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DEC 1, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  12/1/2015
SUNDAY, FEB 4, 2007  |  18 comments
Hillary's Religious Roots
Feb. 12, 2007 issue - If Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush have anything in common, it is a deeply rooted wariness of outsiders. Both the president and the woman who hopes to succeed him have always relied on a small, closed circle of friends and advisers who have been with them for years. So it's not surprising that there are so many familiar faces on Clinton's new campaign team. Ad maker Mandy Grunwald, pollster Mark Penn, strategist Ann Lewis and others are loyalists from Bill Clinton's White House.

There is another person on Hillary's shortlist of confidants who goes back farther than any of them, but whom you've probably never heard of. The Rev. Don Jones, a Methodist minister who is now 75, was perhaps Hillary's earliest spiritual and political mentor. She has written of her "lifelong friendship" with him. It was Jones who first awakened young Hillary to the civil-rights movement and ...

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News Item3/12/07 6:24 AM
Tipsy | New Calidonia  Find all comments by Tipsy
Wouldn't an antchrist president fit in well with Bible prophecy? I can't find the United States in prophecy. Maybe she and Satan have destroyed it?

News Item2/10/07 8:27 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
No, Mike, I'm not falling for the hype, I know that Hillary is very liberal, politically. I would also have my doubts that she is middle-of-the-road when being a Christian (Another way of describing a Laodecian?) She goes to Riverside Church the old home of Norman Vicent Peale, I doubt it's philosophy has changed since he was alive, Gil does have a booklet out Schuller a disciple of his,

It describes both these apostate preachers.


News Item2/10/07 7:57 PM
Mike | New York  Find all comments by Mike
Falling for the hype, Jim? Mrs. Clinton is no more in the center of the political spectrum than Pat Buchanan. The "center" is what she is being groomed for in order to help her get elected. Her true liberal self, which has been seen and noted, is being set aside temporarily, but only temporarily.

News Item2/10/07 7:42 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Yes, Neil, Hillary is an UMC. as the article states, "Jones describes Hillary's beliefs as falling, like her politics, somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. Unlike the extreme left, she understands the limitations of human beings, he says. And unlike the extreme right, he argues, she believes in humanity's potential. She does take seriously the doctrine of original sin. And after a lifetime in politics, she's seen plenty of it."

Yes, Neil, and there can even be a few Christians left in the Methodist Church, though they should come out of it. I was a UMC member for a good portion of my life, on the Adminstrative board of my Church, President of the Methodist Men's group. While the political spectrum can be some diverse, the leadership just got more and more liberal over the years, the last minister that I met from the church, the poem,
fit perfectly.


News Item2/9/07 3:19 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
Then we must investigate Nouwen's philosophy:

Looks like the usual Pelagian, pop-psych, pantheist claptrap. That he's respected is therefore unsurprising.

Actually the church is supposed to be competent to judge - 1 Cor. 6:1ff

Though I would like to see evidence of this today!


News Item2/9/07 3:12 PM
Dan2020 | UK  Find all comments by Dan2020
I remember reading in an article that her favourite Christian book is "The Return of the Prodigal Son" By Henry J.M. Nouwen whom many, across all denominations, voted as being the most respected Christian writer of the last century. I've no idea of how real or important her faith is to her but to try and judge seems both fruitless and unbiblical.

News Item2/7/07 2:52 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
I don't think it matters whether Hillary is UMC or not. There is no shortage of apostates even within "conservative" denoms.

News Item2/7/07 2:47 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Pastor Paul, read the the poem and the article I mentioned. You will understand what the typical Methodist is, especially those from the North.

Msc, actually some of our best Presidents were highly educated, and were not overly humble backgrounds, and perhaps not humble in other ways as well.

You must have missed the article or two about Obama? There is also a later article about Guiliani. You must have listened to too many of the conservative talk show hosts, such as Rush Limbaugh, whose unremitting attacks on Clinton no doubt helped Clinton to not only get elected once but twice. Rush Limbaugh and his ilk should be ignored on this side of the BIG pond.


News Item2/7/07 5:45 AM
Chris M | Australia  Find all comments by Chris M
Enough of Clintons and Bushs'..... can't you American folk come up with someone different / better? I understand that some of the best past presidents were those from a somewhat humble background, sad you the system prohibits that today. Guess you are stuck with wealthy wannbe's.

News Item2/6/07 10:44 PM
Pastor Paul | Chgo  Contact via emailFind all comments by Pastor Paul
What is her faith based on? It was never explained in the article. Is it the death, burial and resurrection of Christ alone? If not she is no more Christian than anyone else who claims to be a Christian but doesn't have a "biblical" faith. See 1 Cor 15 or John 14:6. All other definitions of salvation fall short of God's requirements (who is the only one who is able to set the rules for salvation)are not biblical.

News Item2/6/07 2:30 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Neil, the denomination that is in the article is about the one everyone refers to, the United Methodist Church. It is a good, long article by a Methodist theologian. I mentioned once before, but then at that site, when it was there, could only be accessed as a Microsoft Office document. This site has it easily read by anyone as a html document file.

Soritology, hmmm, if I remember my Roy B. Zuck's book, BASIC BIBLE INTERPRETATION, and I should reread it, this is how one believes God interacted with Man. He sent his Son primarily to save man from his sin, and then to glorify God or He sent his Son so man would glorify God and then saving man was the secondary issue. The latter is the correct interpretation of course, and no doubt Umethodists when they think about salvation at all would be in agreement with the Reformed Church on that issue. No doubt you can still find a United Methodist who will agree with someone else inside or outside the believing Church if you look hard enough.

Again that article,

Though that first one is an amusing poem about liberal preachers. Well, amusing at first glance, anyway.


News Item2/6/07 1:02 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
She's just imitating the Repubs, who play the public piety game well too. The parties learn from ea. other, like the car companies.

What's fascinating is, leftists are just as censorious & moralizing as the conservatives they despise; only their pet causes differ. No wonder, for politics is just applied religion.


News Item2/6/07 12:05 PM
Mike | PA  Find all comments by Mike
More propoganda for Hillary to try and make her appear "Christian" for more votes.

This is sickening.


News Item2/5/07 11:01 PM
Bro. Williams  Find all comments by Bro. Williams
One would almost fear that she has made a pact with herself then! (just a joke)

News Item2/5/07 10:58 PM
Pastor John  Find all comments by Pastor John
BEWARE: Hillary Clinton has made a pact with the Devil to become President!

News Item2/5/07 2:24 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
That depends on which Methodist denom. you're talking about. I understand Bob Jones Sr. was a Bible Methodist.

Be it noted, Brad Knepp reports that while at a UMC seminary, he met profs. who were sympathetic to Reformed sotierology:


News Item2/5/07 2:15 PM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
Ah, having a United Methodist preacher as your mentor.

and how did the United Methodists get that way? Read.


News Item2/5/07 1:46 PM
Kestrel  Find all comments by Kestrel
"He carried the Bible, but also the collected poems of E. E. Cummings. Hillary, politically aware even then, was a budding Republican who took after her staunchly conservative father. In long discussions at the church, Jones introduced Hillary to the left."
"Jones hewed closely to the social-justice tradition of the Methodist Church, preaching that helping those in need was a means of practicing their faith."
"Within two years, the conservative members of the congregation asked him to leave."

Poor Hilary obviously received whats called the "Social Gospel" - Socialism plus a dash of Liberalism is the recipe. One might add a "Liberal" sprinkling of the NICE bits of Scripture.

Someone once said "Methodism is the Roman church minus the sacraments." That sounds about right for Mr. Jones - Hilary's old mentor.

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