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APR 21, 2015
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FRONT PAGE  |  4/21/2015
SATURDAY, FEB 4, 2006  |  24 comments
Churches tackle game day attendance
Super Bowls often intercept some football fans who would normally attend church services, but area ministers are staying on offense this year. Many are not changing their game plans, while others are using schedule changes, special events and special promotions to get people inside church doors.

No records are kept for Sundays with the lowest participation, but local clergy say the big game does take a toll on church attendance.

Churches with night services have the most difficult time. That's why First Baptist Church starts its night service at 4 p.m. — two hours earlier — on Super Bowl Sunday and encourages Sunday school classes to host Super Bowl parties as an evangelistic effort. ...

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News Item2/13/06 9:00 PM
Pele | New York Cosmos  
"Football can be a great way to reach America for Christ."

Hardly! Football can't even reach America for football.
Not even by having America host the FIFA`World Cup in 1994.
They also need to move the games off the Lord's Day, including the final.


News Item2/13/06 8:05 PM
I think you'd be one to take my advice to toss the tube. It's evidently too hard to put a game on hold for God and his decrees. Like I said: Go to church. Let the game worry about itself. If that's too hard, toss the tube. It's that easy...and also whether the Roman arena sports are different or not from football does not matter.

"No wonder the church today is so out of touch and seems irrelevant for many unbelievers."

I'd rather go to an "irrelevant" church than to bow my knee to the ways of secular society. The Church is NOT authorized by its Founder to please the world in any manner.

And last but not least:

"Sunday school classes to host Super Bowl parties as an evangelistic effort"

Yeah, I think I read about the Apostles holding things like this at the Roman arenas, so it must be scriptural.....NOT!.


News Item2/13/06 7:58 PM
coora | Australia  
Times have certainly changed. My dad tells me that when he was young he was only allowed to read Christian books and sing hymns on a Sunday. No playing outside was permitted.

News Item2/13/06 7:40 PM
sgyds | general's location  
I wonder if anyone's ever been to a place, where the people were mad because the outsiders couldn't see their clothes.

Who knows what they might have offered them. Pragmatism. Now, that ones hard to pull down.


News Item2/13/06 7:13 PM
Eric | Cali  
You know, Jesus never asked the disciples to pray the prayer "I now accept you, Jesus, as my Lord and Savior, the forgiver of my sins, etc etc" He asked the disciples to follow Him. So if Jesus never asked the disciples to pray the prayer, when did they become Christians? Was it when Peter confessed that Jesus is the Christ? Probably not because Jesus then proceeds to say to Peter, "Get behind me Satan" Jesus asks the disciples over and over again to follow Him, to die for the sake of the gospel, following Him on the path of the cross. Thus, it would not be heretical to compare following Jesus to following a coach. We must contextualize the Gospel in a manner that our generation will understand. This doesn't mean live according to our culture, but Jesus did not tell us to come out of the world, only to be not of it. Football can be a great way to reach America for Christ.

News Item2/13/06 7:13 PM
Eric | Cali  
We could apply football when sharing Jesus with football lovers. For instance, follow Jesus can be compared to allowing him to be your coach. This means that Jesus gets to call every play in your life. In your finances, romantic life, where you live, how you live, how you love, ask Jesus to be your coach and call the plays of your life, instead of doing it your way. Jesus calls us to follow Him as a coach asks his players to follow him. Will we give him the authority and trust Him with our lives?

News Item2/13/06 7:12 PM
Eric | Cali  
In the end, humans look at outward appearances, going to church on Sundays, doing this and doing that. But God looks at our hearts and our lives. I went to church and watched the superbowl, does that mean I won't be going to heaven now because I am a part of a satanic sport? No wonder the church today is so out of touch and seems irrelevant for many unbelievers. Instead of condemning this sport, and I agree there are ungodly aspects of it, (materialism, Janet Jackson), we should reclaim it and redeem for Jesus.

News Item2/13/06 7:11 PM
Eric | Cali  
I have several responses to the previous comments

1. Football cannot be compared to the gladiator arena of the Roman Empire. The point of the game is not to kill others or injure others. Should there be any professional sports? After all, God does say, every good and perfect gift comes from Him. There are many God fearing athleles who use their wealth and influence for the Kingdom. As for football players playing in games on Sundays instead of going to church, where in the Bible does it say you have to go to church on Sunday? Can't you go to church on Saturday or any other day? There is no need to be Pharisee-like on this issue. God is working everywhere all the time. Don't limit His work to purely "religious" activities, that is, going to church. Is football a sport of violence? I think not. It is a contact sport, no doubt, but many sports contain a violent element. For example, in soccer, red and yellow cards, in basketball, fouls, and baseball, wild pitches and collisions. Are all these sports of the devil?


News Item2/13/06 11:30 AM
Ken | Omaha  
Whose voice is speaking in the following statement - the Voice of the Prince of Peace or the voice of the Prince of Darkness?

Statement: I will do all I can to trip you up, make you fall, stop your progress.

Why do we call it a sport when it embodies the principles of darkness?


News Item2/6/06 1:42 PM
Mike from Delaware has spoken the truth, especially quoting that verse: "Little children, keep yourself from idols." This really does apply literally to children steeped in today's world of "fame and fortune" via the TV medium.

News Item2/6/06 12:56 PM
Mike N. from Delaware  
some atheletes claim to be Christian but who do they choose when their game is on Sunday ? God/church or the Game/money?
pro sports is something people should not get paid for as it is not productive its only a recreational activity, i'm no fan of sports since they are overpaid and murmer all the time. many people are addicted to sports idols as well as other celebrities .(little children keep yourself from idols)

News Item2/6/06 11:10 AM
Neil | Tucson  
Sports idolatry is nothing new. The Eastern Roman Empire had chariot-racing fanatics who rioted in the streets:

I almost never watch sports myself, but I made an exception for this year's Rose Bowl. I couldn't pass up a game between two undefeated teams, & I wasn't disappointed. Much talent on both sides.


News Item2/6/06 10:50 AM
Tony Borrelli | (Suburban Philadelphia) usa  Contact via email
I know that I am risking being cast as a crumedgeon (a.k.a. "hopelessly old fashioned person living in the past), BUT, on Monday, December 26, 1960 (day after Christmas, & a workday to boot) I spent $13.00 and took an .18 bus ride from my home in West Philadelphia to Franklin Field and watched the NFL championship game between the Green Bay Packers & the Philadelphia Eagles. The kick-off was 1 P.M. There were 14 men on the field that day that went to the Hall of Fame. The game was over & I was home in time for supper. Neither the Rolling Stones, nor Janet Jackson performed. Half time entertainment was a local High School band. Football, like all professional & college sports have ceased to be recreation & have joined movies & T.V. as IDOLATRY.

News Item2/5/06 3:33 PM
Very true, Dan.

News Item2/5/06 11:46 AM
If those in the "church" want to worship the god of sports, then they need to be separated from so they can repent of their sin and come back restored. The OSAS and pretrib teachings do not excuse anyone from this idolatry.

News Item2/5/06 8:29 AM
Walt | Michigan  
"Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them." (Rom.16:17)

News Item2/5/06 8:27 AM
Walt | Michigan  
"Some one will therefore ask me what counsel I would like to give to a believer who thus dwells in some Egypt or Babylon where he may not worship God purely, but is forced by the common practice to accommodate himself to bad things.

The first advice would be to leave [i.e. relocate--GB] if he could. .. . If someone has no way to depart, I would counsel him to consider whether it would be possible for him to abstain from all idolatry in order to preserve himself pure and spotless toward God in both body and soul.

***Then let him worship God in private*** (at home--RB), praying him to restore his poor church to its right estate" (John Calvin, Come Out From Among Them, The Anti-Nicodemite Writings of John Calvin, Protestant Heritage Press, "A Short Teatise," pp. 93-94, emphases added.


News Item2/5/06 7:19 AM
Michael | Endicott, New York  
Original Cheryl, Arminian, KJO, post-trib rapture,

I have no intention of using God's name in vain. And somehow I have never found Gee, was a name of God. Well maybe to a member of the Masonic Lodge but that would be another story.

But to acknowledge your sensibilities I will in the future plan on using..

Ah, Let us consider.... or something similar

Secure, God Fearing, Pre-Trib rapture


News Item2/4/06 10:14 PM
Original Cheryl, Arminian, KJO, post-trib rapture  
I don't think we should say "Gee" -- especially on a Christian forum.

It's using God's name in vain, even as a cussword.


News Item2/4/06 8:44 PM
Michael | Endicott, New York  
Gee, If we can cancel church on Christmas day .......
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