person is just as significant as our relationship to His doctrine. I'm not taking your side, but some of us can be so very wrap up in our doctrinal stance, that we become offensive to anyone who would oppose it.(I speak from experience)For any ill traetment I apologize. We certiantly have diffrent beliefs but I think it is good for you to visit this web page.


News Item3/8/07 7:06 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Patrick: I think most people interpret it as "thou shalt not do murder"; because, many people have killed, police, military, victims of crime, etc. No, I don't think my comment can be defended from a Christian point of view, and I said it to point out there are two sides to every coin. Only God can see what is in the combatants heart and weigh their intent. Any Catholic priest guilty of murder will have God to face one day. It may surprise you to know that I don't blame those who hate the IRA, who have justification. I'm am sure that evil is practiced on each side. Still, I would love to see the North reunited with the South, but not over the bodies of millions of Protestants. I have never killed anyone and God be willing, I never will. I like talking to you without the invective...lets do it again sometime.

News Item3/8/07 11:32 AM
Patrick  Find all comments by Patrick
Thank you for your gracious response.
Can your statement "One man's terrorist is another man's freedon fighter" be defended from a Christian viewpoint?
About four months ago my wife and I were spending an evening at the home of friends in Drumahoe (NI). The lady of the house recalled some of her wee friends from schooldays, one of whom became a policewoman.
One day as she was entering her place of work, a "freedom fighter" shot her in the back and she died, leaving a husband and several small children. The "freedom fighter" escaped, abandoning an American rifle and ammo, possibly he fled to safety in the "rat run" to Boston.
Just one statistic, GG, in a long trail of blood which includes RC priests carrying and planting bombs.
In no way is this post meant to justify to you similar actions by so-called "Loyalist" gunmen.
GG, please consider if you have a murderous heart, because the day of reckoning will come, here or hereafter.
"Thou shalt not kill."

News Item3/8/07 10:17 AM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
Going by the tripe your talking,it is the comic character

But Hey
We Know
Thats Why "ye must be born again"

Will be back later for more s from GG


News Item3/8/07 10:02 AM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Peter died before Linus??????? I didn't mean the Peanuts comics character.

News Item3/8/07 9:58 AM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
Peter died before Linus

No wonder
Thats Why "ye must be born again"


News Item3/8/07 9:48 AM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Samuel...first let me say that I appreciate your reasonable tone, as opposed to the fanatical fringe's yelling and cursing me. There are only three alternatives that I see: 1-a return to tariffs and protectionism; 2-a decline into a 3rd world standard of living. 3-Civil War. I defend the Papacy of Peter by the belief that 1- Jesus himself says that he is 'building his Church'. 2- Peter is to be the rock in the foundation. 3-Building requires putting one stone atop another. 4-St Peter died, but was replaced by Linus, then Clement...until Bene XVI. 5- I do believe in a succession of Christian/Catholic teachings based on the Scripture, Oral Tradition of Christ, and the steady accumulation of teachings lead by the Holy Spirit. Our differences, I suspect, are in whom we see as our authorities and in whom we believe the H.S. confides.

News Item3/8/07 6:15 AM
Samuel  Find all comments by Samuel

Your comments are very interesting. I very much agree about the American Politicians being globalist. With the world growing small through technology, what alternatives do you see? (By the way I am no fan of globalism) About Catholicism I disagree. It's been awhile since my history of Christianity coures but I believe the present view of Cahtolicism began with an despute between the bishop of Mullan(sp?) and the bishop of Rome. How can you defend the succession of a man to Peter, yet not the succession of Christian principles? This was never to be the case. Those who followed these principles can be traced back beyond the 16th century.


News Item3/7/07 3:50 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Patrick...may the Lord bless and keep you and all of your family. I praise God that he has already given me wisdom to see that all human institutions are corrupt to one extent or another and I follow his path and await his salvation. Fortunately, he has also revealed to me that my Catholic faith is the faith that was founded by him alone. No other faith, especially one that comes from 16th Europe, or 19th century America will replace it. Which other corrupt and human belief system would you have me defend? As for destroying my nation and my state, I am sure you know that Texas was founded by Spain, and rather than being destroyed by Spainish Catholicism, it has made it more colorful and interesting. No, the people that threaten my nation are certain American Politicians (some Protestant) and Corporate Globalizationistas who would turn my land into a 'den of thieves' and put my state up for sale. May the Devil take them! As for sending money and weapons to Ireland..."one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter". The Irish problems won't be solved by terror, but by compromise, and justice. I appreciate your comments, of which I have already done much thinking.

News Item3/7/07 11:56 AM
Patrick  Find all comments by Patrick
There you are, GG !!
May the Lord be gracious to you, and give you insight to see that salvation doesn't come through a human institution, but through Christ alone.
In my sporadic visits to these discussion forums, I came yesterday (6th) certain in my mind to see your posting about its significance, especially with regard to this topic.
I had been reading of the many people from the British Isles who died defending the Alamo....
You appear to be a patriotic American and Texan, yet you vigorously defend a corrupt system (RCC) that is aimed at destroying both, perhaps your State will soon be renamed Tejas.
Also it is a matter of historical record that many of the front-line pioneers in the US were "Scotch-Irish" Presbyterians. Yet there are some in the US who have repaid that by sending money and weapons to a terrorist organisation to kill innocent people who are their descendants. This murder by proxy cannot be forgotten by a just God, either in nations or individuals. Please think about this.
Again, may the Lord bless you.

News Item3/7/07 10:48 AM
GG  Find all comments by GG
I wonder if the other Texans on Sermonaudio will comment on this topic? Am I the only Texan concerned about this highway?

News Item3/7/07 3:44 AM
33k  Find all comments by 33k

It seems inconsistent to believe in the free flow of capital across borders ("to help build factories in Northern Mexico") and then not believe that people themselves should also be allowed the same privilege.

Are you saying that money is of more value than people?

Whose image is on the money? and whose image is on the people?


News Item3/6/07 2:57 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
NAFTA? This treaty was suppose to help build factories in Northern Mexico, but all it has seemed to do was encourage illegal aliens to work in such places as Nebraska meat packing plants.

I looked it over Neil, and it is interesting, this commentary should go along with it.


News Item3/6/07 2:12 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
Here's how the Catholic bishops are "helping" on the immigration issue:

"the common good is not served when the basic human rights of the individual are violated"

In the usual double-talk, they first allow that borders s/b controlled, but further say, IAW Thomism, that human need (a "right" in Rerum Novarum) trumps this. Since most of Mexico could claim to be in need, this practically nullifies the first statement. The RCC stands to benefit immensely from "open borders."


News Item3/6/07 12:57 PM
GG  Find all comments by GG
Mex Mike, what is very troubling is that most people are very unaware of what the Govt is doing to our country (I assume that you are American). I doubt if one person in ten is aware of what is going on. One day, we will wake up in a new Super-Nation, that we did not vote for, that Congress did not vote for, but that the Corporate Elites and CFR freaks planned for us. Then will our Constitution be good for nothing but toilet paper and our rights and national sovereignity, just a passing dream. Google 'Ramos and Compean' and see how the US rewards her border police. There have been other guards, a man named 'Hernandez', and a border incident where the Tennesee Natl Guard, fled from armed and unidentified Mexican gun-men, abandoned their positions and only returned after the gun-men went back to Mexico. The Govt gave them a award for 'following their orders'....Oh and for the fastest 100 yrd dash in recent memory!

News Item3/6/07 11:26 AM
mike | mex  Find all comments by mike
I traveled down ?route??? 77 that has signs that say future corridor of Interstate 69. Would that be the one GG. If I remember right you might be in Houston? What do Texans that you know think about this?

News Item3/6/07 11:15 AM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
Unusual that they quoted Ron Paul.

Highways & railways do have a mixed bag of cultural & economic consequences.

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