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JUL 13, 2014
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FRONT PAGE  |  7/13/2014
WEDNESDAY, MAR 22, 2006  |  37 comments
Blair slurs Protestants
Unionists have criticised Tony Blair over a reference he made to "Protestant extremists" during a speech on global terrorism and religious intolerance.

He said Muslims who committed acts of terrorism were no more true to their faith than the "Protestant bigot" who murdered Catholics in Northern Ireland.

Unionist politicians in Northern Ireland reacted angrily to Mr Blair's comments, with the DUP's Ian Paisley Junior saying it was a "studied insult of the Protestant community".

"The prime minister's comments, singling out Protestantism as a root cause of terrorism, is so unbalanced that it not only reveals (his) true nature, but also identifies a weakness in his judgements, his character and his understanding," he said. ...

CLICK HERE to Read Entire Article

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News Item3/29/06 9:24 AM
Pray tell us,how do you keep the LORDS DAY on a saturday?,and is it scriptural?
Also how is the mass CHRISTIAN,when its lies mixed with truth?
As for not bearing false witness,You OUGHT TO REPENT OF THAT ONE,as you worship letting others(your priest and those you sit with in chaple)believe your the same as them
Remember what the LORD SAID"you brake one,youv'e broke the lot".
"Examine yourselves,whether ye be in the faith;PROVE yourselves.Know ye not your own selves,how that JESUS CHRIST is in you,except ye be Reprobates(counterfeit).2 COR 13-5



News Item3/29/06 9:04 AM
You have already answered my questions and said that you know your church preaches lies and doctrines of devils,so why don't you obey GODS WORD and come out of her?.
If GOD commands that you come out of the papish church because of the lies and doctirnes,and you don't do it,THEN YOU REJECT GOD AND HIS WORD JN 12 48.

Before you rant on again about what is required for salvation,it is "BELIEVE "ON"THE LORD JESUS CHRIST",and as CHRIST is the WORS JN 1-1,then you reject HIM AND HIS WORD AND COMMANDMENTS .

btw,the HOLY SPIRIT does not mix lies and truth and doctrines of devils,nor would HE lead you into a place that does,but if you think he is leading you to stay in the papish church,then COME UP WITH SCRIPTURE TO BACK IT UP,cause the WORD OF GOD tells you to come out of the places that preach such nonesense 2COR 6-14=18,nor to give them the time of day 2 JN 10.
ROMANS 16-17=18


News Item3/29/06 8:17 AM
John Yurich | USA  

CONT. I keep holy the Lord's Day(Saturday Vigil Mass is considered to be the Lord's Day because it is exactly the same as Sunday Morning Mass), I do not covet, I do not take the name of the Lord in vain, I do not bear false witness and I honor my father and I honored my mother when she was alive.


News Item3/29/06 8:09 AM
John Yurich | USA  

If I was not really a Born Again Christian and not being led by the Holy Spirit would I have dispensed with the illogical and unscriptural RCC doctrines and the illogical and unscriptural parts to the Mass?

Anybody who thinks that someone who is not a Born Again Christian and not being led by the Holy Spirit would dispense with the illogical and unscriptural RCC doctrines and the illogical and unscriptural parts to the Mass is not thinking logically and analytically because logic dictates that if someone is not a Born Again Christian and not being led by the Holy Spirit then they would not have the ability to disepense with the illogical and unscriptural RCC doctrines and the illogical and unscriptural parts to the Mass because they would not have the Holy Spirit guiding them but instead they would be influenced by Satan.

Why do you keep stating that I hate Gods Word The Holy Bible? Just who do you think you are anyway to state that and to state that I am not a Born Again Christian? What it states in John 14-15 about keeping the Commandments that is referring to the Ten Commandments and I keep the Ten Commandments because I do not have any false gods, I do not pray to or bow down to idols, I do not steal, I do not kill, I do not commit adultery, CONT.


News Item3/29/06 7:50 AM
The real reason your staying in the papish church is,because your not a born again christian,you love the mass, and YOU HATE GODS WORD,as CHRIST says "if you love me,keep my commandments"JN 14-15.
You love the mixture of lies and truth righteousness and unrighteousness and pick and chouse whatever suits your lifestyle.



News Item3/28/06 2:09 PM
John Yurich | USA  

I do not know what you are referring to about those auto save clipboard machines. I never heard of those machines before. There is not that much difference between Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy. The only difference between Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy is that Eastern Orthodoxy does not recognize the authority of the Roman Catholic Pope because some Eastern Orthodox Churches have their own Pope. In the local RC Church that I attend there are no paintings on the walls. The walls are totally bare.

The reason that I am choosing to remain in the Roman Catholic Church is that I do not like the non liturgical worship services that Fundamentalist and Evangelical Protestant Churches have and I do not like that in Fundamentalist and Evangelical Protestant Churches that everybody is expected to fellowship and engage in interpersonal communication face to face with other individuals. And in Fundamentalist and Evangelical Protestant Churches nobody can sit in the back of the church away from everybody and worship Christ by themselves.


News Item3/24/06 4:45 PM
Should read "Orthodox, or Mainline protestant, or for that matter most Fundamentalist or Evangelical Protestant Churches as well"

News Item3/24/06 4:42 PM
Hey I just realized El Johnito "You're Rich" Yurich must have one of those auto save clipboard machines that we all needs to get our hands on!!! Don't it seem on most of his posts he pastes the following comment whether it had anything to do with the post or not:

"If you stated that church membership does not count toward salvation then why do you keep stating that everybody who receives Christ as their Savior has to leave the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church or Mainline Protestant Churches and join a Fundamentalist or Evangelical Protestant Church?"

Well first of all RC is a lot different then theology of Orthodox, mainline protestant. RC is a weeligin all to itself with the popian clan and all their michevious elves. I think you stay with them cause you like all the michelangelo paintings on the walls. Yea well just go to the art gallery for that
and don't let your name be found to associate with that fraudulent popian Clan at the least.


News Item3/24/06 3:32 PM
"The Protestant doctrines that I have are not heretical."

Can't argue with that!


News Item3/24/06 3:06 PM
John Yurich | USA  
Nebraska Jim,

The Protestant doctrines that I have are not heretical. I do not believe that Baptism or the Sacraments have anything to do with salvation. There is only one thing that is required for salvation and that is to receive Christ as Savior. Why did you refer to the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick as the last rites? It is not called the last rites anymore. It is called Anointing of the Sick. If you stated that church membership does not count toward salvation then why do you keep stating that everybody who receives Christ as their Savior has to leave the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church or Mainline Protestant Churches and join a Fundamentalist or Evangelical Protestant Church?


News Item3/24/06 2:42 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
One has to realize that Tony Blair is beleaguered by scandals in his government. He even had to depend on the Conservatives to help pass his education bill. I will say that Ian Paisley Jr. is right on the money.

John, you are quite correct that you are a Roman Catholic until your priest finds out about your heretical ideas. Usually heretical ideas are overlooked. As long as you are baptized in the Roman church and have its last rites, you have fooled God and get into heaven with a free pass. This is foolishness at its height of course. With a Catholic it is that church that you attend that counts, for a Christian it is what you believe.

Quite correct, Protestant from the UK


News Item3/23/06 12:41 PM
GG | USA  
I'll buy that!

News Item3/23/06 12:35 PM
Protestant | UK  
Protestants who commit terrorist atrocities are not Christians.
Romanists who commit terrorist atrocities are not Christians.
Muslims who commit terrorist atrocities are Muslims.

News Item3/23/06 12:04 PM
Neil | Tucson  
Just any 'ol church will do. Gotta keep expectations low.

News Item3/23/06 10:58 AM
John Yurich | USA  

It is true that theologically I am both Roman Catholic and Protestant because I have a combination of Roman Catholic and Protestant(Lutheran and Evangelical or Fundamentalist) beliefs but as far as the RCC is concerned I am just an RC because I only attend the RCC.


News Item3/23/06 10:49 AM
Arthur | Scotland  
Why John I thought you said you were an evangelical who protested against the unScriptural "bits of the mass."

That would mean that you too are an evangelical protestant, working in the RCC.


News Item3/23/06 10:42 AM
John Yurich | USA  
Blair is right that Fundamentalist and Evangelical Protestants are Protestant extremists for preaching hatred toward any church that is not a Fundamentalist or Evangelical Protestant Church.

Where does it state in the Bible that the only True Churches are the Fundamentalist and Evangelical Protestant Churches?

Where does it state in the Bible that when everybody stands before Christ after they pass away that Christ will require for enrance into Heaven that they had belonged to a Fundamentalist or Evangelical Protestant Church in addition to having received Him as their Savior?

If anybody states that Christ will require of everybody to gain entrance into Heaven that they had belonged to a Fundamentalist or Evangelical Protestant Church in addition to having received Him as their Savior then they would be adding another requirement onto salvation. And as anybody should know who has heard Fundamentalist preachers on television there is only one requirement for salvation and that is to receive Christ as Savior.


News Item3/23/06 10:24 AM
Vic | NC USA  
From what I`ve read of Blair`s statements on the Koran, perhaps he is on his way to converting to Islam?

News Item3/23/06 10:21 AM
GG | USA  
Yep...a mis-type. Sorry, but I believe the founding of the RCC was a direct act of God, while the carneval of the 16th century, known as the Reformation, was caused by misguided people. Actually, Arthur I consider you a brother....BUT...I know what you think of don't bother to respond. I wish that I could believe in your declaration of being in the "True Faith", unfortunately your words say something completely contrary.

News Item3/23/06 10:11 AM
Arthur | Scotland  
Did you mean mendacity with an "N" in the middle.?
The reason for the Reformation which God caused in the 16th century was to bring His people away from such influences as mendacity.

The point I made about Blair was just one of the disagreements, we in the True Faith have against him and his Liberal religion.
One day dear old Tony will be one of your brothers in the RCC, clearly he is working towards that end. Perhaps your sister Cherie, his wife, is schooling him in the antiChristian ways already. And that is what we hear in his *mendacious* speeches.

There are a total of 37 user comments displayed | add new comment |Subscribe to these comments
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