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FRONT PAGE  |  5/24/2015
Choice News SATURDAY, JUN 25, 2005  |  30 comments
Graham kicks off final crusade

The Rev. Billy Graham preaches on the first night of his three-day crusade at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in the Queens borough of New York Friday, June 24, 2005. (Gregory Bull / AP)

NEW YORK -- Despite illnesses that have diminished his once powerful voice and left him frail, the Rev. Billy Graham vowed to preach each night of his final American crusade. He kept that promise Friday night, the start of a three-day event at a city park that marks the completion of his six decades of mass meetings.

Before a crowd of about 60,000, Graham took the stage using a walker and leaning on his son and successor, the Rev. Franklin Graham, who stayed nearby in case his father was unable to go on.

But the ailing Graham, 86, was able to stand during his nearly 30-minute sermon. It was slightly shorter than expected and he appeared to tire at the end, yet he spoke clearly, mixing his message of salvation in Jesus with anecdotes and humor.

Noting the struggles of the New York Yankees and Mets playing that evening, he even asked the crowd to pray for them both. ...

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· Page 1 ·  Found: 30 user comment(s)
News Item7/9/05 7:03 AM
John Yurich | USA  
Russell L. Harris,

Well isn't the only reason to take Christ as Savior is to go to Heaven when pass away? Wasn't the reason that Christ was crucified was to save mankind from Hell? If there is only one way to get saved and that is to take Christ as Savior then why do you Evangelical Protestants keep adding other requirements on to salvation by stating joining an Evangelical Protestant Church is also a requirement for salvation?


News Item7/5/05 9:09 AM
rick meyers | florida  
As it turned out, Graham was the one who issued the invitation to the Clintons, whom he referred to as "wonderful friends" and "a great couple."

----- Original Message -----
From: McGinn, Sam

Subject: Statement from Franklin Graham



News Item7/3/05 6:43 PM
Michael | Kyoto, Japan  Contact via email
Jim, I have seen that article you referred to, as well as heard other sermons that criticize Mr. Graham. Some on this blog and in the sermon audio messages say that Graham preaches a false gospel by supporting the Catholic church, etc. While these are concerns no doubt, I think it is more accurate to say that Graham preaches "whosoever will may come." and this makes him appear more inclusive than separatist Christian preachers. Yet, it is not wise to condemn Graham, nor any other preacher who preaches the gospel. Also, I have studied the Billy Graham website, and there Billy clearly states that repentance is an important and necessary part of the faith in Jesus Christ. So he preaches and teaches that the gift of eternal life is free, and does NOT at all say that saints should not persevere to the end (also a grace of God in my opinion). So most people think that Graham has preached the simple AND complete gospel for many years, which he has. Though he has made some statements that some might disagree with, Graham is by NO means a false gospel preacher. He is a brother in Christ, and a man who humbly fears God, and loves people, wanting all to come to repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus.

News Item7/3/05 10:58 AM
Joey Zovich | san diego california  Contact via email
Why are we openly critisizing Billy Graham? Isn't God sovereng? And hasn't he used Mr. Graham to get the gospel message out?

It's a sad day when we become to heavenly minded that we are no earthly good. God has used Mr. Graham to reach countless thosands including president's and kings.
I wonder how many of us critisize Paul for the way he preached the gospel in Athens?

As for correcting Mr Graham ever think of doing it biblically (confronting him in a one on one dialogue first)

As far as I'm concerned, if we spent half the time sharing the gospel with the lost as we do disecting one anothers presentation of the gospel I believe that there would be a huge impact for Christ




News Item6/29/05 11:03 PM
Russell L. Harris | Houston, Texas  Contact via email
John Yurich - Salvation (according to the true Gospel of the Scripture) is a way of life which begins with repentance and faith and which demands sacrifice and endurance to the very end.

Billy Graham and countless other men of his ilk (pseudo-evangelists) promote false gospels in which salvation is nothing more than an "insurance policy" which guarantees that you go to Heaven when you die, no matter how you live.

According to Graham and company, all that matters is a momentary decision, confirmed by a "public profession" of faith (walking down the aisle being sufficient). But the Scripture teaches otherwise.

Hatred for Graham? No. But to remain silent when a false gospel is proclaimed is to demonstrate indifference or even hatred toward the perishing, who are in need of the true Gospel of the Kingdom.


News Item6/29/05 7:20 PM
John Yurich | USA  
Anyone who would criticise Graham has hatred in their heart and is not being very Christ like. Graham has always preached about the need to become Born Again by taking Christ as Savior. Just because Graham does not tell the Non Evangelicals who come forward to take Christ as Savior that they have to join an Evangelical Protestant Church does not mean that Graham is a false teacher. It isn't any ministers business what church someone who has taken Christ as Savior decides to belong to after taking Christ as Savior just as long as the church adheres to the doctrine of the Holy Trinity(Deity of Christ also). When I took Christ as Savior at my brothers Non Denominational Church and if the minister had stated that I had to leave the Catholic Church and join an Evangelical Protestant Church then I would have told the minister that it was none of his business what church I decided to belong to after having taken Christ as Savior just as long as the church believed in the Holy Trinity(Deity of Christ also).

News Item6/28/05 2:12 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Gentlemen! How can you ignore this very short article about Mr. Graham!


News Item6/28/05 2:49 AM
Chris M | Australia  
Hey, if you think Billy's silly then check out this loony Lutheran pastor:

Only in America


News Item6/27/05 11:40 PM
Russell L. Harris | Houston, Texas  Contact via email
Michael, My criticism of Billy Graham does not center about his embrace of universalism.

I repeatedly have called attention to the fact that the Gospel of the Bible -- which is none other than the Gospel of the Kingdom of God -- calls for repentance and faith, and demands sacrifice and endurance.

The Gospel is far, far more than the trite promise, "Make a decision now for Jesus, and when you die you can be confident of going to Heaven."

A resonably-comprehensive presentation of the Gospel cannot possibly take place in the brief allotment of 30 minutes in which Graham typically speaks. Half a day hardly is adequate.

The "gospel" which Billy Graham proclaims is false, not so much because of universalism, but because of the multitude of essentials of which it makes no mention.


News Item6/27/05 11:15 PM
Dan | Tennessee  

I understand what you are saying. We should make sure he is "proclaiming the true gospel". But does consistency count for anything? Is it ok for him to also preach a false gospel when he's not on stage in a crusade?

Even if the Devil were preaching a simple gospel message we should rejoice that "Christ is preached" as Paul says in Phil 1:18 but that doesn't mean we should support the preacher/Devil. And though God may quicken one of His elect as a false teacher proclaims the word we must remember that it is the word that God uses to do the quickening. It would be as effective if a donkey were speaking it.

This preacher we are discussing has directed many "deciders" toward the Roman Catholic Religion if that was their background. I can't think of many things that would be as damnable as that.

Billy may proclaim the true gospel but out of the same mouth also comes the false "gospel" of universalism. Please listen to at least the first 12 minutes of

This is the audio page of National Radio Call-in (Ecumenism Documentary) by Rev. David DiCanio. You'll hear from their own mouths what Robert Schuller and Billy Graham really believe ... which is universalism. Not exactly "the true gospel".


News Item6/27/05 9:00 PM
Daniel Lee Ford | Spring Arbor, Mich.  
Bill, Hillary Clinton Use Billy Graham to Gain Political Ground : disappointed that Graham too friendly with the morally bankrupt

National Clergy Council president Rev. Rob Schenck walked out on his role model Billy , even though he's a longtime admirer of Billy Graham. But when the soon to retire evangelist announced to NBC's Katie Couric in a recent interview that he is a life-long Democrat, it took a few points away from that admiration.

Mr. Schenck has met Dr. Graham personally and has attended his schools of evangelism and conferences for itinerant evangelists.

"I'm disappointed that my role model of 25 years retained his membership in a party that promotes the expansion of abortion and homosexual marriage," said Mr. Schenck, who , after he saw the Clintons exploit the aging Graham, couldn't bear to stay and hear him preach.

"I was stunned and appalled," said Schenck, who left the Flushing Meadows Park as Graham was still complimenting the Clintons.

"Whoever replaces him will need to hold unequivocal stands on these two paramount moral issues[abortion and homosexual marriage]."


News Item6/27/05 8:57 PM
Daniel Lee Ford | Spring Arbor, Mich.  
National Clergy Council president Rev. Rob Schenck (pronounced SHANK) walked out on his role model Billy Graham after the evangelist surrendered his microphone to Bill Clinton on the third night of his New York City crusade, then gave a veiled endorsement to Senator Hillary Clinton who was sitting nearby on stage.

According to the Associated Press, when Bill Clinton joined him on stage, Graham "quipp[ed] that the former president should become an evangelist and allow 'his wife to run the country.'"

Rev. Schenck has considered Billy Graham his role model for over 25 years. That's why the Capitol Hill minister traveled from Washington, DC, to New York City this weekend to witness what may be the ailing evangelist's last crusade. But after he saw the Clintons exploit the aging Graham, he couldn't bear to stay and hear him preach.

"I was stunned and appalled," said Schenck, who left the Flushing Meadows Park as Graham was still complimenting the Clintons.

"This was a deliberate, cunning, purely political move by the Clintons to divide the Evangelical vote and assure Hillary of a victory in '08," said Schenck, a minister with the Evangelical Church Alliance and a missionary to elected officials.


News Item6/27/05 7:37 PM
Michael | Kyoto, Japan  
Russell, certainly you want the true gospel to be proclaimed. I guess it comes down to whether or not Mr. Graham, and others, are or are not proclaiming the true gospel. Some people think that because Graham is "inclusive" that he is preaching a false gospel. Another compares him to Finney and accuses Finney also of wrongdoing. I think it is hard to tell and make such accusations. Someone else said that though Graham has made statements that have been seen as too ecumenical, he yet preaches the simple, true gospel of Jesus Christ. Even the Sermon Audio ministers who critize Graham admit that he has preached salvation to many souls, and I contend that many of these are genuinly saved. To discount them is to make absurd judments that no one should attempt. If a soul is saved from hearing the message of the gospel, then we are not to cause any of these to stumble by saying they were not saved. I am, thus, overall thankful for Graham's ministry over the years. So we should all be faithful to share the good news of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone, which Graham, Finney, and Spurgeon all have preached.

News Item6/27/05 8:35 AM
Engineer | USA  
I'd Recommend :
On this site:
An Hour of Decision, Part 2: 1949-1954

Tracing the ecumenical journey of evangelist Billy Graham from Los Angeles to London. A comparison to England's Charles Spurgeon.

by Bob Faulkner


News Item6/27/05 3:17 AM
Russell L. Harris | Houston, Texas  Contact via email
Michael - If the "evangelist" fails to provide accurate and sufficient information upon which to base a decision, what kind of a commitment can the unbeliever make?

The fact remains -- Embrace of a false "gospel" cannot save.

That is why Paul pronounces a curse upon the "evangelist" who proclaims a false "gospel":

Galatians 1:8-9 - But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.


News Item6/27/05 3:01 AM
Michael | Kyoto, Japan  Contact via email
Doug, Russell, David, Daniel Lee:
No smiling loving faces with y'all, and perhaps you should best be spending time ministering to the homeless, which is often ignored by us all. Forsake the separatisitic stench and get out there and love people, as we should love as unto Christ. There is just no way you can judge what is going on in people's hearts when they make commitments to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Is there not any love left among us? Let's do it!

News Item6/26/05 12:58 PM
Daniel Lee Ford | Spring Arbor, Mich.  
Billy Graham Touts President Hillary?

Addressing his flock for the second night of his final revival tour in New York, Rev. Billy Graham stood side by side with ex-President Bill Clinton and joked that Mrs. Clinton might make a good president.

After joining the Clintons onstage, Graham referred to them as "wonderful friends" and "a great couple," according to the Associated Press - "quipping that the former president should become an evangelist and allow 'his wife to run the country.'"

Sunday, June 26, 2005 12:16 a.m. EDT


News Item6/26/05 12:40 PM
Daniel Lee Ford | Spring Arbor, Mich.  

Former president Bill Clinton, left, speaks alongside the Rev. Billy Graham on the second night of the Greater New York Billy Graham Crusade Saturday, June 25....

'nuff said


News Item6/26/05 11:24 AM
David | Vancouver  Contact via email
The new pope of the evangelly fish could be Greg Laurier (sp?) of Harvest Crusades...he already has a huge following and looks like Dr. Phil. There's also this other fellow, I can't remember his name, but he was on Larry King the other night...something about that he smiles constantly and "doesn't do doctrine"...except for that doctrine...

Pray that God will send revival accross this land and break people like he has done to the good people who I know and love who stand with me against these false apostles. Our Lord is King and He Shall Have Dominion!!


News Item6/26/05 3:25 AM
Russell L. Harris | Houston, Texas  Contact via email
Just as the Baal priests were in league with the rulers of Israel (I Kings 16-21 & II Kings 9), so also Billy Graham has been an invaluable asset of the Establishment. The question now is, who has been appointed (and is to be promoted) as successor to Graham?

Graham's son, Franklin, doesn't appear able to fill the bill. James Dobson is of the same ilk as Graham, but is a bit old, and not in the best of health. But Dobson is respected, and his false gospel of self esteem has gained a large following.

Are there other viable candidates? I expect any day now that the talking heads on TV newscasts and the op-ed pages of the newspapers shall begin conditioning the American public to accept whomever the Establishment has selected.

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