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JUN 29, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  6/29/2017
FRIDAY, NOV 10, 2006  |  18 comments
Franklin Graham Draws Surprising Turnout in Japan
A large turnout at Franklin Graham's first evangelistic festival in Japan astonished local pastors who had invited the evangelist.

Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, returned to the states Tuesday from the three-day weekend festival that drew 30,792 people to the Chatan Sports Complex in Okinawa - the southernmost prefecture where much of the United States military bases in Japan are concentrated.

Okinawa is reported to have 13 U.S. military bases with 150,000 American citizens living on the island. Leading up to the festival, hundreds of Christians opposed the evangelistic event on account of Graham's support for the war in Iraq, according to Ecumenical News International. U.S. troops were dispatched to Iraq from Okinawa Island. ...

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News Item11/20/06 4:23 AM
Rudi | Australia  Find all comments by Rudi

You re right!
I should not have added the line about the Anabaptists for you took that instead my main point to respond to.

My point was simply this. We can not know what someone meant in such situations as regarding "baptism" where there where somewhat different meanings to the word. We may study every possible aspect of it but that does bring us no closer.
The wonderfull thing with the word of God is that we can actually ask the writer what He realy meant.For what we think it means, maters nothing all that maters is what God actually meant!
Jesus said "my sheep hear my voice"!
This continually chalanges my, for if we do not hear His voice we are not of His fold!

1 John 2:20 "But ye have an unction from the Holy one, and ye know all things".

1 John 2:27 "But the anointing which ye have received of Him abidethin you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teachth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in Him.

Dear brother when we have heard from God, you "know" the truth for only when we know the truth can the truth truly set us free!

May the Lord Jesus bless you, your brother Rudi


News Item11/19/06 7:24 AM
Paedo-Bee  Find all comments by Paedo-Bee
Rudi from Australia
Since you remarked that the "Anabaptist persecutions spoke volumes," to you, I thought I'd turn up the volume of history a little.

"All who were called Anabaptists were not Anabaptists.
It was a general name for many classes of people, and the true Anabaptists had to suffer much for the sins of others.
Many who went under this name, were Lutherans and other Pedobaptists, who had embraced certain fanatical opinions, and were denounced as Anabaptists.
In reality they never embraced the Anabaptist faith at all. Fuslin very properly remarks:

"There was a great difference between Anabaptists and Anabaptists. There were those among them who held strange doctrines; but this cannot be said of the whole sect. If we should attribute to every sect whatever senseless doctrines two or three fanciful fellows have taught, there is not one in the world to which we could not ascribe the most abominable errors." Beytrage Vol. II).

It is certain, that many persons who were called Anabaptists were never such in reality; and it is also certain that many such practiced sprinkling." (J.T. Christian)

So Pilgrim, it depends on whom you refer to, like all human history. Even parts of the historic Roman Catholic church practised immersion.


News Item11/19/06 6:37 AM
Rudi | Australia  Find all comments by Rudi
Paedo - Bee

Lets assume you are a male!
If I say I love you!
What meaning does the word love have ?

If we go to the dictionary we will find it can mean "the score of nothing in tennis" to "like" ! The context will narrow it down, but often there may still be a few options left. Just because the context does not make it compleatly clear(in regard to babtism) does not mean that God implied that He meant all of them are valied !
This is man trying to work out God through our human understanding.
To exactly know what God meant we must seek Him and allow the Holly Spirit to show it to us.
I must add, the fact that the Anabaptists where so pesecuted for immersing alone speaks vollumes to me!

And remember in extrem circumstances Baptism is not required to be saved and go to heaven e.g. the thief on the cross !

Your fellow pilgrim


News Item11/14/06 11:37 AM
Michael | Endicott, NY  Find all comments by Michael
Arthur from Scotland,
Sorry once again. And I apologize to you Albert also.

News Item11/14/06 11:34 AM
Arthur | Scotland  Find all comments by Arthur
Michael from Endicott
Will you stop calling "Albert" = Arthur.

News Item11/14/06 9:17 AM
Michael | Endicott, NY  Find all comments by Michael
Arthur, Paedo - Bee,
Thanks. Not many Presbyterians here in the USA do. Sad.

News Item11/14/06 8:10 AM
Paedo - Bee  Find all comments by Paedo - Bee

6a "Baptism -- The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, under Christ the Great King and Head of the Church, Realizing that bitter controversy raging around the mode and proper subjects of the ordinance of Christian baptism has divided the Body of Christ when that Body should have been united in Christian love and Holy Ghost power to stem the onslaughts and hell-inspired assaults of modernism, hereby affirms that each member of the Free Presbyterian Church shall have liberty TO DECIDE FOR HIMSELF which course to adopt on these controverted issues, each member giving due honor in love to the views held by differing brethren, but none espousing the error of baptismal regeneration."


News Item11/14/06 8:04 AM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
Yes they do immerse

But Hey
Thats Why"ye must be born again"


News Item11/14/06 8:04 AM
Paedo - Bee.  Find all comments by Paedo - Bee.
is only carried out by those who believe that this is the ONLY meaning of the Greek word "batizw"

However it is NOT.!!!

Therfore those who Teach "immersion" as the only mode of Baptism reject the Truth that
"Baptizw" can also be defined as
Affusion (pouring)
And as an adjective describing "non use" of water.

These are the uses of Baptizw and it's septs in Scripture and other classical Greek writing.


News Item11/14/06 7:53 AM
Michael | Endicott, NY  Find all comments by Michael
Just a question since I am quite aware infant baptism is not valid (I was sprinkled as a Catholic), do Free Presbyterians immerse? Just wondered.

News Item11/14/06 6:50 AM
Albert | Northern Ireland  Find all comments by Albert
I see the heretic JY is still spouting HIS religion
JY.What is the first and greatest commandment?
And do you obey it?.

But Hey
Thats Why "ye must be born again"

btw,when the bible says believe and be baptised, Why don,t you obey Gods command?
cause the your first baptism is invalid!


News Item11/14/06 6:31 AM
Michael | Endicott, NY  Find all comments by Michael
John Yurich,

Yet another example your religion is what you want to do and that you are quite readily listen to those of the world.

I have no plans to be Baptized again. And my late Uncle who had converted from the RCC to the Baptist Church about three years prior to passing away told the Baptist minister after my late Uncle had received Christ as his Savior that because my Uncle had been Baptized as an infant that he had no intention of being Baptized again and the Baptist minister agreed that my Uncle did not have to be Baptized again.
End of Quote

But hey that's why, "Ye must be born again", and not practise a form of godliness and deny the power thereof.


News Item11/13/06 3:39 PM
John Yurich | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich
Faithful Remnant,

During that Altar Call at my brother's Non Denominational Church they did not have a Baptismal pool ready to Baptize all who had received Christ as their Savior and neither does any other Fundamentalist Protestant Church immediately Baptize those who had received Christ as their Savior during an Altar Call. Baptisms are usually done the another day. On an episode of The Waltons that dealt with Baptism in the Baptist Church they did not Baptize immediately all who had received Christ as their Savior during the Revival Meeting that took place during Sunday worship services. The Baptisms took place in the lake another day. And if soomeone who has received Christ as their Savior was Baptized as an infant then they do not have to be Baptized again after receiving Christ as their Savior. I have no plans to be Baptized again. And my late Uncle who had converted from the RCC to the Baptist Church about three years prior to passing away told the Baptist minister after my late Uncle had received Christ as his Savior that because my Uncle had been Baptized as an infant that he had no intention of being Baptized again and the Baptist minister agreed that my Uncle did not have to be Baptized again.


News Item11/13/06 3:28 PM
Neil | Tucson  Find all comments by Neil
I think because beforehand, the BG Evang. Assoc. makes arrangements to have local churches (RCC included) do the dunking or sprinkling. Furthermore, many churches connect baptism with membership.

News Item11/13/06 3:13 PM
Faithful Remnant  Find all comments by Faithful Remnant
Why doens't the Graham Crusade have baptism immediately ready for these people are supposedly getting saved?

News Item11/13/06 3:03 PM
John Yurich | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich
Michael Of Endicott, New York,

When I received Christ as Savior during that Altar Call I started being guided by the Holy Spirit right away and I started to realize that there are some unscriptural RCC doctrines and unscriptural parts to the Mass and I started to dispense with the unscriptural RCC doctrines, adhere only to the scriptural RCC doctrines, participate only in the scriptural parts to the Mass and not participate in the unscriptural parts to the Mass. So I changed after I received Christ as Savior. If I was not really Born Again by reason of having received Christ as Savior and was not being guided by the Holy Spirit I would not have the ability to dispense with the unscriptural RCC doctrines and the unscriptural parts to the Mass because nobody that is not Born Again and not being guided by the Holy Spirit has the ability to dispense with the unscriptural RCC doctrines and the unscriptural parts to the Mass.


News Item11/10/06 10:35 PM
Michael | Endicott, NY  Find all comments by Michael
There is another story being reported:

Christian charity bans Christmas themed children's gifts

Last updated at 23:28pm on 9th November 2006

Seems something is quite amiss here and needs to be checked out.

Also John if in your coming forward at an altar call you didn't come to know God in the new birth in the Holy Spirit you've pretty much just taken His name in vain for when He saves us He changes us.


News Item11/10/06 3:53 PM
John Yurich | USA  Find all comments by John Yurich
The headline should have read "William Franklin Graham III Draws Surprising Turnout In Japan". And that is good that Graham III is getting a lot of the Japanese to come forward during the Altar Call and receive Christ their Savior and become saved.
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