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AUG 18, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  8/18/2017
SATURDAY, JAN 14, 2006  |  22 comments
Anti-abortion ad on BART angers activists
Bay Area abortion-rights activists say a Roman Catholic group's advertisements on hundreds of BART trains and in scores of stations -- attacking the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision and asking "Abortion: Have we gone too far?" -- have gone too far in a region known for its progressive politics.

Many of the ads have been torn down or defaced since the campaign began three weeks ago.

"I think every woman has noticed them,'' said Suzanne "Sam" Joi, a member of Code Pink, a social justice and anti-war group. "I couldn't believe BART would allow something like this. Why are they doing this?'' ...

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· Page 1 ·  Found: 22 user comment(s)
News Item1/29/06 1:54 AM
Dave | Arizona  Contact via email
Who cares about offending the humanist, so what! God is offended by our sinful and shameful acts. God hates sin and he hates sinners as well. God is angry with the wicked everyday and it is only by His mercy and grace that we are not cast into hell right now.

News Item1/22/06 3:36 AM
Christian Brothers and Sisters,
Take time now as you read this to lift my family up in prayer. My wife and I have separated and need your prayers for repentance and reconciliation. Forgive me for interrupting, but I believe in prayer. God bless you all for you prayers.

News Item1/16/06 10:42 AM
Tony Borrelli | (Suburban Philadelphia) usa  Contact via email
Suzanne Joi a member of "Code Pink" a social justice and anti-war group, was outraged by the anti-abortion message. I guess her justice does not extend to an unborn child. I suppose waging war against the helpless unborn is o-k. I guess "Code Pink" thinks it o-k to kill a female before she even gets a chance to be put in a pink blanket. What an ignorant hypocrite !
Re: political leaders: Remember God said of Nebuchadnezzar "my servant", and of Pharoah, "It is for this reason that I have raised him up". Yes He does raise up evil rulers-when His people desire evil, He turns them over to it until they have enough of it that they are ready to vomit. Apparently not enough of us in the "western world" have enough of evil yet. When enough of us do, we will get the righteous leaders we want. Of all the kings of Israel and Judah, only a handful were righteous, because during the history of the Hebrew people there were only a few times when they desired righteousness. We reap what we sow.

News Item1/15/06 6:56 PM
Jessica Dawson | Canada  
Dear Friends In Christ,

I feel like crying when I think about when I was a 15 year old girl, having Doctors and a Government Worker, who tried to convince me to have an abortion. I was threatened that I was ruining my life and yelled at. When I was in labour, the nurses were nasty to me telling me I was too young to be having a baby (calling me dearie), even the janitor came in after the birth (C-Section) and angrily said I was too young to be having a baby.

My friend works at a Pregnancy Crisis Center, and it has been under attack by the "Pro-Abortionists".

When Joe Clark was running Prime Minister; He made a comment about abortion to a crowd of older women, he said he was "For a Woman's Right To Choose". The women went wild with praise for him, cheering and flailing their arms. I thought it seemed strange that all these women; would be cheering for an occasion, that would cause their Grandchildren to be aborted.

I remember when I first started Political Activism; I would get angry, feel defeated, cry, my insides felt like they were churning, I would walk around the house ranting. Now I find that the less angry, emotional and distraught I get, the more I am able to get done.

God loves us so much! May we show God's love to a fallen world!


News Item1/15/06 6:30 PM
Jessica Dawson | Canada  
Keeping Fighting The Good Fight!

Dear "Still Here", I know it is very upsetting what The Liberal Government has done. In The Leaders debate between Stockwell Day and Jean Chretien; the case of Robin Sharpe in Vancouver was going before The Courts. Robin Sharp had been charged with the use of Child Pornography; Jean Chretien defended Robin Sharp's right under The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to look at the material. I had a petition going at the time against child pornography and it was like pulling tooth and nail to get 1000 signatures. A BC Ferry in a small community was going to be shut down and in no time they had though-sands of signatures. I couldn't even find anyone to help me, except one laundromat who kept the petition on their counter and some Churches. Most people were not up on the issue and many Canadians base their vote on economic growth and their personal conveniences.

Canadians still chose to vote for Jean Chretien, then Paul Martin became his successor after being his Finance Minister. Under Paul Martin's Liberal Government the age of consent for sexual relations was lowered to 14 years old, under the same Liberal Government, sex clubs has been made legal. This dangerous combination puts Canadian youth at a great risk.



News Item1/15/06 6:10 PM
Jessica Dawson | Canada  
God bless you forever "Still Here"

OK, Thank you for stating you are on my side; perhaps it is all a "Factor X" situation, for upon reading the posts they indeed look in response to what I had posted. Yet men judge outward appearances and God judges the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Take care and may The Lord richly bless you in all things, with the temperance and meekness of The Lord thus drawing many souls to Christ!


News Item1/15/06 6:08 PM
Still Here  
Sorry I just got mad (not at you) when I started thinking about the Canadian liberal government and all the abortions they permit, etc. and all the other evil leaders in the world that started my thinking to start the post, not about you personally at all. God bless.

News Item1/15/06 6:01 PM
Still Here  
"God picks all rulers, both the good and the bad." I think this is a lie from Satan himself. God ordained government, his will is not to support and ordain wickedness and servants of satan.

If you believe that crap Jim then you should not stand against anything or fight against anything in your entire lifetime, as in that view everything that ever happens is ordained by God, so you would be attempting to fight God's will to oppose anything that ever happens.

"I have read much literature of the persecutions of Christians in other Countries; like a young boy whom children killed because he was a Christian, by putting a stick up his a*nus, Christian women having their breasts burned off by Muslim extremists, then having to watch their babies die because they can't breast feed them.".....continued...


News Item1/15/06 6:00 PM
Jessica Dawson | Canada  
God bless you "Still Here"

I made certain comments and you made responses to those comments. I was talking about the climate in Canada; Hoping and praying that Canada would be reigning in righteousness, then you made comments in response to that.

If you will re-read my post; then read your posts, it appears that you are making a response to my comments. If you only read the article, then did not read my post, I don't see how you would come up with what you did?

The Lord be with you!


News Item1/15/06 6:00 PM
Still Here  

Jessica I am on your side totally here believe me ok, I personally believe in using violence to stop or even kill such people who do such demonic crimes, and I would never accept anyone who claimed that these acts were God's will, or these people were chosen/ordained by God to commit such acts. If I am a heretic for believing such, then so I am and so I will die.

And Jessica I read your comments just now and understand I am not against you in anything you have said but on your side, may God bless you above all those evil doers and grant you all your prayers.

All those evil doers will pay the price and may God stop all of their evil as none of it was ordained by or is the will of God, but the will of Satan.

Only fools and heretics could claim any such evil deeds are the will of God referring to what happened to you or to all those people you mentioned. In the end God will deliver us all from such evil in Jesus for all eternity, and all these acts that are the will of Satan will one day end.


News Item1/15/06 5:45 PM
Still Here  
""Still Here", I am hurt that you seemed to make so many posts slamming me! "

This is the first time I posted here, I don't know how you ever thought I was talking about you at all Jessica as i was not. I don't know you or who you are.

All I was referring to was the rabid dog like activists who tore down signs opposing abortion, and also talking about the evil leaders we have in Canada and how God will no doubt let them continue to win again in the election to continue to do their evil no matter how much we pray for the opposite as He lets all the evil go on in other nations when there are believers there too. I am angry and talking about the evildoers, not about you at all ok.

Nothing whatsoever I said was pointed at you, so do not ever accept anything that comes in your mind that would say I was, that is a lying voice meant to torment you. I agree with you in your prayer for Canada as I live there too, I just don't know if God will answer our prayers in this life, that is all I mean. But in eternity in Jesus He has and all this evil we see here will end one day.


News Item1/15/06 5:21 PM
Mike | New York  
"God picks all rulers, both the good and the bad."

So He planted Hitler, then raised up Churchill and Roosevelt to fight him. Picked Hirohito to bomb Pearl Harbor, then selected Truman to obliterate Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Chose Stalin to rule the USSR, just so 20,000,000 could die under him. And I thought war and genocide were the result of man acting out his sin nature. You learn something new every day.


News Item1/15/06 5:14 PM
Jessica Dawson | Canada  
The Voice of The Martyrs Canada, not only monitors the climate for Christians in Countries like China, Vietnam, India and Turkmenistan. They monitor the Climate for Christians in Canada, such as Christian Highschool Counselor Chris Kempling. They study the historical patterns of Christian persecution and how "Gay Marriage" in Canada will have a "cause and effect" reaction in society, where Christians may be further persecuted in Canada.

I have read much literature of the persecutions of Christians in other Countries; like a young boy whom children killed because he was a Christian, by putting a stick up his a*nus, Christian women having their breasts burned off by Muslim extremists, then having to watch their babies die because they can't breast feed them.

God has given me the grace to be able to lobby against sexual exploitation, not only in Canada, but on behalf of people in other Countries.

Much of my life is torment and suffering as I have had head injuries and am becoming crippled at a young age. I pray God give me the grace; to use my liberty as a Canadian (Such as Paul using his liberty as a Roman), to speak out for others who are hurting. I would like to be encouraged in this difficult task by my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, that we may be one in Christ.


News Item1/15/06 4:57 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
It is too bad that many of you didn't get to listen to Gil Rugh's sermon this morning of January the 15th. God picks all rulers, both the good and the bad. This sermon should be up on our site here on SermonAudio soon, or some older ones can be found on the subject at:

And the sermon about the future of world governments,

Most of us on this forum are blessed by God to be in countries that have freedom of speech. You have to say one thing, these riders on BART don't fall asleep, failing to get off at their stops anymore. It is a shame that one of the few things that the Catholic Church has right, is attacked.


News Item1/15/06 4:41 PM
Jessica Dawson | Canada  
"These kinds of activists remind me of Rabid dogs, unleashed frothing hate ready to kill anyone in their path."

"Still Here", I am hurt that you seemed to make so many posts slamming me! Then you refer to the activists as "Rabid dogs"! What did I do that was so offensive to you? Mocking at me how Christian women in other countries get raped! As if I think it is OK in other Countries but not in Canada.

Many people here know that I have Schizophrenia; and I have been hospitalized and institutionalized in the past. I have been sexually assaulted and attacked while being hospitalized and institutionalized.

I have had a loved one give me a concussion while I kept telling them that Jesus loved them, they threatened to kill me if I didn't stop saying that! Too bad I didn't stop saying "Jesus loves you" while I was being beaten, because I wouldn't be here reading your offensive comments!

I was pregnant at 15 and had doctors and even a social worker try to convince me to have an abortion. I love my son and don't want to see other young women coerced by the so called "Pro-Choice" movement. It is often not even a young women's choice, it is something they have been coerced to do.


News Item1/15/06 1:52 AM
Still Here  
These kinds of activists remind me of Rabid dogs, unleashed frothing hate ready to kill anyone in their path.

"Many of the ads have been torn down or defaced since the campaign began three weeks ago."


News Item1/15/06 12:27 AM
Still Here  
Anyways no matter what ends up being God's will or not in the end, I am still going to continue to pray and ask God to stop the evil and protect and bless the people in my prayers and believe He can do it.

News Item1/15/06 12:01 AM
Still Here  
I guess you can consider me a calvinist, but I don't accept the idea that everything that happens is the wishes/will of God.

Take all the abortions that occur all over the world, not only in Canada. How many Christian pray and fast all over the world that such things stop? Does God care? Yes He must care, but He still doesn't stop it, it just gets worse and worse. WHAT is it all the will/wishes of God? I THINK NOT. If you tell me all this evil is the wishes of God I will die telling you that you are a moronic idiot. If I go to hell for it, oh boo hoo.

If He doesn't make an exception for my Christian friend who was raped, tortured, abused, murdered, why should He give me or you some exception (the theory that only the most righteous of Christian's prayers avail much)?

Yes I hope/pray that I am wrong and that God will make an exception and stop some of the evil in the world, along with the prayers of millions of other true believers, but I think I have to wait until the next life to really see any of that sometimes from the stuff I see happen every day without any ceasing.


News Item1/14/06 11:49 PM
Still Here  
It seems God lets sin do everything it can by human hands in this life, then after Jesus returns is the only time things will actually stop or change in reality. Of course God can stop it all, or do anything He wishes at this moment, including stopping Christian women and children (and men too) getting raped or tortured who pray to God for protection from such things, but God doesn't stop it. Why doesn't God stop it? Have you ever asked that question to yourself, do you really believe it was God's will?

But if He makes some exception for Canada, I am all for that as I live there too. To me I see nothing except Liberals continuing to rule and allow all the sin no matter how many Christains pray for it to stop, or how righteous they are or how much they pray and fast.

It seems like all we are to do is save souls and allow our bodies to all evil people in this life to let them do as they wish to us, (resist not evil) as we may save some souls in the process and glorify God by doing this.......


News Item1/14/06 11:49 PM
Still Here  
If God lets people like Kim Jong-il, Hu Jintao, etc to continue to live and have their way to kill, torture, abort etc. millions of people every day with Christian people praying such things not happen to them or their country, why would God make some exemption for Canada?

This is the time of evil and sin and I question the theology that says God will answer any such prayers in these times because the examples all through history and the present seem to show the opposite. I guess one may say God makes exceptions for some believers and protects them, but nobody can tell me it was God's will that some christian woman or girl was raped, for His glory, bla bla even though they prayed to be protected......

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