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AUG 24, 2017
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FRONT PAGE  |  8/24/2017
SATURDAY, MAR 5, 2005  |  11 comments
Housewives, Hoodlums Fight for Catholic Death Cult
MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Dressed in white and clutching statuettes of their beloved skeleton saint, followers of Mexico's fast-growing Santa Muerte death cult marched across the capital on Friday to demand recognition of their faith.

Angered by the Roman Catholic Church's disapproval of their ghoulish cult and a government bid to strip their main shrine of its license, housewives marched alongside petty criminals chanting: "Listen, government, the Saint is fighting."

"We are being persecuted," said Catholic Bishop David Romo, who has become the black sheep of Mexico's Catholic church for leading services to the bejeweled, scythe-wielding Santa Muerte, or Saint Death, in the rough Mexico City neighborhood of Tepito.

Santa Muerte, a centuries-old pagan cult which has sprung back up in recent years to claim some 2 million faithful in Mexico, the second-biggest Catholic country, has followers that ...

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News Item5/31/17 1:38 AM
Jim Lincoln | Nebraska  Find all comments by Jim Lincoln
AP did a series of 11 articles on this church that somewhat reminded me of Jim Jones, at least in the control that these church leaders have over the besotted members of it.
Broken Faith -- 11 Stories This is an interesting seriess of articles

As the above article points out we can't blame the Romists for all the cults, the following article apparently was written for the 40th anniversary of Johnestown. Nearly 40 Years Later, Jonestown Offers A Lesson In Demagoguery.

So, we always have to keep an eye for all this type of nonsense since it always seems to be with us!


News Item3/20/05 8:03 PM
The thing thats wrong with the RCC is the same thing thats wrong with every other Christian church known to man. Namely, it has people in it. But, the RCC does believe 100% of all of the inspired scriptures, which most Prots can't say, it just doesn't see them YOUR way.

News Item3/20/05 5:16 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
G. G., the problem with the Catholic Church it doesn't want to believe in a hundred percent of God's Word. However, let's us say that like Albert they did. The Catholic Church would still be wrong, because they are oldies adding to God's Word, so they would believe in 150 per cent, and that is not only inaccurate but in the impossibility.

News Item3/11/05 8:05 PM
If we believed what Albert said, we would conclude that only part of God's word was sufficient. But, I say, only 100% of God's word will do. Anything less is second rate. But, being second rate is Albert's calling.

News Item3/11/05 1:12 PM
John Honaker | Green Bay, WI.  Contact via email
Its not hard to understand the reason for these wierd cults, when the Roman Cathloic Church its self is a CULT! Its hard to get people to follow the truth when you don't preach the truth to begin with

News Item3/7/05 2:04 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Lance, the Branch Davidians, are a branch off of another cult, except those of course who reject Ellen G. White, works for salvation, a believer judgment in heaven, and a few other things, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. The Jehovah Witnesses are another Dragon's tooth that sprouted from this cult. Its offsprings are worse than the parent. This is to be expected. I personally do not blame Janet Reno for trying to do the right thing. It is very likely the leadership would torched the children anyway. Unfortunately, the head of the group was not captured, when it would have been easy to have done so. The Seventh-Day Adventists are so close, not yet so far, from Christianity like many Catholics, it makes a Christian very sad. Good comments, Albert.

News Item3/7/05 11:15 AM
The papish church is the biggest cult in the world for the worship of anything,from a wooden cross to dead bones.
They have a dead(so called)saint to worship,one for every day of the year,and the biggest cult of the lot is marian worship,of which the pope is its head.
You will never hear of rome excommunicating any of the leaders or followers for their cult and idol worship
Then you have those who beat themselves half to death,thinking that will take away their sin(salvation of works).



News Item3/7/05 1:10 AM
Lance Eccles | Sydney, Australia  Contact via email
Daniel, I've seen a documentary film about the Waco episode, and it's quite possibly the one you refer to.

To us in Australia Waco seems very remote, but I've noticed that it continues to stir up very strong passions in the USA.


News Item3/6/05 10:12 PM
Daniel Lee Ford | Spring Arbor, Mich.  
Lance Eccles:
Protestantism in no more responsible for the satanic murderer Janet Reno burning to death more than 70 men, women and children at the Branch Davidian Church at Waco than they are for Jonestown: Jim Jones rejected 'sola scriptura', adopted his own 'traditions' and ended up with himself and other leaders involved in pederasty and other perversions.
Reminds me of another large anti-protestant group.
Jones' slide into evil insanity began when he rejected protestantism.

A faq of the documentary movie
Waco: The Rules of Engagement
can be seen at:

For Aussie reviews of the movie see:
"filmmakers provide damning evidence that the Federal Government's psychological tactics quickly escalated, ... to using army tanks to run over the bodies of sect members.

When automatic gunfire coming from sharpshooters outside ignited the wooden compound, FBI authorities refused to let the fire brigade in to extinguish the blaze. This led to the incineration of 76 members - including 21 children. "


News Item3/6/05 7:47 PM
Lance Eccles | sydney, australia  Contact via email
The Catholic Church is no more responsible for the Santa Muerte cult than Protestantism is for Waco or Jonestown.

News Item3/6/05 4:36 PM
Jim | Nebraska  
Why is this surprising? The Catholic Church in Latin America, the West Indies, Africa, and anywhere else it finds convenient, accommodates pagan practices. The statuary that decorates Catholic churches are from ancient Roman pagan worship of statuary. If some of this paganism comes back and bites the Catholic Church and Catholic countries it should be any surprise.
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