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JUN 27, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  6/27/2017
SATURDAY, JUN 24, 2006  |  16 comments
Evangelical apocalyptic schlockfest
Watchers of right-wing Christian groups in the States say a new apocalyptic videogame released by cultish Revelations-based fiction series Left Behind is riddled with spyware.

Developers have incorporated software from an Israeli firm called Double Fusion. It incorporates video advertising and product placement into the game, and reportedly records players' behaviour, location, and other data to be uploaded to Left Behind's Bible-powered marketing machine.

Aimed at 13 to 34-year-old males, Left Behind: Eternal Forces casts the player as a director of God's Earthly militia, left behind in the Rapture to roam the streets of New York, battling Satan's minions and shooting unbelievers.

With plans to distribute 1 million copies in evangelical "megachurches" nationwide pre-Christmas, Eternal Forces has attracted criticism from religious and secular commentators for its pushing of a violent brand of ...

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News Item6/27/06 5:22 PM
Rick | Alabama  
Pre-Mid- or Post trib aside, Mark needs to know that Arnold Murray is a cult leader that takes Ellen G. White heresy and adds his oun to it. He believes that no one should go to church, but shoul follow him.Please stay away from that teaching.

News Item6/26/06 3:26 PM
Mark M:

Actually Enoch is the type of church age saint who is taken out of the way before God's wrath is poured out upon mankind.

Noah is the type of tribulation saint who is preserved during that time of "Jacob's trouble."


News Item6/26/06 2:22 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Mark M. Pretribulation is the correct idea, however, as it was pointed out in the Book of Revelation people did not repent when they went through all the predicted torments at the end of chapter 8 through chapter 9 of Revelation,

Revelation 9
20 And the rest of mankind, who were not killed with these plagues, repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship demons, and the idols of gold, and of silver, and of brass, and of stone, and of wood; which can neither see, nor hear, nor walk:
21 and they repented not of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

I would suggest you listen to this sermon about Pre-Tribulation,


News Item6/26/06 2:28 AM
Mark M | Georgia; USA  Contact via email
Real quick my 2cents on the left behind novels, I used to believe in pre-trib rapture, now I'm not so sure. I don't know how you guys feel about Arnold Murray, but I think anyone who is a pretribber should definitely check out his study on the rapture (I know he holds some contraversial views on some things but this is well documented). I think if there is a pre-trib rapture and mass implants of 666 microchips or barcodes on everyone who is left behind, that even the total secular person would recognize it and repent. I mean even the totally secular mainstream horror movies like The Omen and Rosemary's Baby show enough pre-trib lore for a secular audiance to recognize it, if it were to happen. Yet, the Bible says that most, even the elect, if it were possible, would be deceived. I know a lot of preachers use Noah as an example of God saving His elect from wrath and as a type of rapture, but by reading one can notice that Noah and his family were preserved but they never left the earth.

News Item6/26/06 2:21 AM
Jerry | California  
Hi Vic,
I am not judging Tim LaHaye. However, we as Christians have a duty to correct error with a loving attitude. You mentioned the Matthew 24:40-42 passage.
If you dig into this passage you will find that the "one who will be taken" will be taken in judgment...not raptured. Jesus is referring to the future destruction of the Jerusalem Temple in 70 A.D. (the Abomination of Desolation) Many futurists will even admit this. Please take some time to read "Last Days Madness" by Gary Demar. God Bless.

News Item6/26/06 12:49 AM
Well, if I what I read is correct, Mr. Lahaye spreads the false doctrine of a pre-tribulation rapture. That alone is enough for me to lend my support to what appears "condemnatory" below. Jesus says He's returning "after the days of tribulation." On top of that, LaHaybe is a graduate of Bob Jones University, and I wouldn't attend nor encourage anybody to attend that school..based on what I believe is erroneous dogma put forth by BJU and affiliated or like-minded organizations and/or churches.

News Item6/26/06 12:41 AM
What's considered "minor dogma" to one may be a crucial tenet of faith for another. Hence the conflict. The Apostles say to expel and avoid the heretic and one who teaches contrary(pretty harsh and straightforward, but that's the truth), so it's no surprise at how some folks react. And there's a difference between the Holy Bible and the Left Behind series---one is the very word of God, while the other is a mere set of novels and fiction with interpretations of the Word. It sounds like I need to investigate Mr. LaHaye and see if I can lend my support to the posts below.

News Item6/26/06 12:28 AM
Vic | NC USA  
Two men will be in the field, one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding at the mill, one will be taken and the other left. Keep watch, because you do not know the hour your Lord will come.
Mat. 24:40-42

Would you say the above words of Christ are fiction also?

Would you not conclude from these words that two were left behind?

Why is it Christians love to tear each other down over minor points of dogma? We strain on a knat and swallow a camel! Have we not lined ourselves up with the accuser of the breathern?

I sure hope Christ doesn`t judge us as harshly as we do each other!

Otherwise I don`t stand a chance!


News Item6/25/06 4:34 PM
Mark M,

My Sunday school student wanted me to join him in an online game called Habbo Hotel. It's a cyber environment where you can walk around as cute little characters and meet people. I told him that we should evangelize, so we did it. It was interesting. We walked around as pairs and asked individuals if they wanted to sit down and talk. So when we did, we evangelized to them. I can't say that our efforts were successful, but if you want to play a "Christian video game," try it out!


News Item6/25/06 8:52 AM
Kayla Danella | Upper Dublin, Pa.  
Inevitable considering the "Christian Zionist" influence of the entire "Left Behind" nonsense. Notice how the Jews have gotten into the money making end of it. (Amazing how they can capitalize on anything.) "You are of your father the Devil". "The children of this world are craftier than the children of the Kingdom". "My kingdom is not of this world". The Talmudic, non Torah Zionists take all these Left Behind freaks' money, hate them for their apocalyptic theme of massive Israeli deaths, then laugh all the way to the bank depositing whatever money they did not get from them from sales in their department stores during "Christmas". Craftier indeed. Le Haye and his ilk best enjoy their wealth and notoriety now, as they will soon be in hell with their gelt raising "chosen" people.

News Item6/25/06 2:56 AM
Mark M | Georgia; USA  Contact via email
I play some pretty violent videogames I must admit, but I don't see myself getting this one. I actually think that a pro-Christian videogame wouldn't be a bad thing, but I've never played one that is any good, and I'm sure this won't turn the tide. They could probably do a decent RPG where you play as a preacher going from town to town trying to convert sinners, or they could do one like Grandtheft auto except instead of killing everyone you could try to convert them. The police could still chase you and everything. Heck, instead of picking up prostitutes and/or killing them (as GTA is infamous for) you could hand them Bibles and that would be an awesome Christian video game

News Item6/24/06 9:20 PM
...especially when one considers the popularity of today's test or guarantee of salvation: sinners prayers, altar calls, concerts and/or "christian" sporting events/shows, salvation at the sign of speaking in tongues, etc....what a colorful amalgamation with not one iota of support from the Apostles of the Lord. If Scripture Alone was upheld and believed correctly, they wouldn't be hopping from one technique and show to another.

News Item6/24/06 8:29 PM
chas | phoenix  
Double AMEN MSC & Jerry!!!!

News Item6/24/06 8:18 PM
Sounds like something I can add to my list of that which manufactures false piety and false conversions.

News Item6/24/06 8:15 PM
Jerry | California  
I am so sick and tired of the sappy entertainment syndrome that is being propagated by so many churches today. Rock music, movies, plays, videogames, caffe lattes, fiction novels, and secular pop psychology preaching. Tim La Haye, Jerry Jenkins, Rick Warren and the rest of their ilk are the primary instigators of this facade. Aside from being bad theology, the "Left Behind" theory is a fiction of Tim La Haye's mind. And so many churches are buying into it. For those who have fallen prey to his heresy, please t ry reading "Last Days Madness" by Gary DaMar and "Before Jerusalem Fell" by Kenneth Gentry

News Item6/24/06 5:50 PM
chas | phoenix  
Evangelical shlockfest!
That pretty well describes about 90% of all modern 'christianity' doesn't it??
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