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APR 18, 2014
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FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014 | TIPS Subscribe to the breaking newsWhat is RSS?
SUNDAY, APR 23, 2006| 44 comments
Billy Graham statue to be unveiled at Southern Baptist meeting
At age 87, the Rev. Billy Graham can no longer stride to the pulpit and uses a walker to get around.

But a bronze statue to be unveiled by the Southern Baptist Convention will recall the evangelist in his prime. Created by a pastor and sculptor in Wyoming, the figure of Graham will stand larger than life with a Bible in one hand and arms outstretched before a giant cross.

It's a tribute to the man who ministered privately to American presidents and preached the Gospel to millions in packed stadiums.

The statue will be presented in June at the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting in Greensboro, N.C. - Graham's home state - and then will be moved to Nashville for a permanent installation later this year. ...

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News Item4/26/06 11:20 PM
Billy Bob | Texas  
does it matter? said: I'm glad you know that verse. It will help you through life.

billy bob from texas said (4/24/06 @ 11:19pm):

"there are so many so called christians in this forum who can do nothing but bash other christians... ie... Billy Graham, etc. You are on a witch hunt. No matter what your come back will be, you will answer to God one day for your words. You have the spirit of legalism which will lead many of you to hell."

He also said (4/26/06 @ 1:45am):

"Oh wow Dan! what a parable... NOT. blah blah blah all talk and no meat"

Proverbs 17:7 Excellent speech becometh not a fool: much less do lying lips a prince.


News Item4/26/06 4:10 PM
mike | mex  
Neil and Jim,
Amen. GG, we aren't promoting it. Sorry. Take your diatribe to another place. We are in agreement with you.
Imagine that.

News Item4/26/06 2:38 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Hmmm, did I ever say that Billy Graham was a Christian? If you ever seen some of his interviews with Larry King, you have that notion that Billy is a Christian dispelled. He does not talk like a Christian. The only time he sounds like a Christian is when he on a crusade and before the microphone. This is the only time he gives the proper message.

As the very short article on the Ian Paisley site, BG practices Ecumenism --with anti-Christian churches such as the Roman one. As again this booklet points out about Ecumenism,


News Item4/26/06 12:17 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Why the proud gloating? Few people on these forums have any hesitation about condemning So. Baptists (or BG in particular) for idolatry, ecumenism, or other outrages. No squirming here.

News Item4/26/06 9:31 AM
GG | USA - South of the Mason Dixon Line  
It is with fascination and relish that I note the SBC's recent excersion into Idolatry. If you're going to condemn Catholics for statues then you are going to have to bear some of the guilt. I can't wait for all those Baptists to get all squirmy, when someone asks them if they worship BG's statute. God has a wonder sense of irony.

News Item4/26/06 3:04 AM
does it matter?  
billy bob from texas said (4/24/06 @ 11:19pm):

"there are so many so called christians in this forum who can do nothing but bash other christians... ie... Billy Graham, etc. You are on a witch hunt. No matter what your come back will be, you will answer to God one day for your words. You have the spirit of legalism which will lead many of you to hell."

He also said (4/26/06 @ 1:45am):

"Oh wow Dan! what a parable... NOT. blah blah blah all talk and no meat"

Proverbs 17:7 Excellent speech becometh not a fool: much less do lying lips a prince.


News Item4/26/06 1:45 AM
billy bob | texas  
Oh wow Dan! what a parable... NOT. blah blah blah all talk and no meat

News Item4/25/06 2:34 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Funny thing about statues is, people would rather remember what their heroes looked like, instead of what they said. Anyway, BG is definitely a hero to many, in keeping with the personality cultism of our day, but in spite of doxologies like 1 Tim 1:17 & elsewhere.

News Item4/25/06 1:05 PM
CK | Tucson Az  
I think this statue of BG is a great idea. A reminder to all bible believing Christians what they can become if they lay down the simple doctrines of the faith and embrace universalism. Weak, apathetic, and a hindrance to those who are trying to enter into the kingdom of God. I am sorry to inform you, God doesn't love you just like you are that is precisely why he came to earth, died on the cross, that you may repent and be saved by his own precious blood.

News Item4/25/06 11:43 AM
mike | mex  
Very good Dan. Billy Bob, you have never thought of it like that before have you? I didn't think so. We ought to obey God rather than men.

News Item4/25/06 10:48 AM
Jeff | Fort Worth, TX  Contact via email
Excellent parable Dan

News Item4/25/06 10:44 AM
Dan | Tennessee  
But he defends himself with "Well, I've seen so many people who act so much like family members that surely the Patriarch couldn't really mean that they are not invited!" So it becomes clear to you that this man himself may not really be in the family since he thinks so little of the Patriarch's wishes ... so you start warning people about him ... only to be rebuked for being unloving and legalistic.

Are you going to stop warning folks about this false announcer or what? I mean this man says he loves the Patriarch and talks about him all the time but he just doesn't want anyone to be excluded from the family reunion. Isn't he a nice man? He thinks more of people that the Patriarch does. And if you just kept quiet would you be showing love and respect for the Patriarch or the same disregard?

Think about it.


News Item4/25/06 10:43 AM
Dan | Tennessee  
A parable for Billy Bob...

There's going to be a huge reunion of your extended family this Summer and the Patriarch of the family has appointed some elder family members to invite the rest of the family to the reunion. It is to be a general call using the media, billboards, whatever but the Patriarch wants it to be clearly stated that IT IS FOR FAMILY ONLY.

As Summer approaches you hear an advertisement on the radio announcing this reunion. The announcer claims to be in your extended family so you have to accept that because your family is so huge that you can't possibly know everyone. You accept it, that is, until you hear him say that EVERYONE is to come to the reunion. No qualification ... no mention of having to be a family member.

Now, since you know that the Patriarch is very aware of who is and who is not in his own family - and expects his directions to be followed concerning the reunion you contact this announcer and point out to him that he is not following the Patriarch's directive by inviting everyone without making it clear that only family is to attend.


News Item4/24/06 11:19 PM
billy bob | texas  
there are so many so called christians in this forum who can do nothing but bash other christians... ie... Billy Graham, etc. You are on a witch hunt. No matter what your come back will be, you will answer to God one day for your words. You have the spirit of legalism which will lead many of you to hell.

News Item4/24/06 2:49 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Lance, didn't I say Billy was a mouthpiece for God, now he might not be the typical Balaam, a hireling prophet, but he has enjoyed the power and fame of his position and like it says in Revelation,

Revelation 2
14 But I have a few things against thee: that thou hast there those who hold the doctrine of Balaam, who taught Balak to cast a snare before the sons of Israel, to eat [of] idol sacrifices and commit fornication.

as I can't point out often enough,
and the Ian Paisley article did point out the ecumenism of Graham. I would suggest that people read this -short- piece since it is true of Graham's behavior in the U.S. also.


News Item4/24/06 10:01 AM
Michael | Endicott, NY  
Jesus Christ Himself (do you believe Him?) stated - 'The Scripture cannot be broken.'

You may have a centuries old (and evolving by the way) RC Tradition but in every violation of the Word of God, the Scriptures it is damnable and deadly wrong and anyone, even Catholic people, should flee from it and return to the Scriptures.

After all 'Forever, O LORD, Thy Word is settled in heaven.'

After all, 'Heaven and earth may pass away but My word will never pass away.'


News Item4/24/06 9:44 AM
mike | mex  
John Yurich promoting spam. That's a funny funny one. Thank you to Jeff for that one.

Walt, good points on statues. I was recently in Gettysburg and saw a whole lot of statues of generals and soldiers. It's neat to see what they looked like and in no way did I bow down to any of them to worship or revere them. That is totally different than what RC's do. Nor do Protestants bow down to the Calvin, Zwingli or Luther statues to worship them.


News Item4/24/06 9:42 AM
Mike | New York  
John Yurich,

If you believe it is important to use real names, why do you not use yours?


News Item4/24/06 9:28 AM
Jeff | Fort Worth, TX  Contact via email

A: He is commonly known as Billy Graham


B: I have made it a point not to read your posts, as they are little more than Catholic spam on a Christian web site.


News Item4/24/06 9:21 AM
John Yurich | USA  

Why don't you state William Franklin Graham, Jr. like I did?

There are a total of 44 user comments displayed | add new comment |Subscribe to these comments
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